Is there so much god damned weight on your shoulders?
That you can't just live your motherfucking life?
The story's getting old and my heart is getting colder.
I just want to be Jekyll, but I'm always fighting Hyde.

You've got rocks in your head, I can hear them rolling 'round.
You say that you're above it, but you're always falling down.
Is there a method to your madness? Is it all about pride?
Everyone I know, they've got a demon inside.

Oh, yo, yo, there's a demon inside!
Oh, yo, yo, just like Jekyll and Hyde!
Oh, yo, yo, all this anger inside…
On, yo, yo, I feel like Jekyll and Hyde!

If I wasn't so deranged, could I ever face the pain?
If I ever were to change, would the song remain the same?

[Jekyll and Hyde – Five finger death punch]


[Akashi P.O.V]

Just damn it all!
I could feel her presence when she sat in front of me. It was like she was watching over me, that ignorant fool. Like I need guarding. The damn demons cowering in the corner could have just eaten her for all I care. But they didn't seem to care that she just sat there, for months too. She didn't smell like anything, no demon, no nothing… I couldn't hear her eating anything, but the time I saw her, she didn't even look hungry, just tired. Was she even mortal? She didn't smell like human at all.

Even when she collapsed, because of that damn unwelcome voice; calling for her. I could recognize the voice, but I couldn't place my finger on it. All I knew, was that my anger boiled inside me hearing that voice. She just collapsed, not because of the poison around her, but the voice. It looked like her soul left the body, and it just became a shell.

I had to find her, she was connected to that voice. Why was she watching me, what did she want? She seemed so familiar… I cared less about the 'body' she left behind, I was smarter than that, she wasn't there anymore. Even when I stepped away, giving a free pass for the demons to eat the corpse, they didn't want to touch it. So I left it there.

The skull walls, rattling, dusty stone floor and the smelly corpses gave it all away that I was 're-born' in one of the deepest pits of Hell. How she could stand it I did not know, how she came here. I do not know either, but I will find out.

I brushed my fingers through my crimson hair and turned my gaze to the side.

"I know you're following me, come out…" I growled, showing my pointy teeth "…Midorima."

"I do apologize, I did not want to disturb you, you seemed in deep thought" a green haired demon stepped out, giving a slight bow.

"Hm…" I hummed and continued walking "Where's the others." my voice sounding more like an commanding than a question.

"Resting, at 'home'." Midorima answered " Shall we head home?"

I shook my head and turned around to face Midorima "No, I have to do something, but I will be back soon, with company."

Midorima looked surprised, but shook his thoughts away and nodded. " We will be waiting. " he said and disappeared.

I continued walking, I was heading 'upstairs', to the early levels of Hell. Hell was built of 5 different levels.

He was currently at level 5, on his way up. He could smell mortal men up in level 1 or 2. They were his biggest lead so far finding the mysterious girl and the voice.

So he continued walking.

"Found you~" I say with the sweetest voice I could imagine myself saying in.

The girl looked tired, she was accompanied by a red haired man, a soldier. The girl had stopped when the man had halted, the man had smiled. He intended bringing her to him. A hint of fear was seen in the girls eyes, but at the same time she looked like she was in pain, did she have an headache? What made me wonder, was why her hair was short, it was so long three days ago when I last saw her.

It was probably the easiest things I've ever done was to capture them. The man just lifted his hands up in the air and stepped aside, making me a clear path to the girl. She gave him a confused look, why did he do so to her? I walked to her, she stood frozen just staring at me. I brought my hand up, to caress her cheek. For a second, she leaned her head towards my touch lowering her eyelids, that made her look calm, at peace. But she soon flinched, and I brought my other hand and hit her pressure point on her neck, and she fainted.

I didn't let her hit the ground, I took her into my arms and tossed her over my shoulder like a rug. I turned around and gave the man a glare.

"Why did you do that" I asked. "Why did you bring her to me?"

"Because of her." he pointed at the girl.

He didn't seem like the smartest tools in the box. I smirked to myself. "Of course, thank you. Come, and I shall reward you. You don't seem to like this job of yours…" The man nodded and smiled to himself like the fool he was.

[Akashi P.O.V end]

A group of five were waiting for their emperor to come home. The Emperor had been sleeping for years.
Chilling in the lobby of their home, hidden in the middle of level 4 and 5, as the emperor had been sleeping, they laid down and rested. They did not move if necessary when the emperor was sleeping. Like chess pieces they were, without a hand to give them an order, they laid low.

The house was simple, a lobby and seven other rooms. Six bedrooms and a torture room.
Plain stone walls with wooden floor, the bedrooms were personal, no one was allowed to step into another's room without permission. But the lobby was filled with a couch and a table, some disturbing paintings here and there.

The front door to the house opened, and the atmosphere changed directly.
Everyone sprinted to the door to greet Akashi, and welcome him back. But no one, other than Midorima, knew that Akashi would come with company. But what kind of company, even he did not know.

They were greeted by an unexpected sight. A feminine figure over Akashis shoulder, her legs and short brown shorts were seen in the front, greeting the group. Her face was hidden behind Akashis back. But behind Akashi, was a mortal man. The dark blue haired demon, Aomine, even growled when he stepped inside the hosue.

Akashi looked up to the group and spoke in demon language "Ottakaa hänet kiinni, ettei hän karkaa." he said. (Translation: Capture him, so he doesn't escape)

As fast as lightning, Aomine and a gold haired demon named Kise, were found behind the man holding him down. Akashi motioned them to follow him, and to bring the man with them.
Walking behind Akashi, they noticed the girl, had teal blue hair, and had the face of an angel. She seemed relaxed even though she hung over Akashis shoulder.

Kuro woke up and found herself in a room, she was slung over a table, her feet dangling down on the side, her chest pressed down to the surface. She looked around her and noticed that in front of her was a metal looking coffin. A weak murmur could be heard inside from the coffin.

She tried to push herself up to walk over to the coffin, but she was slammed back to the table.

"Good M-o-r-n-i-n-g "

She knew that voice, her body shivered to the sound. She turned her head to return the gaze of the pair of mismatched eyes watching her with great interest.

"Do tell me, why you were watching over me while I was in my slumber…"

Kuro didn't say anything, only kept glaring at him. He looked at her in amusement. "Oh well then. Aomine, Kise, open the coffin." Two demons who were standing behind the demon, stepped to the side and headed to the metal coffin.

'Are they going to stuff me inside..?'

But as they slowly opened the doors, she flinched once again. Trying to push her upper body up as she shouted "Kagami!"

"Oh, that's the betrayers name…" the crimson haired demon mused.

'Betrayer?' Kuro thought, only to remember how Kagami stepped aside so the demon could come closer to her.

"Kuro.." Kagami returned with a small whimper. His upper body was punctured with big spikes inside the coffin. It was an Iron maiden…

"Oh you're name is Kuro" The demon mused "You don't look black at all, but then again, I cannot see your soul…"

Tears gathered in her eyes as she looked straight into Kagamis eyes. She could feel a small headache growing in her head.

"Start crying, but I won't pity you. Because of you I'm stuck here!" Kagami almost shouted.

'My fault, what did I do… I don't remember!' Kuro thought, her headache only growing.

"Because of her?" the crimson haired demon questioned.

"Because she works for him!" Kagami shouted.

"No, I do not know him." the demon answered. The two other demons in the room, Aomine and Kise, mused to themselves, enjoying to listen to the conversation. Thought they felt a little pity towards the girl.
The so said girl had a growing head ache and was pressing her fore head on the cool surface underneath her. She was whimpering in pain. The headache only grew worse and worse.

"She works under Chihiro!" Kagami exclaimed, having a hard time to breathe.

Akashis eyes widened. "… Chihiro? Did you just say Chihiro?"

Even the two other demons seemed to freeze hearing the name.

"That fucker thinks he can meddle in Hell? Sending you here!?" the demon roared.

He gripped Kuros hair to bring her face up to his level, but he could hear dripping. As he inspected her face, he noticed that her eyes, mouth even ears were bleeding. She was murmuring weird numbers and words.

'28, no 26, 27… 28? 26? My… lips.. are sealed. Sir.'

She seemed to pass out and the demons grip seemed to loosen, as she fell down, hitting her head to the surface.

"Why did you do that Akashi!" Kise shouted.

"Because she's not here anymore" Akashi stated and pointed at the empty 'corpse'.

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