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Overlord Point of view

"How long until we know where she is" I snarled.

"N-N-N-o-ot l-l-l-long." stuttered the puny inventor, Cyrus Borg. He was trembling from head to foot and the scars on his arms, both new and old, stood out strikingly against his pale skin. "P-p-p-p-l-ease be p-p-p-"

I have been patient. I have waited. For the past week. It's time for results. NOW "I raised my accursed mechanical arms at him and Cyrus flinched back, curling in on himself in his panic. He wrapped his hands protectively over his head and sobbed softly.

I smiled. Oh, how I enjoyed this power I now have over everyone in Ninjago. No one would dare cross me if they knew that by doing so, this would be the result.


"I might not have made myself abundantly clean. So I'll say it again. I want the golden Ninja. I want him NOW. And if I don't get either him or, his precious Kai soon . . . . Well, I don't think you'll like what happens to you much.

"Y-yes sir" His hands shook as he turned on his Nin-pad. "Our tracer indicate that she is in the middle of the sea of sand, near the lost city of Ouroboros, the serpentine capital. And it stands to reason that the escape hostages and the golden Ninjago is there too"

"Then go get them both

"I-I did. I sent troops out. T-they came back, reporting that there was nothing there."

I shifted from one machine to another, then again, not feeling comfortable. This accursed non-corporal body has never felt normal. I will make sure to repay the ninja's ten-fold for reducing me to this form. I think making them kill each other is the least I can do. I won't touch the ninja's in my service, not till I make them kill her. Slowly. Intently. In every way they know she fears. Then, I'll release them just long enough to see all of what they've done, and as they scream and weep and mourn, I have my Nin-droid's tear them to pieces. And they won't fight, because they will know that that is the least they deserve after what they've done.

I look forward to seeing the look on their faces, both when they wake and as they die.

"Send more"

"Y-yes sir. I'll do that right awa-"

"Never mind, you bumbling idiot. I'll do it myself" Enough wasting my time with these incompetent fool. If you want something do right, you have to do it yourself.

Kai's Point of view.

Be calm. Be smart. Be careful. Be honest

I'm lost.

I walked calmly down the hall, curling my fingers into fists.

'Where the hell could they all be?'

If I don't find them soon, I'm going to have to take some drastic actions.

Clenching my jaw, I swallowed. I am not leaving without them. Lloyd, Nya and Garmadon.

A door behind me opened.

"So what do you think of the feng-shui here"

"I don't know. I'm allergic to fish."

"It's not fish, It's . . . Well I don't really know. You're just supposed to know what it is. You really are a fool"


Two guards, one older, looking to be in there mid-thirty, and the other, no older than 18 or 19. Neither look hostile or angry as they approached me. They were, relaxed even. When the younger one noticed me, his face lit up. "Sari, look. It's her. The red Ninja" He rushed forward, so fast I almost took a step back. He reached for my hand "It's an honor. I've wanted to meet you sin-" His fingers closed around my -

I jerked backs, wrenching my hand out of his grip. I threw a fist into his gut and flipped over his bent form to then knee the older male in the gut, stopping him too. Both went down.

Before they could recover, I bent down at look at his hands. Just as I thought. Needles, microscopic one, embedded under the fingers nails. Dripping clear liquid slid from the tip. I don't dare touch it. I wonder if it poison or a sedative. Then I wondered if it really mattered. If even these low level grunts know what's happening, I don't have a lot of time. Jumping to my feet. I took off down the hall.

The older male, Sari, yelled after me "You'll never get out. We're 50 levels below ground, you're trapped here with all of us. We'll have you back in a cage by morning."

I scoffed, then felt warm and fuzzy that I could still at least make that sound. Sliding around a corner, then another, getting even more lost

"GET OUT OF THE WAY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE" I flinched and skidded to a halt without thinking. I was away from the office building and into the residential district, where civilians stayed and lived. Down the hall, it sounded like hell had come to earth. I heard foot steps behind me and knew that Sari and the kid had caught up with us.

Lloyd, Nya and Garmadon were facing off against 10 guards each. I winced. It was not a pretty sight. The fight last another minute or so and I felt so bad. A minute, probably feels like a really long time when you're being attack from all sides. Those poor guards didn't even land a single blow. It was a sight to see. Little Nya , ducking rolling and parrying blows from people twice her size as they clumsily swung at her. Lloyd was using his powers, knocking everyone down with just one blow. Garmadon was probably the most amazing. He didn't even attack. He let his enemy's defeat themselves. I wanted to laugh as two guard half Garmadon's age knocked each other out.

I smirked. And these people really thought they could take us down.

I felt someone move behind me and I whirled around. The kid launched himself at me, needle-nails aiming right at my face. I raised my hands, catching both his wrists. His skin slapped against my palm as he struggled, putting all his weight behind his claws.

I rolled my eye. Despite the needle, it was clear he had never received any special training. In 3 swift moves, I flipped us around. I put both hands on either side of his neck, choking him. He gasped, both hands going to my wrist. He was much stronger than me. But I had training and experience over him. It was no contest. Within seconds, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went limp.

Not even winded, I stood up and turned towards my friends.

My hand had barely raised in greeting when Nya ran and threw her arms around me. I staggered back, barely standing under her weight. I fumbled for a second before Garmadon and Lloyd came to my rescue. Seizing Nya by one of her elbows each, they pried her off with some difficulty. My head pounded and my cuts and bruises screamed suddenly. I stretched, ascertaining my damage. My throat was so dry, it was bone deep. My stomach protested, at what I didn't know

"We just heard. We weren't meant to but the guards . . . . the guards -" She babbled randomly, not making much sense. Lloyd looked equally relived, even as he pulled her away.

Once free, I make a Whoa-Nelly gesture. I reached out to take her hand, to reassure her.

. . .

. . .

I missed.

The last thing I saw before my knees gave out and my vision blackened, was three thin long cuts on my wrist.

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