So here's to a new fic. The idea kept me from studying, so had to write it down. Here's the first chapter, will probably become around 10 chapters, so I hope you enjoy it and will stick around for what's to come! Love to hear what you think of it.

Chapter 1: Beautiful Nightmare

She feels the grass tickle her bare feet with every step she takes. She listens to the sound of the birds around her, the way the wind plays with the leaves of the trees. But mostly she listens to his voice, as his hands are covering her eyes. He's telling her to follow him, to trust him. It's all she's ever done. Trust him, follow him. She feels his warm breath tickle her neck as his lips are nearly touching her ear. "Just two more steps," he whispers, placing a small kiss at the end of her jaw as he removes his hands.

She lets out another breath before she opens her eyes, her gaze meeting his as he's standing in front of her now. He's giving her his Specter smirk and she can't help but smile at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Letting her body lean against his as he takes her in his arms, their temples pressed together. "I'm happy," she tells him and it's the truth, she's never been so happy. "Good," he whispers before he kisses her, lifting her up.

She holds onto him as he lays her down on the plaid. His lips still savouring hers, only stopping as both of them need to catch a breath. He smiles at her again, "Cause that's all I ever wanted," he tells her, "for you to be happy. I love you, Donna." His words warming her heart all over again. He moves his hand through her hair, as he's hovering above her. His eyes still locked with hers. "I'll never let you go again," he tells her, bringing his lips to hers again.

"And I won't let you go," she tells him, "not ever. Not after everything we've been through to get together." She moves her hand over his face, her fingers lingering around his moles as she smiles at him again. Her head now turning to the right, looking at the picnic basket he brought along. He follows her gaze, his hand opening the basket and reaching for the bottle of champagne.

She eyes the bottle and spots the can of whipped cream next to it. "What do we have to celebrate?" she asks his teasingly. His eyes lit up as he brings her back to sit on his lap. His hand is still holding onto hers, his fingers running over her ring. "Us," he smiles kissing her, "happy one month anniversary," he whispers opening the bottle.

They toast on them, on what has been and what is to come. To the future, their future. Cause after twelve years all that's coming can only be happiness, they reason. And even though it's what they really deserve, maybe they were just too optimistic.


She's holding his hand, their fingers interlocked and she's looking at him. And he's looking at her with an affection she's never seen before. He turns her around again, his hand removing a strand of hair from her face, before he kisses her again. His lips sucking on her bottom lip, waiting for her to open her mouth to him. She does, greeting his tongue with hers. Both of them so preoccupied with the other, they don't notice how it has started to rain. The cold droplets falling on their face, but all they feel is heat.

She brakes the kiss, smiling on his lips before she lets her head rest against his chest. He places a kiss on top of her head before he looks to the sky that's turning darker and darker by the second. "Let's go," he whispers as he tugs her hand, making her walk. "Let's run away together."

She follows him instinctively, it's all she's ever done. It's something she'll always do. Follow him, because she's not letting him slip away. Not anymore. His feet increase the pace and she follows, until they're running down the street. His pace still increasing, but somehow her legs won't let her. Their arms now slightly parting, their hands still holding onto each other. "Harvey, wait," she mumbles, but there's no answer.

His pace increases again and their fingers start to untangle, she feels him slip away. The warmth of his hand immediately being replaced by a cold air. Her hand still lingers in the air as she calls out his name, but he doesn't look around.

"Harvey," she calls out again, but the distance between them is still increasing. The area around her getting darker by the second, until she's barely able to see him. She's not sure whether that's because of the darkness or the tears forming in her eyes, it's most likely a combination. She feels like she's losing him and even though she keeps calling for him her voice dies in an inaudible whisper, until his figure completely disappears in the distance.

A white light flashes in front of her, she has to close her eyes at the brightness and her face cringes at the intense sound that's coming towards her. She hears a bang, a scream, his voice. Just calling out her name, mumbling a soft goodbye, before it all turns to darkness again.

He's gone.

A tear runs down her face as she whispers a last goodbye, "I love you, Harvey."

She tries to move around again, but her legs won't let her, tangled in the sheets. She slowly opens an eye as she's greeted by the darkness of the room around her. She turns around under the sheets, heavily breathing as she's still waking up from her nightmare. Her hand travels over the bed. To the spot next to her, her fingers waiting to be greeted by the warmth of his body, but all there's left is an empty and cold space. Her fingers cling onto the sheets, her brain replaying the nightmare that wasn't just a dream.

Maybe they really were too optimistic. Maybe they were just too much in love to see it happen. Maybe it was fate, however neither of them had seen it coming. And neither was to blame, because how can one prepare for such an event to happen. How can one guess the other will be torn out of your life just like that.

A flash. A bang. A scream.

His voice.

Calling her name, but she never heard it. His voice, the one she hasn't heard since.

The images of the dream that wasn't a dream flashing for her eyes again. Just like the night before and the night before that. Just like every night since the time she said goodbye. A tear runs down her face as she whispers his name, her fingers still holding onto the sheet where his body is supposed to be.