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Cathy's Point of view (Cathy was in only one episode so I know very little about her. Don't crucify me if she's not perfectly perfect, okay)

I coughed and dusted away dirt from a large leather box. The box was old and had moss growing from random places all over its lid. I shook it gently and heard and felt it rattle. Something's in there, something besides paper. I'd open it right now, except it looks like it has some kind of glue or clay or something around the edges to keep it shut. With a quick glance over my shoulder, I stuffed the rectangle container into my backpack and zipped it up, before returning the floor board back to its original spot. I found this spot, at the foot of mom's bed, when I was little, right before dad went missing. IT's the place were mom hides things. Back then, it was toys, unpaid bills, and some weird looking necklaces. Now, if I'm lucky, it's some info on what's going on with Lok.

Mom obviously knows what's going on but I doubt she'll share anything with me. And so, I need to take drastic measures in order to get what I want. I will help my sister. I had thumbed through what else was in the hole before looking at the box and found that it was nothing of relevant.

Checking my watch, I realized that I was 15 minutes late for my meet up with Lok.

Shouldering my pack, I ducked out of the room and down the stairs. If this goes well I can get out of here without meeting anyone, but I especially want to avoid mom. She had gone off-the-rail crazy and every time I see her, I get this uncontrollable urge to grab her by the shoulders and shake her until some manner of common sense comes back.

Once on the first floor, I gripped the strap of my pack harder and bolted for the door.

I had just reached the door and twisted the door knob when a voice called out "Hey, who the heck are you" His voice had a rough accent that I didn't recognize.

My heart plummeted and I didn't hesitate. I wrenched open the door and dashed to my car, yanking the keys unceremoniously out of my pocket.

"Wha- Stop." I shut my door and locked it a second before he reached my door. He pounded on my window with his well-muscled fist causing me to scream. He was very well muscled and if given enough time, there was no doubt in my mind he would break the glass. Cracks were already beginning to form. I swiftly placed the keys in the ignition and backed out of the drive way. This guy didn't know when to give up, so he got dragged along too, since he was holding onto the top of my car with his strong tan fingers, probably scratching my paint job. Jackass. I just had this thing painted too.

"Stop 'ight this minute, Miss, or I'll-" He foolishly tried to climb on my car.

"Go to hell" I screamed, stepping on the gas. With a yell, he was thrown from the car forward, on to the lawn, as I backed up more. A second man burst from the house. He was scrawny, nerdy guy with orange hair and Harry Potter glasses.

"Montehue. Wha- "He looked down at the man laying in the grass and seemed to be confused "Uhm, Why are you on the- "He sighed exasperated and shook his head "Oh, never mind, Are you okay."

"Fine, Tersly" He stretched and jumped up. Not wanting him to charge again, I threw the car into drive and gunned it down the street. I was just turning out of the neighborhood when a sudden explosion of blue light blinded me. I raised my hand to block it and when I lowered it, a giant Werewolf like creature was tearing across the neighbors lawns towards me.

So I did what any sane, normal, scared person would have done, I screamed like a baby and gunned it even harder, burying the petal so hard that the car groaned in protest.

I shot forward so hard, that the imprint of the chair will forever be etched into my back.

Lok Point of view

I checked my watch and tapped my foot. "Where is she "I paced around the side walk one time, then checked my watch again "Where is she? WHERE IS SHE" Den, far from offering me comfort, bit his lip and stayed quiet, gazing out at the traffic that was calmly passing by. We were the last of our group. The other plane crash survivors had either already gotten picked up by a relative or a friend or had gotten on bus to their destination. We were the last ones.

Den, speaking for the first time, looked at me and said "Lok, we can't stay here. If the Huntik foundation is tracking us then-"

"Then they already know about us boarding the plan and, by extension, it crashing." I smiled bitterly "Maybe they'll blame me for that too. Maybe they think I crashed the stupid plane as a way to avoid them. That I put all those lives in danger-" I sighed and sat down on the curb, resting my chin on my knees "There probably going to be here soon, if there not already here" I shook my head "I'm actually kind of surprised that they haven't swarmed us already"

"Well, that's easy to explain." Den crossed his arms and looked down at me "The Huntik foundation must not have known where we were getting dropped off. If they did then . . ." Real translation- This means that Cathy wasn't working for the Huntik foundation. I can't say that while I was waiting here, the thought hadn't crossed my mind at least once. Her call had been just a little too perfect in timing. Her story had been just a little to covenant too.

"We'd already be caught" I picked up a crumpled soda can and tossed it angrily into a trash can not five feet away. I tossed it so hard that, it went in and then bounced out. "Dang"

"Lok-" Den began.

"I KNOW. (Sigh) I know" I stood up and swung my bag onto my back. "Let's go. There's a car rental place a few blocks away if you want to try there"

We stated down the street and suddenly, still within ear shot of the drop off, my sisters car peals in, from right behind us, going at least 80 miles an hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. She yanks on the wheel hard and turns the right side of her car towards where we're walking. Den laces his hand into the back of my shirt and yanks me into the laundry mat, we were passing in front of. Pushing me to the ground he crouches on top of me, protecting me. Idly, I see a quarter about a foot away and realize that someone must have recently drop their change. If I had to bet, it was probably when they saw a car going a hundred miles an hour hurtling towards them. There was the loud screech of tires and then a thump, accompanied with the smell of burnt rubber, before nothing.

It was quiet for a second before I hear a door opening and her voice yelling "Well, don't just lay there. Get in" I turned and looked at her.

"It's Cathy." I struggled out from underneath Den and jump to my feet. "Come on, man. We gotta go"

I drag him up and I throw him in the back seat, before heading in after him. Cathy hit the gas before I had even closed the door. It took me and Den together to close the door.

Exhausted, we both collapsed on the chairs. We relaxed for a second before we both realized that we were still going a thousand miles per hour.

"Woah, Cathy slow down. SLOW DOWN" I screamed as we narrowly avoided a head on collision.

"I can't" She glanced at me and my panicked expression " Okay "She took a deep breath" Okay. You might not believe me but . . . But-I'm-being-chased-by-a-Werewolf-dog-creature-with-sharp-fangs-and-" She blurted out, making it very hard to understand.

"Wait wha-" I choked out, staring at her. Den on the other hand whipped around to look out the rearview mirror.

"I swear" She wailed, slowing down a little bit "I was at the house and I got chased by this mountain man and I think he did something and- and- and- " She cried hysterically

"Cathy. It's okay. We understand" I said, soothingly "Den" I called "Is he still following"

"No. I don't see him. I think we're safe"

Cathy's response to his words was to drive even fast. Her hands were clutching the steering wheel so hard that they were completely white.

"Cathy "When she didn't respond, Den said it even louder "Cathy" Still no reply. I exchange a look with Den and together we scream "PULL OVER NOW"


"We will explain everything soon but, for now, you need to trust us. PULL OVER NOW"

With a shuddering Skkkkkkkeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrt Cathy pulled the car over to the side of the road. As fast a she was going, we hurtled head first into the grassy field that neighbored the road. With a resounding thump we shifted into park and lurched backwards, just a little.

Breathing heavy, no one spoke for a good 5 minutes.

Den was the first to recover "So, I'm Den" I gave a halfhearted wave. "Nice to meet you, uh, Cathy"

Cathy, who was still clutching the wheel and looking out the back window, nodded "You too, Den. You too " Slowly she started to unclench her hands "Oh and Den, it was really good of you to try and protect Lok like that, even if it was from her sister, you didn't know that" She smiled at him, and a flicker of jealousy went through me when I was reminded of how pretty my sis was.

"Yeah, thanks" Den blushed and looked down at his hands" I don't really remember moving. One minute you were coming at us, the next-"

"You were shoving me down to the dirty floor of a laundry mat"

Den's mockingly let his face fall "Well, when you say it like that, it sounds so negative."

I didn't smile at his joke and instead looked to the front when Cathy was sitting "So, do you really want to know what's going on"

Turning around, she nods at me and Den "I do"

"Okay, then"

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