I've been waiting for it to hatch, the demon egg I found.
Something dark, strong lies in that egg, I don't want to know.
All I know is that I have to watch over it, because he won't allow me to wake up.
But once I do, I'm still in that same dark room I've always been in.
I don't know if this is reality or if it's a dream.
But I want to get out from there.


Ken sy my nommer?
Boy, what's your number.
Twee ses? Twee sews?
Of is jy ag bra?

Does she know my number?
Boy, what's your number.
26? 27? Or are you a 28?

[Cookie Thumper – Die Antwoord]


[? P.O.V]

I've been sitting here waiting, for something to happen.
He told me to find a strong demon egg, every time I found one, it always managed to get killed by other demons or died of cold before hatching. But now that I found yet another, I'm not allowed to leave.

I don't like this place, it's cold, dark, I don't see far from this haze. All I see is the big demon egg that glows crimson red in front of me.

I don't remember how long I've been here. Sitting on the cold stone ground. I'm afraid to lean on the walls build of human skulls that seem to rattle when the soft wind blows from a distant place.
Small creeks and cracks could be heard. But the same rotten smell of dead flesh lingers fresh in the air.

I find it odd that no demon has showed any interest to approach the egg, it's like they are afraid. I see them lurking behind the corners, cowering, trembling, doubting if they want to approach it or run away.
The demons won't hurt me, or at least they haven't tried, because they always seem to pass me. But the few rare humans I've seen here, lost, hungry…are the once that get eaten fast.

I lift my small hands from my lap and look at them. 'How come I don't feel hungry even though I've been here for months…?' My once short teal hair, now reaches to the floor, tangling and covering the floor around me. My tiredness seems to catch up with me, eating my consciousness, I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Yet here I still am, waiting for the egg to hatch. And until it hatches, I will continue to do so.

[P.O.V End]

Months have passed and she was still sitting in the same position she's always been in. It doesn't seem like she has moved at all. Still in the same teal blue dress, her teal hair around her. She seems to become one with the small space around her. But today the demon egg in front of her seemed to be pulsing.

She opened her eyes, a small hue of blue seemed to glow from her eyes. From afar she may have looked like an untouched angel, but once you looked closer, she seemed off. She was beautiful, that was something that couldn't be denied, but tiredness seemed to take a big toll on her.

She slowly stood up, and took small steps towards the demon egg with her shaky legs. The demon egg was almost 3 times bigger than her, she always thought it seemed to get bigger every time she casted her eyes on it. She slowly brought up her hand, looking over her shoulder to the demons still cowering behind the corner, they seemed to shake their heads. She slowly rested her hand on the egg, turning her gaze towards the crimson 'wall' in front of her. The warmth of the egg, embraced her hand and she leaned her body on the egg, trying to get as much of warmth to warm her cold body.

Why she was hugging the egg, she didn't know, she couldn't come up with an good enough excuse to tell herself. Maybe she was tired, maybe she felt how the egg seemed restless. But she had the feeling that the thing resting inside the egg, was something dark, something strong…something she wouldn't stand a chance against.


She flinched at the sound, and flung herself away from the egg. A small crack had appeared on the egg shell. Thick black smoke seemed to leak out of the egg, filling the small space with a dark cloud.

She started coughing and tried to cover her nose and mouth with her arm, turning her gaze to the small crack, waiting for something to come outside.

"Please don't come out… Please don't hatch…" she whimpered.

But as she said it, she saw fingers press themselves from the inside of the crack. Slowly the fingers broke the shell, bit by bit, opening a hole. Dark smoke filled the room faster and faster, the cloud seemed to get thicker every ticking second. The skulls on the wall were rattling, giving off a laughing sound.


Her legs under betrayed her and she fell down on the stone floor. Her body trembled, she knew well it was because of the command she had heard. A man with crimson red hair and mismatched eyes, ruby red and acid yellow. His steps echoed in the small room, nearing his target whom was now trembling on the ground. His eyes looked at her in fancy. He kneeled in front of her and lifted her chin with his hand, his gaze boring into her crystal blue eyes. Her skin was flawless, and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. That he had been resting in an egg, doesn't mean he hadn't 'lived before'.

He is what most called the absolute terror, even demons screamed and ran away, only hearing his name. But in front of him, was a girl, whom looked like a broken angel, truly out of place in such deep parts of hell.

"Pry to tell me, why I should stay unhatched, girl." the demon mused, the girl flinched underneath him

"I- i…" The girl didn't seem to get the words out of her mouth, her eyes started to water, her face screaming the 'Please don't kill me' look.

The demon pressed his other hand on the girls face, smirking and leaning forward to whisper into her ear "The smoke is poisonous… but it seems like you've noticed" he let the girl go as she passed out and fell to the floor with a thump.

The demon stood up, his ears twitching to a unwelcome sound that seemed to echo through the walls.

'Wake up my sweet angel, wake up. You've completed your work, wake up my sweet angel, wake up'

The demon growled to the voice, unwelcome, unkind. He turned his gaze to the girl on the floor, noticing that it just looked like a shell lying on the floor the 'girl' long gone.

"Beware girly, you've trespassed on hells grounds, I shall find you wherever you are…"

"Good morning Kuro. Good job" a man with a lab coat caresses her cheek with his cold gloved hand.

The girl opened her eyes, and sat up from her hospital bed, leaning towards the cold touch, her emotionless eyes looking at the dirty cellar wall in front of her as she hummed.

"You did well on your job" he gave her a emotionless praise that didn't mean anything to him.
"As reward you will be given your painkiller, so your headache will lessen"

"Thank you sir, you're too kind" she said with an emotionless sound.

The girl had a helmet with holes where cables and plugs where plugged into her head. The man took a needle and drew unidentified liquid into it, his so called 'painkiller'. He carefully moved her head so he could stick the needle into one of the many holes in the helmet. As he did so, she seemed to flinch when the needle hit her skull.

"Now rest my child, you seem to have dark bangs under your eyes" he murmured, trying to sound as kind as possible.

"Yes sir." she answered, and only when he had gone outside of the room she laid back down to her bed.

She looked around her, monitors running wild on her left side, giving off a buzzing sound, plugs from the monitors connected to her helmet. Curtains on her right side, blocking the view if there even was something behind those curtains, her hands were chained up to the bed so she could never know. All she remembered was her overly realistic dreams and the rotten cellar room with the buzzing monitors.

She closed her eyes, but rest seemed far off. Those burning eyes seemed to have burned to her mind, she brought her chained hand up to her face and touched under her nose and brought her fingers to her eye view.

Great, a nosebleed.


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