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Bold the overlord talking

I was always confused as to how Zane was able to freeze Jay's pudding cup, I mean he's not supposed to have any powers, right or did i miss something.

I also made everyone younger and Made Nya the older sister.

Kai- 15 year old

Jay- 17 years old

Nya- 17 years old

Cole- 16 years old

Zane-17 years old

Lloyd- 16 years old

Sensei- Old. Too old to count.

Sensei: Hey

Sorry, but it's true.

"Ninja, go. Ninja go. Come on Come on. We're going to do it again "I hummed under my breath as i walked in the lounge. It's the one time us teacher get away from our kids. It's supposed to be a relaxing time and yet the first thing i heard after i walked in was "Alright, who took my pudding cup. My name was clearly written on it."

"Not this again" I grumbled, patience already stretched to the breaking point.

"I didn't see "Motor mouth" on it" Laughed Cole, finishing of Jay's pudding right in front of him. Harsh man.

"I'm telling the headmaster" Jay threatened.

"Leave me out of it. I'm on break too." Typical Sensei. Well, i can't really blame him. I don't want to get in the middle of their fight either.

"But SENSEI, He STOLE my pudding. It's an un-spoken rule-"

"You don't touch another man's pudding cup." I finished for him" And i thought that rule applied only Robot's and Girlfriends"

"NO, it applies to Pudding too,"

"And Cake" Added Cole, who smiled widely at me. I barely managed not to blush. He is so cute. I wanted to tell him that i like him but i really don't see the point, he'd never go for a girl like me and it would just ruin our friendship.

"Exactly and how would you feel if i ate your Cake, huh, huh" Jay asked dramatically.

I walked to my bag and got out my pudding. I really wanted it but if giving it to him will shut Jay up, it's worth it. "Relax bro, you can have mine" I tossed him my warm Pudding.

"But this isn't cold" Cole looked at me and made a pretend crying face. I smiled back and shrugged my shoulders. I love his eye's there so-, i mentally slapped myself for getting carried away. 'Don't torture yourself, if things can't be, things can't be. 'i thought sadly

"No problem, Jay" Said Zane, re-freezing my, now jay's, pudding cup. I felt a twinge of jealousy that Zane can do that even without his power but it was gone as soon as it came. I learned long ago that being jealous of my brother's doesn't solve anything.

"Oh, now were talking" Jay laughed before stuffing his face with my pudding but if i thought that was the end of that, i was wrong. Jay was on a roll " Is anyone, else peeved that Lloyd gets to be the golden Ninja and fly around accepting awards while we're stuck here being teachers with no powers? Ah" He sighed sadly "I miss our elemental weapons"

"Yeah," i sighed leaning against the wall. Cole and Zane were starting to say something too, when Nya burst into the room, slamming the door behind her. I heard several of our students calling to her through the door.

"Hi, Miss Nya" One called

"I like your dress, Miss Nya"

"What's up, sis." i asked, feeling a bit jealous that my older sister is more popular than me. What does she have that i don't? Not that i want a lineup of Guy's who are willing to date me, just one guy will do actually. My eye's fell on Cole before quickly looking out the window.

"Why is it that when i teach i get the feeling that none of the boys are listening?" I snorted and turned to look back out the window. Boy's turn into idiot's in front of a pretty girl (No offence to the boy's reading this. I'm sorry but it, mostly true)

"Hi, Miss Nya. I saved you some pudding." Jay offered, shyly. I rest my case.

"What did we talk about?" Nya asked Jay seriously.

"Oh right, Boundary" He stepped away and sat down beside me. I made an exploding sound with my mouth and with my hands. "Well that went up in smoke" I laughed

Jay punched me in the shoulder "Not funny, Kai"

"No extremely funny" i smiled at him, and he elbowed me in the stomach. I blocked it with my palm and smiled at him again. "Too slow, spark plug." "Just you wait, hot head" We both looked at each other for a second before bursting out laughing, Jay even fell off of his seat. I laid down on the chair holding my side, barely able to get air into my lungs. I was, also, barely aware of the other looking at us, at least, until Cole asked "What are you two doing"

I sat up and for the first time became, completely, aware that everyone was staring at us. I blushed and offered Jay my hand. "Sorry, Got a little carried away"

"No problem, my friend's it happens to all of us at some point in our lives" Explained Zane.

"Thanks Zane" Jay sighed, still on the floor.

"My pleasure"

Nya looked at her watch and then at me." It's almost time to go you two. Are you ready?"

"To go where Nya" Jay asked, confusedly.

Nya put her head in her hand and sighed "You two didn't listen to a word i said did you. "

"We may have missed the Middle part" i said, rubbing the back of my head.

"And the beginning part too" Muttered Jay looking away.

Cole rolled his eyes at us and Nya turned away and headed to the tea holder to stand next to Sensei. Only Zane was willing to repeat what he just learned. "It seems that Nya just got us clearance to go on a field trip"

"Boring," I scoffed

"A field trip, to where"

"Borg industry" Here we go.

"Ah! Not Borg Industry's. As in home to super genius reclusive savant Cyrus Borg, Inventor of the hover car and everything else cool in this world." Jay gushed excitedly, saying all that without even stopping to breath. He probably would have continued if Zane hadn't made him stopped him.

"Ow, Zane"

"I was afraid that if you were to continue you would pass out on the floor"

Cole snickered, and i hear Sensei and Nya Snort into their Tea.

"Well this is going to be fun." i said looking at my friends with a fond smile.

If only i had known how wrong i was.

Time skip to Ninjago City

I couldn't stop tapping my foot against the floor and i could tell it was driving everyone else nuts. We had been on the bus for at least 5 hours and we're all a little short on patience.

"Kai, Could you, you know stop tapping your foot. You're driving us crazy. "Nya snapped from the driver seat.

I had to bite back a scathing reply and instead stopped tapping and turned to look out the window. Everyone sighed in relief . . . . Until a few minutes later, when i started again. I couldn't help it. I knew that the other Ninja's understood, but Nya and our students would never, could never understand. My personality was predetermined by my Element. I, in many ways, am just like my element. I have trouble sitting still a lot of the time, just like Jay and Lloyd. I guess I'm lucky that I'm not the master of Water or the Master of Wind. I'd never be able to stay in one spot ever again.

Cole placed his hand on my shoulder "We're almost there. Just suffer through it for a few more minutes, okay"

In all honestly i hadn't heard anything he said and was instead focusing completely on his hand on my shoulder. I wanted to blush so badly.

"Uh, yeah. Sure" I turned to the window so he couldn't see my face. I expected him to get up and leave. He didn't. Instead he put his hand on my head and asked "You feeling alright Kai, You've been acting weird and your face is kind of red"

I was saved from answering when the bus crashed. I was thrown forwards and was practical noes to noes with Cole. I yelped and jumped away blushing so hard, it would put a tomato to shame.

To avoid looking at Cole, i stood up and headed to the front.

"What happened Nya" i asked.

She was cut off by the guy we crashed into yelling at me "Ugh! Who here still uses wheels anymore? Get with the program"

"Hey, don't talk to our sister that way. It's rude." Snapped Jay.

"Yeah, besides we'll have you out in a jiffy" promised Cole, who had just joined us "Time for some old-school, muscle tool" Cole hopped off the bus and went to the rude man who bumped into us. He picked up the car and was immediately stopped by another machine.

"Stand back, pedestrian"

"Pedestrian" Cole, Jay, Zane and i all said at the same time. "Who you calling Pedestrian"

Zane placed his hand on Cole's shoulder. "It appears out help is not wanted."

"Well, i, myself, prefer traveling the old fashion way. On foot." Called Sensei, hopping off the bus. We all started filing out of the bus after him. "And Besides It's not like we can't find where we're going." i looked up in shock, not knowing that we were already here. How the heck did i miss that sky scraper of a building? We headed towards Borg's industry. I was too busy admiring my surrounding to pay attention to what's ahead of me, so when the electronic doors hit me, i was caught completely off guard.

I pushed at them but they refused to release either my leg or my arm. I tugged on my arm then switched to my leg "Hey door, if you're so smart then give me my leg back." It didn't open. I tried again "Can (Yank) I (Pull) Have (Jerk) that (Tug) back (Yank) Please" I asked again pulling at my arm "It was mine to begin with"

"Needs some help," Cole joked, placing his hands on the electronic doors and pushed them apart. I collapsed onto the floor "You okay" Laughed Cole, while offering me his hand.

"Yeah, but i think that door is possessed"

"Now i know why you hate Tec" he said looking at the sliding glass doors.

"Tec hated me first." i objected.

"I don't see how, your basically perfect - " My head jerked up to his face. He had his hand over his mouth and a slight blush "a Ninja, Basically a perfect Ninja. That's what i meant "he said desperately. Probably doesn't want to give me the wrong idea.

My heart sank "Oh, right. Of course" i ignored his hand and got up on my own. I stepped around him and headed towards our kids.

'Don't be mad at Cole just because he doesn't like you the way you like him. It's not his fault. It's your own fault for jumping to conclusions' i sighed.

If i hadn't been so wrapped up in my own thoughts i might have seen the look of hurt on Cole's face when i ignored his hand or him staring intensely at my back then the floor as i walked away.

Time skip to the tour

"Mr. Borg believes Technology is the key to making our dreams come true." Pixal stated. She told us that Cyrus would meet with us at the end of the tour. Which means that i have to suffer through her boring technology talk, not to mention the awkwardness with Cole.

"Uber-mega" The kid's explained, completely awestruck.


"I'm -like- wow"

'If only they showed this much enthusiasm to their study's' i thought, scathingly, still a little upset about what happened with Cole.

"Even now, he is working on a Digi-verse where the gamer will be digitally scanned in to take gaming to the next level "Pixal drowned on and on. I noticed that Zane could not take his eyes off of her.

'Someone's got a crush' i thought with a smile 'good for Zane'

I had just started toning her out when i noticed half of our group was missing, including my sister. Panic shot through me like a bullet. If you've been in as many battle's as i have and nearly lost your friends as many times as i have, you learn not to take chances. But I'm also a Ninja and i learned long ago how to remain calm even if that's not what you're feeling inside. I slowly turned around and noticed them by a smaller machine in the corner.

'They must love making me panic like that' i thought angrily. I marched over, fully intending to chew them out, when i noticed how panicked Nya seems. I walk a little fast but i still didn't have time to see who the hologram was.

"Nya, what happened" i asked grabbing her shoulder

She turned to me and her face was pure white "Uh, nothing. Nothing at all." I raised my eyebrow at that but just decided to let it go. 'She'll talk to me when she's ready, i guess. '

I then turned to the machine that they were all squeezed around "What's this" i asked

"A perfect match console"

"And what's that"

That girl's rolled there eye's at us "Don't you teacher ever pick up a magazine. It's a machine that finds your perfect match with flawless results" I could practically feel my eye's lighting up, Maybe this machine will tell me that I'm perfect for Cole.

I walked over and was about to step on it when Nya and another student grabbed my arm "I don't know if that's the best idea, Miss Kai"

"Why not"

She looked over at Nya before letting me go "No reason" Now i know their hiding something from me. Students never tell teachers the truth.

"Okay, out with it. What's going on?"

"It's just that Miss Nya, stepped on the Console and it didn't match her up with Mr. Jay"

"Oh" Nya was staring at the floor with her shoulder slumped "And that matter's why" i scoffed.

Now, they were all staring at me "What do you mean, Miss Kai"

I crossed my arms over my chest "There's no way a machine could tell you who you're meant to be with. If that was possible then it would have been done before. People think that all Tec is so great. Well Tec is not perfect, That reading could mean nothing. If you like Jay then you should be with Jay and don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise "I wasn't just talking to Nya. I need to hear this too because if this machine tells me that Cole is not a match for me, i don't know what I'll do. I hate Tec.

"Yeah, She's right, Miss Nya. I think you and Mr. Jay are meant to be."

"Me, too"

"Any girl could see that"

"Actually anybody alive should be able to see that." Our student's burst out laughing before turning to head back to the group. We had barely taken 3 steps when one of the girl's asked "Wait, Miss Kai. who is your perfect match, didn't you want to find out who it is"

"Nah, that machine's probably broken anyway" i said dismissively

"But i think you should still try it out, to really see if it's broken"

I shrugged my shoulders and laughed "Why not" I actually did want to know who my perfect match was but i didn't want to do it in front of Nya. I looked at my sister and she nodded, with a smile.

I stepped up onto the console and a robotic voice came out of the speaker "Hello, Ninja Kai. You are a stronger, powerful, quick temper Warrior who love to be in the thick of things and won't back down from a challenge . . . Analyzing your perfect match, now." I looked at it unimpressed. That's stuff that anyone and everyone knows about me.

"I wonder who it's going to be" a girl named Chloe asked.

"I hope it's not Mr. Zane. He would be so much cuter with Pixal." So i wasn't the only one to notice how Zane was acting.

" . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"Why is it taking so long" Nya asked

"Told you it was broken. I bet your reading didn't mean nothing.

"Anything, Miss Kai"

"Don't you know it's rude to correct your teachers?"

"I just call them like i see them and beside you aren't that much older that i am."

"Yeah, well, I'm still your -"


"Match found"

Immediately everyone crowded around too look at the screen. Then they all backed away as one, when they saw who it was. The Face smiling back at me was Lloyd's

I stared at him before smiling at Nya "See that prove it, the Machine's broken."

"Ah, you think. Lloyd is a super famous, extremely powerful Ninja who could have anyone he wants. Why would he choice you. "Chloe said nastily, Normal that would have hurt but i was too relived to really feel anything else.

'The machine must be broken, that's why Nya's not with Jay and I am not with Cole. That's the only explanation. RIGHT'