Time is like a river. Ever flowing with no signs of stopping. Rapidly moving onwards into the depths of infinity. Attempting to change the course of time will only prove futile. No matter how many obstacles is in its way. Time will continue to move forwards, never backwards, never stopping. Like the universe itself, time continues to expand, bigger, longer and more convoluted. But also like the universe, time can't go on forever, for everything has an end.

"Daru! Hurry up, we're gonna be late!" Shouted Okabe Rintarou who is more commonly referred to as Okarin. "I thought I said I didn't want to go." Clicking the mouse furiously, Itaru Hashida began to question the reason why he bothered coming to the lab today. "Nonsense Daru, it is clearly stated in the rules of the lab that if one goes, all go!" Said Okarin "Having one lab member missing from an important event can only mean one thing... The organization has taken them." Daru looked at Okarin with a blank face " I don't see what's so important about attending a conference. I rather stay here and continue playing." Okarin looks at Daru for a moment, slowly turns around and takes out his phone "It's me, yes it seems that unfortunately the organization has brainwashed lab member 003 a.k.a Itaru Hashida a.k.a Daru a.k.a Super Hacka ("it's hacker not hacka!" Interjected Daru ). Please advise... Huh? You're saying this is also the choice of steins;gate?! I understand, I will take extra precaution to make sure this never happens again. This is Hououin Kyouma signing out. El psy congroo." "You need to understand that that act is getting old." Said Daru. Ignoring Daru, Okarin checked the time on his phone 12:30 p.m. They still had plenty of time to make it to the conference. It's been exactly 10 months since he last saw or heard from Makise. After he was brought back from the R world line, Okarin and Makise had gotten closer to each other. Enough so that they even held hands from time to time but ever since she went back to America, their relationship has taken two step backwards. He hasn't heard a word from her up until a few days ago when she suddenly texted Mayuri out of the blue announcing that she's returning to Japan and holding a conference there and that she would also like to invite them to it, much to Okarins' delight although he didn't show it. Lost in thought, Okarin didn't notice the knock on the door or even hear it open. He was brought back to reality only after hearing the familiar "tu-tu-ru! Mayushii's back!" Mayuri looked up at Okarin, beaming at him. Although she always does this, Okarin noticed that her smile seems more full of cheer, it must be because of Makise he deduced. "Hey, hey Okarin, are you excited?" Okarin looked at Mayuri with a puzzled expression before finally giving an exaggerated "Hmmmmmm?" "Chris-Chan Okarin! Chris-chan! Did you forget?" He knew what she meant but Okarin can't help but feel uncomfortable whenever the topic of Makise arises. He hadn't felt this way before. If he had to guess, it had to be because Makise left without saying goodbye to him or how she hadn't made the effort to stay in touch when she was in America. Despite the fact that he too hadn't tried... He still felt a little upset. Although he doesn't want to admit it. "Okarin, why do you look like that?" Asked Mayuri. "What are you talking about? White lab coat, messy hair, thin figure, weird social interactions. This is the Okarin I know." Said Daru with a bored look on his face. "Ahh it's nothing Mayuri, don't worry about it" said Okarin quickly. Having to see her die over and over again, Okarin can't help but feel a little more protective towards Mayuri and will try to not worry her about trivial matters. "Still, Mayushii feels a bit sad that Ruka-chan and Moeka-san can't come." Okarin shrugs his shoulders "Can't help it, if they can't come, they can't come." Daru can be heard muttering to himself about rules and how they don't apply to females while playing. "Oop! Mayushii nearly forgot." She reached into the plastic bag she was holding and took out a bottle "Here Okarin! !" Okarin smiled and took the bottle from her hand "Ah yes! The drink for scientists everywhere! You did well Mayuri" Mayushii grin and took 2 extra bottles of out of the plastic bag " Mayushii brought extra because the weather is really hot today and Okarin needs it because the conference is going to be long and hard!" Daru paused his game "Mayuri... Can you say what the conference is going to be like again and say it nice and slow." Mayushii looked at Daru "Huh? Mayushii said that the conference is going to be long and har-" "Don't entertain him please" interjected Okarin. "Foiled again" muttered Daru. Mayuri gave a confused expression. Okarin checked his phone again 12:50. "The conference starts at 2:30. Is it okay if we leave now? Can we arrive early?" Okarin thought to himself. Knowing that arriving early just means lounging around the building, Okarin decided to wait it out. "Telling Daru we're gonna be late, even though it's still early. What am I doing?" Thinking this, Okarin sat down on the couch and drank his while gazing at the hourglass. He almost wish that he could speed up time.