"Hitori Kakurenbo"
Translation: "Hide and Seek Alone"

Hello, everyone! OtakuNihon323 here! Hope you all enjoyed the last little tidbit of Japan! That mochi recipe sure was yummy, right? (^o^)

(ω)This time we'll be talking a little bit about ghosts! Spooky! This one's a little different from the rest, but if you follow the steps below, I'll teach you how to play Hide-and-Seek with a spirit!


-Doll or stuffed animal with limbs
-Red thread

-Nail clippers
-Utensil for stabbing (anything from a knife to a needle!)
-Salt water
-Lighter or matches

Note: The actual game should be played at 3:00 AM in your timezone, but it's always safer to prepare a hiding place before then!


Prepare a cup of salt water (sea salt is the best) and place it in your hiding place!

Replace the stuffing or filling of the doll or stuffed animal with rice (offering to the spirit)

Use nail clippers to cut your nails to put with the rice (tells the spirit who's playing)

Sew up where you cut with the red thread then wrap the remaining thread around some of the limbs (representing blood vessels)

Give it a name! (anything but your own, a family member, or a friend's name)

Turn off all the lights in the house but leave any televisions on (alert to the spirit's location!)


Fill a container with water and submerge the doll or stuffed animal in it

Say, "[Insert your name] will be it. [Name] will be it. [Name] will be it."

Leave the room and count to ten!

After you finish counting, go back to the room where the doll or stuffed animal is and stab it with your weapon of choice.

Say, "Now [Insert doll name] is it. Now [Doll] is it. Now [Doll] is it."


Note: Keep the salt water in your mouth! It masks your presence while you hide!

To end the ritual:

Come out of your hiding place (make sure it's safe!)

Bring the cup with salt water (keep salt water in your mouth too)

Find the doll or stuffed animal (it probably won't be in the same place)

Spit and pour salt water on the doll or stuffed animal (make sure it's soaked!)

Say, "I win! I win! I win!"

You have won the game!

Finally, dry the doll or stuffed animal and burn it as soon as possible.

Ghosts can be scary, so watch out everybody! Have fun and be safe! Sayounara! (=^_^=)