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Chapter 9: New Life, Old Love


He's confused, his heart winning it from his mind more often lately. This isn't him, or is it? Is this how he is or used to be around her? He's never experienced anything quite like it. She's different, she's the exception.

She's the one.

The one that holds his heart, he realizes as his hand moves a strand of hair behind her ear, fingers caressing her cheek before he pulls her even closer. His lips capturing hers in a sweet kiss. A soft moan escapes her lips when he pulls away after the initial contact.

He gasps for air himself, his heart beating faster than he's ever experienced and his mind goes blank making his head tilt slightly to the right. He leans back in, his lips meeting hers hungrily this time. Her hands fist on his shirt as his tongue slides over her moist lips. A small kiss on the corner of her mouth as his name fills the limited air between them.

He presses his fingertips against her ribcage dipping her backwards, her lips escaping his in a gulp as her hands still cling onto his shirt. He smiles, his eyes locking with hers. That sparkle in her eyes enlightened and she gives him the smallest nod as her hands move over his chest to his neck, pulling him back towards her. She needs him to be closer.

Pecking kisses are being placed on his lips while his feet take two steps forward, until her back leans against the couch. The impact of the backrest stopping their movement, making her gasp loudly before his mouth crashes on hers again.

Her tongue touches his and even after all this time he still tastes like his favourite bottle of scotch. Her delicate hands moving over his face, trying to capture every single detail from his frame she longed to touch for so long. The little scar on his chin, the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles and the two miles about his left eyebrow. His hand slides from her waist to her hip, over her bottom to her thigh. Lifting her up in one swift movement until she sits down on top of the back rest, their heads levelled and their lips still locked.

His hands are desperately moving over her body as if he's touching her for the very first time and in a way he is. His fingers hook around her knee, his thumb drawing abstract patterns, as he pulls her closer. He opens his eyes again to look at her. He doesn't remember himself ever doing this with his eyes nearly opened all the time, but all he wants right now is seeing her too. Taking a mental picture of how she looks with every breath she takes. How her breath falters as she shivers under his touch. How her eyes seem to sparkle every time he catches her gaze. Feeling her smile through their kisses, there's not a single thing he wants to miss.

He's already missing the past fifteen years.

He's pretty sure he's blatantly staring at her, but he doesn't care. His heart only warming as she throws her head back, a laugh escaping her lips. The freckled skin of her neck that's been teasing him for the past two months now free for him to explore.

"Harvey," she moans, his lips alternating soft kisses, bites and tucking from her collar bone to her ear. His hot breath tickles her skin as he pronounces her name in a way she yearned to hear. When she undoes the buttons of his shirt his hands slips under her dress and over her thighs.

His dress shirt drops to the floor and she helps him discard her dress soon after. Capturing her arms with his hands while they're still above her head and he stares at her in awe. Her pale skin a bit flushed and he can already see the marks his lips had left on her body.

She smiles nervously, his eyes burning her skin making her breathing become a bit unsteady. She hooks her legs around his butt then, pulling him closer again. Her motion takes him off guard and his hands slide down her arms to her waist again, making her squirm on the spot, her baby bump touching his six pack. "Sorry," he mumbles and apology and she laughs kissing him.

"We've been through worse," her fingers on his moles, drawing the line where the bandage around his head once used to be. His hand covering hers as he takes two steps back. She looks at him surprised, bringing her legs back together out of reflex but in some way it also mirrored as if she knew what his next move would be. His right hand moves under knees as his other arm hooks around her back, lifting her up, her head pressed against his chest as he carries her to the bedroom.


Trying to catch his breath, his eyes are still directed to ceiling he feels her smiling against his chest. Her head now in the crook of her neck, her fingers tracing lines on his chest. "Wow," he smiles, his hand running through her hair until his arm rested on her shoulders. "Wow," he mumbles again, his lips pressing a kiss against the top of her head, "that was. .that .."

She lifts her head slightly, her eyes meeting his and she shakes her head. "Don't you dare say better than you remembered," her hand tapping his chest as a nervous laugh escapes her lips. What just happened felt so right, but could possibly complicate things so much further. Just like after the other time.

His hand catches hers, his smile fading a little. "I wish I could," he sighs, "but that wasn't what I was going to say," his voice is soft and it reminds her of the time he used that morning in the diner.

"I'm sorry," she lets her head rest on his torso again afraid to meet his eye. Afraid to see the look she saw all those years ago, she just listens to his heart beat as she waits for him to elaborate on what he was going to say. "I know it will sound weird," his hand rubbing her shoulder and she frowns. This wasn't in any way what she expected him to say, "and I don't know how.. or why.. because it's not like we ate that earlier today.."

"Harvey?" her voice breaks a little as she closes her eyes. Her lips pressed together and she swallows, not noticing how his Specter smile is plastered on his lips again while he shakes his head, "I'm probably insane.. but you tasted like whipped cream."


He lets out a yawn, his hand rubbing over his eyes before he opens them to the most beautiful sight yet. Yes, he's woken up next to her every morning these past two months, but never like this. A naked Donna still in his arms, their legs intertwined and her head still on his chest.

"You're staring," she whispers then, rolling out of his arms, pulling the sheet to cover herself a bit as she lets her back rest against the head board. Her legs pulled up a bit, her arms falling around them as she looks away. They need to talk, but she's not sure she's ready for it.

He mirrors her move, his shoulder nudging against hers. "I can't help it that you're so beautiful," his voice husky and it takes her back to all those other mornings she woke up next to him when he did remember her. She looks down, blushing. She's always been shy when it comes to compliments from him. The only ones that really mattered to her.

"You're still here," she comments it's a weird thing to say to your husband in the morning and somehow it isn't looking back to the very first time they slept together. "Where else would I be?" he pulls her closer and she lets out breath as her head rest on his shoulder, feeling his arm hold her close again. It are words she longed to hear for so long when they weren't together yet. Him acknowledging that he wasn't leaving her either, just like she always followed him or came back. "Donna," he whispers then, "where do we go from here? With me still not remembering you?" His hand brushing past hers and their digits intertwine, "does it bother you? I mean it must bother you that I .. That I don't -"

"We'll take one step at a time," she cuts him off. She can't hear him say he doesn't remember her again, because he does. She knows he does and he will. Some day he will. She's always had faith in him and now it's no different. Her hand caresses his cheek. "I'm not going to let you go after all it took to get us together," she smiles at him. She doesn't mean just now after the accident, but those twelve years in limbo too. "And if it bothers me? A bit, but not having you at all is far worse," she closes her eyes. "I thought you had died," a tear drops from her cheek on his chest and he pulls her closer in his arms. "I'm still here," he kisses her temple.

"I know," his words meaning more than the fact that he's still alive. "And you do remember," she smiles, "it are little things.. but you do."

The door falls shut behind her, a smile already spread over her face as she knows he's there waiting for her. It's the first night in three and half months since he's back that she's done something for herself. A night out with Rachel, nothing big. Just dinner and a cup of tea for her.

She scans the living room, placing her bag on the kitchen counter as he's nowhere to be seen yet. "Harvey?" she calls for him as she comes back from the empty bedroom. "Here," she hears him call back, and she lets out a relieved sigh as her head turns to the left. Now only noticing how the door was left ajar.

Swallowing she walks herself over to the room she hasn't set a foot in since the accident. The Baby Room. He had been so enthusiastic. Cleared the room the second she told him they were expecting a child. Painting the walls white again, ordering whatever he thought they needed.

The boxes arrived a day before the accident.

She never opened them.

Her fingers fall against the wooden door, slowly pushing it open she sees him sitting on the ground between scattered pieces of cardboard. A beautiful white crib placed in front of the wall behind him. "Ooh my god," it are the only words she's able to pronounce as she's left in shock. Her hand covering her mouth as she turns around on her spot, taking in the rocking chair in the corner with a pillow looking like a basketball placed on it. Closing her eyes she remembers him convincing her that their kid whatever it would be, would play basketball.

"Like it?" he lifts himself up from the floor, wrapping his arms around her as her stands behind her. "It's perfect, Harvey," her arms resting on his as she feels the baby kick, a sign of approval from the soon to be occupant of the room in question.

"Did you feel that?" her digits intertwine with his as she moves his hand to the left. "I think she likes the basketball pillow," his lips placing a kiss on her shoulder, his words making her smile. "I think so too."

He lets go of her then, walking back into the room to grab a paper bag. A big grin plastered on his face he hands it to her. "For our little girl," he beams waiting for her to open the gift. She looks down, shaking her head a bit as she can't believe how this moment feels exactly like that day after she told him.

"Harvard Law," she reads out loud, her eyebrows raised as she looks up and down from the romper in her hands to his. "Like it?" he beams and she can't help but smile. "I got it with handing in the appliance form for the year 2037."

"What?" Donna laughs out loud now as she leans back against one of the cabinets in the room. "Well," he lifts her up placing her on top of it. His hands on her prominent belly as he moves his head closer. "This one here would be an awesome lawyer."

"And what if she wanted to become an actress?"

He smiles, looking up to meet Donna's eyes. "Then she would be just as amazing as her mother," he counters placing a kiss on top of the baby bump. "But whatever you want to be baby girl," he whispers, "Your mommy loves you very much. And so does your daddy."

She looks at him a bit surprised, she hasn't heard him say those words in this context for so long and he raises his shoulders a small smile across his lips. "I do," he nods, "I know I don't remember everything about us.. Well most actually.." he holds her hands, "but I do remember my dad once saying that if you meet the one, you'll know…" he looks at her, "and that I do."

Donna swallows fighting the tears as he squeezes her hands. "I love you." His hand moves to her cheek then, wiping away the tears as she mumbles something about hormones before he kisses her. "I love you, Donna."

He walks up and down the living room, handing her some magazines and something to drink. Her favourite cupcakes on the tray next to her, her favourite music on. Everything she could possible need as he tucks her in one more time. "Are you sure you're okay?" he looks worried, the last weeks gone faster than either of them could have imagined. "Harvey I'm pregnant, not sick or immobile," he crooks his head challenging her words. "Okay maybe I'm a big whale who can't get up without the help from someone else.. but I'm fine. I am. You can go."

He shakes his head, kissing her goodbye. "You're not a whale, you're beautiful," he counters and she laughs at them. "Whales are beautiful too," she argues and he lets out a sigh. "Is this how it's going to be, you always having the final word?"

"Yeah, but you knew that when you married me."

He rolls his eyes, "I guess I'll have to take your word for it." Putting on his overcoat he walks back towards her one last time. "Are you sure? I could just work from home. Stay here with my wife, Mrs. Specter," he emphasises the last words. He's been saying that a lot lately after he told her he wanted to wear his wedding ring again.

She bites her tongue, staring at him as she shakes her head. "You have a meeting with Teddy Doyle today and I won't let you postpone that again, Mr. Specter," she crosses her arms in defence before she stares at him again, "Now go and bring me a bagel on your way back."

He lets out a laugh, brushing his hand over her shoulder. "Your wish is my command."'


His fingers tap nervously against the table in a constant rhythm, checking his phone every minute as they wait for the client to arrive. "You were never this nervous before," Mike comments his elbow poking Harvey's arm. "It's just Teddy Doyle. He's been your client since .. since forever."

"What?" Harvey's head snaps to the right, looking at his associate. "What are you talking about?"

"You're nervous for a meeting, you were never nervous before.. uhm," Mike looks away. "You can say the word Mike, it's not prohibited or anything."

"Accident," Mike looks at his boss. "What's wrong?"

Harvey lets out a breath, his finger pushing the home button of his phone once more. "It's not the meeting.. it's Donna," he swallows. "She's almost nine months pregnant now and –" "Why are you here then?" Mike interrupts him, "If I were you –"

"Well you're not, " Harvey looks at him phone once more but if it was really up to him he wouldn't be here either. He can only assume that this is nothing new, that Donna's always been the one to call the shot, but he's been doing what she's told him to do for the past five months now, "but if this guy isn't here in the next ten min -"

"I'm sorry I'm late," Mr. Doyle entered the conference room, interrupting the conversation between boss and associate. Both faking a smile as they signalled for the client to sit down. "We had a small problem with some designs, but Nike is almost ready to sign."


"Teddy this sounds like a good deal, but trust me it's not," he shakes his head. "Harvey, I want this, it's a deal of a life time." "It's not," Harvey argues pushing his hands on the table getting on his feet. "Look this deal is too good to be true."

"But what if it is?"

"Then that's amazing, but.." the lawyer sighs, "just let me look into it before you sign anything, okay?" he offers extending his hand, waiting for an agreement. Mr. Doyle looks away, but shakes his lawyers hand none the less, "then I'll give you what they gave me. Forty eight hours."

Harvey's about to agree to the terms as Jessica enters the conference room. "Harvey, I need to talk to you," her words sounding urgent and he frowns at her, not sure why she would interrupt this deal. "Now," she orders, making Harvey sigh. "Mike will look after you Teddy," his hand taps Mike's shoulder as he follows the managing partner to her office.


"What's this?" he sees her waiting with his coat in her hands, a phone in her other and a smile on her lips. "Ray's waiting downstairs for you to take you to the hospital," she hands him his coat, "Donna's gone into labour."

"Ooh god," his hands start shaking as he tries to put on his coat, searching for his phone to call her. Jessica shakes her head as she sees him freak out in front of her. "Here," she helps him put on his coat, tapping him on the back. "Congratulations Harvey."


He rushes into the room, his coat getting discarded somewhere between the door and the chair he pulls up next to her bed. His hand catching hers as he can't stop looking at her. "You shouldn't have send me to work," he shakes his head. She rolls her eyes at him. "How was I supposed to know this would happen during your meeting."

"You're Donna," he counters with a smile, something she tries to reproduce in the midst of the pain she's in. "Well there's a first time for everything," her words reminding him of the conversation they had just this morning. "Well If I remember correctly," he lets his thumb run over her hand, "you told me you didn't know that I loved you."

She lets out a sigh, her jaw clenching as another wave of pain hits her. Her finger nails digging into his arm, before she lets go again, her breathing heavy. And she opens her eyes again, seeing him looking at her only he could and she's once again reminded of that one thing she never dared to know. That he loved her, but not anymore. That was something from the past, now she was more sure about that then ever.

"That are two things in fifteen years and I don't believe in 'third time's a charm' so .." she can't even find the words as he gets out of the seat, placing a kiss on top of her head. "You're perfect."


His teeth grit as her fingernails dig into his arm once more. He's pretty sure his arm will be blue at the end of the day, but he's too much in awe of her to even care. Every time a contraction hits and she screams in pain, he holds her wishing he could take that pain away from her. He always considered her to be strong, but never like this.

In front of him was the woman that fought for him, for them for over a decade. That stood beside him every step of the way of his career, his best friend, his wife and soon to be mother of their child. The woman that lived through thinking he died. The woman that still loved him while he didn't know who she was.

The woman he loved.

His eyes close as she crushes his arm again, hearing her scream mixing with the sound of the beeping machines in the background. He feels her body shake again, his breathing falters and his eyes pop open in reflex, the sunlight entering the room blinding him for a second. His free arm making an unexpected movement, the motion followed by the sound of a glass of water shattering against the floor.

A flash. A bang.


A scream.

He shakes his head, his mouth still agape as he looks at her. "You .. You were .. You were talking on the phone to me.."

"What?!" she stares at him confused, but before she gets the change to ask what on earth he's talking about she feels her body contract again. Like a broken record her hand falls around his again, his name leaving her lips in a deafening scream of pain.

He shakes his head, feeling a severe headache come up. Until he feels her squeeze his hand again, her screaming bringing him back to right here right now. "OMG," he exclaims looking at her, his gaze roaming her body. "OMG. You're .. you're in labour.."

She stares at him. Out of breath as the shooting pain in her stomach fades a little. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she pants, frowning at him as she sees him give her that Cheshire Cat smile. "Nothing," he chirps, holding her hand as he moves closer. Giving her a quick kiss. "I'm here. You're doing amazing, Red."

"You're ready to push," the nurse tells her then.


He sits on the edge of the bed next to her, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. His eyes not once having left the little girl in her arms. "She's perfect," he kisses Donna on top of her head, both of them not having been able to stop smiling.

He softly strokes the babies cheek with his finger, before he holds both his girls in his arms again. "Is it weird that I want her middle name to be named after you?" he mumbles then. "What?" she laughs tiredly, shaking her head, "You'd never survive two Donna's in your life."

He looks at the little girl in hers hands again, the tiniest bit of auburn hair coming out from under the white cap. "I already have two Donna's in my life," he smiles, "but I was thinking about a different name for her middle name than Donna actually."

"And what's that?" she closes her eyes for a second, "Cause she's not going to be named Roberta either," she jokes looking at him. "I.. I've never really liked that name," she sees him nod. He once told her that name didn't suit her.

"How about Debra, Debbie?" he whispers in her ear.

"You've got to be kidding me, Specter," she rolls her eyes looking down at the baby girl again. "I've just given birth to your daughter and you still can't keep a girl's name…." she stares back at him, her mouth dropping. Unable to speak.

"Just yours Debbie, see that's funny because you're name's Donna," he grins before kissing her. He doesn't have to tell her, she's Donna. She already knows he remembered that and more.

"Okay," she whispers then on his lips and he nods, lifting himself of the bed to reach for the birth certificate as he scribbles down the full name of their baby girl.

"Amanda Debra Specter," she reads out loud with a smile, her eyes falling back to the exact spelling of the middle name and all of a sudden she realizes why he called her Debbie from time to time. She'd never asked him about that.

"Debbie," she whispers looking at him, "as in Debra from Debra Messing?" she shakes her head trying to hide her smile. "What?" he raises his shoulders in a laugh, "she's a redhead. Besides, you made me watch that Will and Grace marathon with you that Thanksgiving weekend."

"You're impossible," she smiles letting her head rest against his chest again. "I know," he smiles is hand squeezing hers as he looks at the little girl again, "but you learned to love me regardless."

"That I did," she lets him take the new born in his arms. Her lips placing a kiss in the girls head, before she kisses him on his lips real quick, "that I do."


The End.


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