This story takes place before the end of season one. Den has already joined their team and his brother too.

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Lok's point of view.

I dropped onto one of Daunte's couches the second we got in. I was exhausted. The couches sighed at my weight and released at puff of air from inside the cushions.

"That was our toughest mission yet" I groaned, my fingers going unconsciously going to the pouch resting on my hip, which held most of my amulets. Only Kipperin was out. He was hanging around my neck, like usual. I felt closer to my Father whenever I felt him touch my skin.

Dante was next inside, carrying most of the luggage from our latest adventure. Zhalia stepped in after him, face buried into her own personal holotome. Probably doing research on the titan she just acquired but had been unable to summon or bond with. No rest for the wicked.

Finally, Den and Sophie come in, carrying the last of our stuff from Dante's car.

"Oh come on Lok, It wasn't that bad." Sophie laughed, locking the door since she was the last one in.

"Yeah because you didn't have to battle 20 organization goons like we did" Den said plopping down next to me and dropping all his items on the floor "I need a nap"

"And we need more grocery's" Zhalia said looking into the basically empty fridge. The only thing inside the fridge was water and really, really old take out that nobody wanted.

"Wow, this is the first time you brought your head out of that Holotome since we completed our mission." I teased.

"Wait Lok, you forgot that she stayed up all night on the plane reading that book on ancient languages. Does that count" Sophie asked playing along

"Ugh" Den and I said at the same time, before looking at Zhalia again "But seriously Zhalia, you should relax a little or you'll burn yourself out"

She sighed, grabbed a cold water and sat down across from me and Den "I just can't bond with this titian and I thought translating the writing on the back of the amulet would help"

"Did it"

She shook her head "I'm afraid not"

I exchanged a look with Sophie before saying "What Titian is it again. You never told us"

Den sat up "Yeah, I want to know what all that trouble was for. There was like a bazillion traps protecting this one Titan. It has to be powerful. "He made an exaggerated hand gesture that made me want to laugh. He was so funny sometimes.

"There was only 14 traps" Dante said, finally joining us, after dropping off our luggage off in our various rooms.

"Only" I sputtered at the same time as Den chocked out "Well that was 14 traps to many"

"Relax you two" Sophie said "I'm sure Dante had a good reason for making us go through all that"

Dante pulls out his Holotome and takes the amulet from Zhalia. I waited for it to bond with him but for some reason it didn't, just like with Zhalia "Veritas. Attack- 5. Defense- 6. Type- Krono-titan Giant. Size- Medium. Special ability's- Making people tell the truth and slight healing." The Holotome explained.

"Wow, really. So it really can make someone speak nothing of the truth. "Sophie gasped, looking impressed and awestruck. I have to admit, I'm kind of in same boat. This seems like a really awesome, not to mention powerful Titan.

"Yes, and according to this data, there's a legend surrounding the amulet that say's that Veritas will only bond with a truly honest person"

"It was also written on the back of the amulet" Zhalia confirmed, holding up the amulet so that we could see the chicken scratch on the back.

"Looks like a bunch of lines and squiggles to me"

I rolled my eyes at Den's antics. He's probably just jealous and angry that he won't get a chance to bond with such a powerful and useful Titan "So that means that you two can't bond with it" I said indicating both Dante and Zhalia

"Lok" Sophie said "What are you saying, that's not a nice t-"

"Your right, Lok" Dante said not taking his eyes off of the Holotome screen.

"Wait she is" Den asked looking stunned. I glared at him, I can be right some times. There's no need for him to sound so surprised.

"Zhalia and I work for the Huntik foundation. Lying and keeping secrets is part of the job. I've feed the Organization bad info on countless occasions and any good plan is made to deceive the enemy"

"But you've only ever lied to the organization, It doesn't make it . . . bad, right" Sophie said

"Lying is still Lying no matter what form it comes in. This titan could never bond with me" He hand it back to Zhalia "Or you, I'm afraid" Zhalia sighed and leaned against the chair. She took a big gulp of water before looking back of us.

"What about one of us" Den asked his excitement renew at this idea. He gestured wildly at me and Sophie "We might be able to bond with the Titian, right." His eye shown with adventure and his smile was practically dripping with glee.

"Dante, he's right. Let us try"

Dante and Zhalia both shook their heads at the same time. "It's not safe" Zhalia moved to put the Amulet back in her pocket but my voice stopped her.

"How" I asked, forcefully "You have to be more specific than that"

Zhalia eye flashed "Lok, we are not the only people after this Titan. It's one that Seekers have been searching for since we learned of its existence. Just think of how much damage it would do if the Amulet is used on someone like Dante. How many Huntik secrets could be lost?"

"That's exactly why one of us should bond with her, so no one else can" Sophie insisted.

"Veritas is unique in that, it's a Titan that can be taken by beating it's seeker in combat. It's not like most Amulets" Dante began.

"Taken" Den echoed, in shock and horror. I know how he feels. This goes against everything I've been taught bout Amulets up into this point.

"But that's not possible. When a Seeker bonds with a Titan that bond can't be broken. "Sophie exclaimed.

"Normally that would be the case but like always there are exception to the rule. One in several thousand Titans are"

"The only time a Titan, usually, de-bond with its seeker is when the Seeker passes on. You three do know what happens to our titan's when we pass on right" Zhalia asked

I exchanged a glance with both Den and Sophie before all three of us shook our head's. "No, "Said Den "But I always wondered what would happen to vigilante when I'm gone." He looked fondly at his amulet and I instinctively started turning Kipperin's amulet around in my hand. I had never thought about it before but now . . .

It seemed like a good thing to know now.

"The Titan goes back to its hiding place and its hiding place, whether it's a sewer tunnel or a temple in the jungle or like in this case a sacred building changes location. The hunt for that Titan then starts up again. "Dante said, still researching Veritas legend "That's what happens when the Seeker passes away but in some rare occasion's there are Titan's that will jump from seeker to seeker after its original one loses a fight. Veritas will only go back to that temple when and if its Seeker dies -"

"And since it can change Seekers, that's a near impossible thing. Once the Seeker gets old and weak another stronger Seeker will just come along and take this titan from them and if the seeker passes in a fight, it's considered a loss so Veritas will automatically go to the victor. "Sophie said

"Exactly" Zhalia confirmed, placing Veritas on the table right next to her water.

"Wouldn't the other Seekers it bonds to have to be honest too"

"No. If you win in a fight, you win the amulet"

"But I still don't understand why we can't bond with the titan" Den complained. In truth I was wonder why too but I had long ago learned to trust Dante on these matters.

Sophie sighed "Because Den, People from the organization will continuously try to steal this amulet from whoever bonded with it and no one here but Zhalia and Dante are for sure strong enough to fight them off." I wanted to snort. Was she doubting me and Den's ability to fight?

"Yeah, right. I bet me and Lok could take anyone who comes our way" Den snatches the Amulet off the coffee table and squished it between his two hands. Nothing happens.

I laughed "Guess you're not worthy"

"That's enough, Den. Give me the amulet." Dante said standing up. "Now"

"Lok, heads up" He tossed the amulet at me and my hands instinctively came up to catch

"Dante, stop him" Sophie cried.

"Den, enough"

"Bubble lift (that is two words right)" Zhalia tried to intersect it before I caught it but she aimed too low and missed.

It landed neatly in my outstretched hand. Immediately a red glow came over me for a second before disappearing. Veritas has bonded with me.

There was silence for a second before someone finally spoke.

"Den, what have you done" Sophie wailed.

I frowned and held the amulet out to Dante "What does mean"

"It means that we have to be careful from now on. I'll go call Mets (not yet cured)"

"Who's that" I asked

"An old friend" was all he said.

We sat in silence for five seconds before I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and headed to the fridge, hoping to get some comfort food, only to remember that we didn't have any. I grabbed the food money from the kitchen counter and head back to my seat. Everyone was still sitting there frozen, even den.

I don't think he expected Veritas to actually bond with anyone here. I could see guilt and a twinge of fear on his face. Aww, he was worried about me.

"So who wants to come with me to the store?"

Zhalia stood up and took the money out of my hand "You're not going anywhere. Not until we sort this out"

Den looked up "Oh, come on that's not fair. Let her go to the market. What have we got to lose?"

As one the three of us said " When you spend a little more time in our world, you won't ask us that again" I looked at Sophie, who lost her family in a fire, at Zhalia who had more street smart than all three of us combined, and at one of my family picture, I had sitting on the hallway table. One with my dad.

Oh, everyone has something to lose. They may not know it but everyone had something.

A ringing cause all of us to jump. The Living room holotome was going off. Someone from the foundation wants to talk to Dante.

"Dante" Zhalia called

If it was an important, professional call, from his superiors, we won't be even be allowed in the same room. Perfect time to go get some food "We're leaving. I grabbed Sophie's arm and Den by the back of the shirt. "Don't wait up"

"Lok wait"

"Don't worry Dante, I'll keep both of them safe" Sophie promised, as I dragged her out the door.

With Dante and Zhalia

Dante point of view

"Dante we have a problem. One that threatens to cripple the entire Huntik Foundation "Guggenheim began gravely

"What's the problem" Zhalia asked, sitting alone on the sofa. I was pacing across the living room, still trying to figure out what to do about Vertis and Lok when Guggenheim started speaking.

"We have a Mole. One in a place where they would have access to a great deal of Huntik secrets". I stopped pacing and turn to the screen. This might be more serious than Lok bonding with Vertis.

"Do we have any idea who it might be?"

"We have a Document, written in an ancient language, left behind at a crime scene. It was found among several other classified and secret documents" I heard Zhalia give a little gasp but I didn't turn around to look at her. This is troubling to say the least.

"What was on the document?"

"We don't know. All we do know is that it's not one of our documents. We did not write it and are hoping that the perpetrator did. It looked like the traitor was trying to smuggle out these secrets, when he panicked or was nearly caught. He must have fled, leaving evidence around at the crime scene"

"Do you have security cam footage of the incident?"

"No, the cameras were turned off at one point and remained off for a good 6 hours giving the infiltrator more than enough time to commit the crime"

"And with a window of opportunity like that, almost anyone could have done it. No one's alibi could be 1005" Zhalia said, calmly. Calculating.

"About the writing, do you think that it could actually be from the organization or something" I asked

"Like an update or new instructions" Zhalia asked

"We are hoping that once we decode the language, we will know exactly who the Perp is and what it is he wants"

"Let us know as soon as those results come in"

"Will do. One last thing, Dante, how long will it take for you to get Veritas to the closest Huntik foundation safe house" Guggenheim asked

"I'm afraid there is a . . . complication"

"Don't tell me that the Titan bonded with you. That shouldn't be possible. That's why we sent you on this mission and not someone closer."

Zhalia shook her head "Not us. It bonded with Lok" he brought his hands to his eyes and rubbed them. I think I heard him mutter "We so don't need this right now"

"So what are we going to do" Zhalia asked.

Guggenheim sighed "This doesn't change your objective. Get the Amulet to a safe house as soon as possible"

Zhalia and I shared a look "Guggenheim, You know what happens to Seeker who are separated from their Titans. It's very risky. Something could happen"

"That only happens to Seekers who have a very strong bond with their Titan. I can't imagine that Lok is very attached to Vertis . . . . Yet. To be on the safe sides, you should keep Lok as far away from the Amulet as possible"

I turned around and found that the amulet was missing from the coffee table "Zhalia, where is the amulet" she stood up and walked over

"It's right over - It's gone"

"Where did it go" Guggenheim demanded

Then it clicked "Lok has it. That's why she left so fast"

"You friends are in great danger. You must find them quickly"

I was already gathering my amulets. I wasn't going to let anyone hurt or break up my team.

Zhalia was already halfway down the street. I rushed after her, leaving the holotome up and Guggenheim to watch as we left.

Lok's point of view

I felt Vertis's amulet bounce familiarly on my chest as I walked. I wanted to get to know my new friend while I can, before Dante and Zhalia, do something crazy like makes me give her up.

I tried to use my bond to talk to her but she was too closed off. That surprised me, a lot .The bond between Seeker and titan is strong. It often lets us have full blown conversations with our Titian's. The stronger the bond the easier it is to talk. Power bonded Titan are so close to you that, you can almost read each other minds. That's what would make us such a good team. (She doesn't have any power bonded Titan's yet)

"What do you think we should get"

I looked around, only half there. It was an open are market, filled with people and with merchant trying to sell their wares. There was so much to see, I would need 10 eye to get to everything in one day.

"Some of those, and those and oooh, it's almost impossible to find these. Sold" Sophie squealed.

I looked at Den and made a face at the food Sophie was picking. He snickered and tried to sneak brownies into our bag. Why does Sophie have to be obsessed with eating healthy?

I pulled out my own wallet and went to purchases two cases of brownies and donuts. It's for a bribes. Incentive to get Den to do his chores. And I may eat some too.

I had just slung my bag over my shoulder when my amulets pulsed unpleasantly.

"Danger" Baslaird insisted through our connection. I heard Lindorm growl. How they knew, I may never know myself but I learned long ago to trust them.

I did a 360 but couldn't see either Den or Sophie "Lok, your friend are over by the canal's "Springer said in a slightly squeaky voice.

"Thanks for the heads up guy" I pushed through the crowd and saw a slightly hysteric Sophie and a really worried Den. They were scanning the crowd for me too. They must have seen some of the foundation creeps. Looks like my guys were right again.

"Den, Deeeeeeen" I shouted "Sophie, over here" I waved one hand.

Big mistake. It told my friends where I was sure but it also broadcasted my location to any organization goons that wanted to know. And with Vertis amulet in plain sight. Great. If I survive this, Dante is going to kill me.

Den and Sophie made their way to my side and we darted into an alley way.

"Call Dante. We could use him and Zhalia right now"

"I thought you brought your phone." Sophie panted out. I looked at Den but he just shook his head. All of us without any phone. Great. We are so dead.

"Touchram" Sophie shouted, aiming over her shoulder" Their not even enough room for Sabriel. What are we going to do?"

"Get to somewhere with more room and take comfort that if we don't have enough room then chance are that they don't either."

"Serve me, strix" One of the goon's called out. A Titan the size of a really big bee appeared and dived at us"

"You just had to Jinx us" Den yelled

"Watch out" Sophie dived at Den knocking his out of Strix's way "Focus on the bad guys, not on your friends"

"Fine" Den groaned "Up now" He hauled Sophie to her feet just in time to avoid another attack. A surge of irrational jealousy hit me when I saw Den holding Sophie in his arms. I was surprised at myself. Why was I so jealous? Why do I care that Den is holding Sophie, he and I aren't dating. Not that I would even want too, Right, I mean that's just craz-

I was nearly hit on the shoulder by Strix stinger and had to dive into an organization goon to avoid being hurt. I knocked her into a brick wall and she the blow caused her to become unconscious.

"Lok, get your head in the game." I heard Kipperin say.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I thought, getting up and running after Den and Sophie.

We were let out into a small walkway, which was more like a ledge than a walkway. I think that it let out into the market again. It bordered a canal, full of filthy water. (Remember, there in Venice. Canals are Normal there. I think)

Den and Sophie were half way across the walkway. Almost home free. But they weren't going to make it without a distraction. None of us were. "Dragon fist" I shouted, using my extra strength and power to pull a rust, broken fire escape off the wall. It fell and blocked anyway to follow my friends. From both me and the Organization goons.

I turned and dived into the Canal. My only chance. I was grabbed by a strong current immediately and was pulled away from the shore.

'Let's hope this works' Vertis said, the first thing she ever said to me.

'Don't Jinx me' I thought back "and welcome to the team"

Zhalia's point of view

Me and Dante separated in order to cover more ground. I was supposed to look for the other but I had to check in with Clouse.

I sent him an email.

Unable to get documents. Cover almost blown. Superior's suspicious

Lok has Vertis. I was unable to bond with it.

Need new orders

I closed my Holotome and sprinted down the market place, trying to find the missing members of my team.

I heard screaming and rushed down a cramped alley way. I found Den and Sophie trying desperately to get around a collapsed fire escape.

I rushed to them.

"Sophie, Den. Where's Lok"

"I don't know. She was right behind us then this collapsed behind us and we lost her. The organization was right behind us too." She gasped "What if they got her. She could be hurt"

Den snorted, before I could speak. "Are we talking about the same girl? I think it's the organization we should be worried for. Lok's that tough"

"She still might need help. How many were after you"

"10, maybe 15"

I nodded "She needs our help." I reached into my pouch before realizing that I can't summon anything in a cramped area like this.

"We have to go over." I concluded.

"Right" They both started climbing when my holotome beeped.

They both look at m "Keep going. I have to check this out. It could be from Dante" Sophie nodded and gave me a thumbs up.

It wasn't from Dante. It was from Clouse. My new orders. Just five words.

Frame Lambert as the spy