Ain't THAT The Weirdest Thing?

Crossover: Lost Girl, Rizzoli and Isles

Ok, this is a crazy idea I had. I really don't know how's going to be or how well you guys are going to take it but I just had it and wanted to share it. Hope you like it, at least a little bit.

This story is mostly about Tamsin and Jane Rizzoli. I'm just exploring a possibility in the impossibility. I don't really know how to call the ship (Tamzoli, Rimsin, Rizsin, Valkyzoli, Rizkyrie) but I hope you Enjoy it!

"This is just great! First, I'm one of the luckiest people alive to be part of a peace-project between the Light and the Dark. Then, I'm assigned to work with a love-sick-puppy detective, whose only interest is when will be the next time he'll be able to sleep with his precious succubus, since she's on a so-called break from her relationship with her human doctor. And now, we have to work on a case with two filthy humans from another State. Oh, how I looooove my life right now." Complained the Dark Fae to her partner.

"Could you lower your voice and stop complaining, partner? We work around humans all the time or have you forgotten?" Said the Wolf with a wide smile, enjoying his partner's frustration.

"Yeah, you said it. Around them, not with them. It's pathetic enough having that succu-slut's little Goth-friend-pet up and around here like she runs the place just like her owner." Tamsin kept muttering just for Dyson to hear.

"Well, you'll just have to suck it all up, because it is possible that this case is not Fae related but it's kind of too much to be just an ordinary human."

"You mean a psycho?" Said the blonde smirking, earning a frown from the wolf.

"Yes. In addition, they too have evidence of the same killings going on in their city a few months ago. We might as well catch this bastard together rather than not. Plus, it's said that they're really, really good at what they do. They're a great team." Said Dyson closing the case file.

Tamsin got up from her chair and walked around Dyson's desk crossing her arms. "If they are soooo great at their job, why didn't they catch this skunk bag when they had the chance, huh?"

"Actually, we did." Said a hoarse voice at the entrance of the police station, making the heads of the two detectives to turn towards its owner.

Tamsin was the first to notice the beautiful tall brunette with her dark eyes and wild curly hair entering with a confident pace. Her body, the blonde noted, was slender and toned, for what she could see since the woman's uniform wasn't revealing enough. Then she noticed her companion, a 5'7" tall, blonde with hazel eyes. It wasn't that hard to notice that her body was toned as well since her purple dress was practically a second skin, it hugged her in the right places.

"Twice." Added the hazel-eyed blonde with her melodious voice.

Tamsin and Dyson were eyeing the newcomers, until the tall brunette broke the silence.

"I'm Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli, this is Doctor Maura Isles, Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth and we're here from the Boston Police Department. You must be Detective Dyson and Detective Tamsin, am I right?" Said the brunette extending her hand to the detectives.

Her voice. Thought the Valkyrie eyeing her every move. It's so… roughly sexy…WHAT THE FUCK?! Pull it together Tamsin!

"That is correct. Welcome to our division, we've heard so much about you." Said the wolf as he shook both women's hands.

"Speak for yourself." Whispered Tamsin through greeted teeth to her partner before shaking the doctor's hand first with a fake smile and then the brunette's, whose grip was firm as she locked her dark eyes on Tamsin's grey ones.

She's taller than me?! Well, at least I don't feel left out anymore. Jane thought as she shook the blonde's hands. Something about this woman was seriously striking on both good and bad way, but mostly good. Jane could sense that Tamsin was a rough around the edges just by that comment at the entrance and her fake smile toward them, but Jane wasn't going to let that get to her. Tamsin's fake smile left her mouth as soon as she shook Jane's hand and Jane knew that she noticed her pronounced scar on it.

Both women cleared their throats as they pulled back their hands earning raised eyebrows from the wolf and the doctor.

"I must say detective Tamsin, that your facial features are quite splendid. If you don't mind me asking, do you come from Nordic descent?" Asked Maura earning a wide-eyed look from her best friend.

"Mau… Doctor Isles, what kind of question is that? We don't want to make the nice detective uncomfortable with personal questions, do we?" Said Jane.

Tamsin and Dyson just raised one of their eyebrows at the question. Tamsin was in shock at the observation. How can she possibly know that? Is she really human? Questioned the blonde to herself.

"It was merely an observation. I didn't mean to pry." Apologized the doctor noticing the blonde's discomfort.

"No! I mean, yes. I am from Nordic descent. I just… it's just so rare that someone would notice just by my… facial features."

"Well, as a scientist it is my job to be observant and personally I like to point out certain things that I find interesting." Said Maura with a wide smile.

"Well um, it is nice to meet you both." Tamsin said attempting to be polite but failing slightly.

"Excuse me for a second. Dr. Isles a word?" Said Jane giving a polite smile to the detectives and moving three steps away from them.

"Certainly. Excuse us." Maura said.

"Well, that was weird." Tamsin said frowning.

"Don't you mean interesting?" Dyson chuckled.

"Shut up! She wasn't that interested in me. She was all in for the wolf-Wang. I saw it." Tamsin said.

"Well, I also saw something going on between Detective Rizzoli and yourself. What happened there?" Asked the wolf smirking at Tamsin. He loved the way the blonde couldn't handle weird situations.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, dog-breath." Said the blonde turning to the two women cautiously talking a few steps away. Although, I wouldn't mind if something did happened. Thought Tamsin as she looked over the brunette. She saw the scars on the detective's hands. What happened to her hands? Tamsin wondered.

"'I like to point out certain things that I find interesting', really?!" Jane tried to maintain her cool toward her friend.

"What? It is true." Maura frowned.

"Oh, I have no doubt. But it sounded a little bit awkward the way you said it."

"Awkward how?"

"Well, it depends. How interesting do you find her?" Said Jane with wide eyes.

"What does that supposed to mean?" Maura asked at her best friend with a curious tone.

"I, uh…" Jane started but was cut off by the woman in question who was approaching them.

"Shall we?" Tamsin motioned to the interrogation room.

"Of course." Said Jane.

"This way ladies." Dyson said as he and Tamsin led the way.

"Wow, he's sexy! Don't you think?" Whispered Maura to her best friend.

"Yes, if you like the wolf-y kind of look, Maura." Replied the brunette.

"Hmm, wolf. That reference just makes it all the more interesting." Mused the doctor.

"Oh, my God." Jane whispered.

"So, what do you have for us, detective Rizzoli?" Asked Tamsin as she made her way around the interrogation table and resting her back to the wall crossing her arms. "Because for what I can see in your hands it's pretty much huge."

"What?" The hairs on the back of Jane's head stood on point when she heard her name coming out of the blonde's mouth but more so when she heard the comment about her hands.

"The file?" Tamsin said motioning with her eyes at the file in Jane's hands.

"Oh! Uh, yes of course. It is a lot, actually. I may as well begin saying that 'you're in for a treat' with this man, detectives."

"How big is the treat?" Asked Dyson.

"Of course you'd be interested in a 'treat', partner." Muttered the blonde with her trademark smirk, earning a scowl from her partner.

"BIG." Responded the brunette ignoring the blonde's comment and handling her case file. "His name is Charles Hoyt, also known as 'The Surgeon'. He went to Emory University's School of Medicine in Atlanta where he was kicked out after being caught fondling a corpse."

"Touching." Said the Valkyrie tilting her head as she made her way to the table where the case file was.

"Hoyt is a master manipulator, necrophiliac and sadistic killer. He uses his medical knowledge to kill his victims with a scalpel." Added Maura pointing at a picture of one of the murders that Dyson was looking at.

"His M.O., stalked and torture his victims then killing them with said weapon. Usually, he goes after couples to inflict a lot of fear in his vics." Continued Jane.

"First, he tasers his victims behind the right ear and blinds them with duct tape. Then places a teacup on the male victim's knee to alert him if he tries to move." Maura added as Dyson and Tamsin looked through the pictures.

"After that, he proceeds to rape his female victim while the husband watches and then kills him while taking the female victim to a secondary location, kills her after a while and then buries the body." Finished Jane rubbing her palms together.

Tamsin noticed this action and observed how the detective looked at her palms and clenched her jaw tightly. Jane's dark eyes found hers and she shoved her hands in her pockets clearing her throat. Tamsin directed her gaze at the pictures once again.

"But how could one man pull all of this off?" Asked Dyson.

"He didn't." Said Jane approaching the table.

"Hoyt believed that his medical knowledge shouldn't go to waste, he decided that he should share it." Maura clarified.

"Apprentices." Stated Tamsin.

"'See one. Do one. Teach one.' That's what they taught him in Medical School." Jane remarked.

"How noble of him." Tamsin couldn't control her remark.

"I'll say." Replied Jane with the same amount of sarcasm.

Tamsin looked at her and couldn't hold a side-smiled-chuckle toward her, to which Jane happily returned.

"Yes, well. There's no doubt that this is the same man." Said Dyson comparing the files.

"Or an apprentice." Said Maura.

"Or it could be both for that matter." Jane added.

Tamsin grabbed Hoyt's case file and rested her back to the wall analyzing it.

Wow, she looks cute when she's concentrated. Jane's thought were taking another road. WHAT THE HELL, RIZZOLI?! Snap out of it! Jane berated at herself before asking.

"What is it, detective?"

"There's something I don't get. Why come all the way here to do his killings? If he wanted to kill random couples he could've stayed in Boston… or close for that matter." Tamsin wondered.

"That's the same question we've been doing ourselves since we got the call from detective Dyson." Jane said.

"Please, just Dyson." Said the wolf with a genuine smile.

"Only if you call us by our first names as well?" Maura said with a slightly flirtatious tone.

Dyson, just gave her a small smile. To this interaction, Jane gave another wide-eyed look to Maura, to what Maura mouthed 'What?' and Tamsin just rolled her eyes at the wolf.

Jane was the first to clear her throat.

"Well umm, we we're wondering if you could take us to the latest crime scene and talk us through what you found. Not to be disrespectful."

"Not at all, you are the most experienced on these cases. We'll take you." Dyson said grabbing the case files and heading out of the room with the three women behind.

"Thank you." Said Jane.

Once they were exiting the police station, Dyson got a text.

"Don't tell me! It's the succ…uh, Dennis?" Tamsin corrected herself since Jane and Maura were right beside her.

"It's important. Can you take them to the crime scene? I'll catch up." Dyson said with a serious tone.

"When is it not important with her?" Tamsin rolled her eyes with a sigh.

"Tamsin, will you?" Dyson asked.

"Ya, ya, ya." Said the blonde crossing her arms.

"Thank you. See you later." Said the wolf taking his leave on his motorcycle.

"Is everything ok, detective Tamsin?" Asked Maura as they saw the man leave.

"Yeah, everything's just fine." Said the Valkyrie looking at her partner as he took the trunk in the corner. "Well, shall we?"

"Uh, yes. Lead the way, detective." Said Jane motioning toward the police cruisers.

"Mind if we take your car there?" Tamsin asked Jane.

"Um, no. Not at all." Jane said looking at Maura.

"Good, 'cause I don't own a cruiser and my truck it's not comfy when there's three people inside it." Tamsin said scrunching her nose.

Oh, I bet it's not. Wow, she looks so cute doing that. God, please tell her not do that anymore. Prayed Jane clearing her throat. "Yeah, sure. I understand."

Tamsin just nodded with a small smile loving the reaction she got from the Boston detective.

"Maura, can you let detective Tamsin up front?"

"Yes, of course." Said Maura gesturing the passenger sets to Tamsin and moving to the back.

"Thanks." Tamsin got in the car.

"Well, then. Where to, detective?" Said Jane as she started the engine.

"Thanks for being here so quickly." Said the succubus panting as she put her clothes back on. Once Dyson got to the crack shack was all business and no talking.

"Anytime." Said the wolf with a genuine smile as he adjusted his leather vest and fetching for his phone. "Hmm. That's odd." Said Dyson noticing there were no texts messages or missed calls from Tamsin.

"I bet Tamsin wasn't so happy about you leaving, huh?" Bo smirked.

"Actually, no. I mean, she wasn't happy but she didn't complain either. Then again, I don't blame her." Dyson chuckled remembering the company he left his partner with.

"What do you mean?" Bo's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she crossed her arms.

"Well, let's just say that the company wasn't that bad." He couldn't hold the grin.

"Again, what do you mean?"

"Yeah, what do you mean D-man? Cut to the chase." Kenzi blurted as she made her way into Bo's bedroom.

"Alright, if you must know. We've been working on a case that it's not Fae related but it's big…''

"How big?" Bo asked.

"All-the-way-from-Boston big." Dyson replied.

"Boston?!" Kenzi and Bo said at the same time.

"Yes. Apparently, the man is a serial killer from Boston, he was imprisoned but he escaped a few months ago and that's around the same time the killings started here." Dyson explained.

"And that's the not-so-bad-company you left Tamsin with? That serial killer?!" Bo was almost yelling at him.

"Easy there. Of course not. For us to crack this case we have to work with the people who worked the case in Boston." Dyson clarified.

"And what are their names, wolf-boy?" Kenzi asked.

"Detective Rizzoli and Medical Examiner, Dr. Isles." Dyson said as he remember the way they came into the station, especially the way Maura did.

"Oh, and let me guess, Tamsin wants 10 minutes with each man and that's why she didn't complain much." Bo smiled.

Dyson noticed the 'man' part but decided to play along. "Well, I would say that they were both fascinated by her." Dyson mussed.

"Fascinated?! By miss stone-cold-Valky-bitch?!" Kenzi couldn't controlled herself.

"Yes." Dyson looked at his cellphone again. "And this only confirms what I'm saying." He showed the screen to the shocked women.

"There's nothing on your screen." Kenzi observed.

"She didn't text or called me at all to insult me or to tell me to hurry up and get back there or anything."

"So she's having the time of her life then. Good for her." Bo said with a small smile. She thought that after everything they've been through, saving Kenzi, Brazenwood, the kisses they shared and the confusing looks the Valkyrie would give her that there was something else there between them. Well, nothing like love or anything, but an attraction? Certainly. "Well, I'm dying to meet this Boston team. See for myself how fascinated these men are with said Valkyrie."

Bo was intrigued and also shocked that anybody would be fascinated by the Valkyrie. Yet again, she was a 100% hotness guaranteed but her attitude could be a boner-killer anytime.

"Or a total turn on." Bo mused to herself.

"What was that Bo-Bo?" Asked the Russian girl.

"Uh, nothing. Shall we?" Said the succubus making her way to the stairs.

Meanwhile, Tamsin, Jane and Maura were wrapping all up at the crime scene. Tamsin was impressed on how much the Boston team knew Hoyt and how well they worked together. They complemented each other with their knowledge. To be honest, they reminded her of the succubus and the doc. The way they looked and talked to each other meaningfully was as equally frustrating as the succubus and the doctor. Of course, it could all be work-related but Tamsin could see there was something more. Best friends? Fuck-buddies? Girlfriends? Who knows? They were almost as one. Almost. As frustrating as it all was, Tamsin felt deep in her gut that there was no room for her there either, but she was determined to know more about this brunette. Something about her was alluring. Tamsin felt drawn to her in a way that she couldn't describe. Yes, she felt the same way with the succubus at times, but Jane was something more and what was ten times more frustrating was the fact that she was just human. At least with Bo being a sex demon, she could blame her succubus charm and assets of it.

"Well, if I had any doubts that this was Hoyt's downing, which I didn't, then all of those doubts were confirmed with everything that you've told us, detective." Said Jane, bringing Tamsin back from her train of thoughts.

"Yeah well, you are the experts on this case." Tamsin remarked crossing her arms.

"Unfortunately, we are." Jane said, fondling her scars as she rubbed her hands together before shoving them deep in her pockets.

Again, Tamsin noticed this for the second time today. How Jane's jaw would tense when she rubbed her scarred hands together. Something about this case was putting detective Rizzoli on edge. What happened to your hands? Did that monster of a human being had anything to do with it? Tamsin growled on her head.

"Jane." Called the ME.

"Yeah." Said the detective making her way toward the doctor.

It was amazing how just the mention of her name from this woman would make the detective's eyes clear of all thoughts and stand by her side at once. Tamsin was truly envious of the doctor. What the royal fuck, Tamsin? 'Envious', seriously? Of this doctor? What the hell? Get a fucking grip already. Tamsin nagged herself again walking to where they were both crouching around something on the side of the sofa.

"What is it Maura?" Asked the brunette.

"Look at this reddish, brown stain on the rug." Maura said as she pointed at the stain.

"That's blood." Tamsin said matter-of-factly.

"Thank you, detective Tamsin." Said Jane looking up at Tamsin that was bending down on her side. "See? I'm not that only one that can see the obvious." She directed to Maura.

"Jane, you of all people know that I can't established something without further testing." Maura said while cutting a little piece of the rug where the stain was.

"Ugh, woman!" Snorted Jane as she stood up followed by Tamsin.

"Is it always like this?" Tamsin whispered to Jane.

"If not worse." Jane sighed. And they both crossed her arms at the same time observing the doctor.

Looking around the room, Jane noted something odd. She saw huge stain of blood on the rug that covered all the living room and knew that's where Hoyt or his apprentice killed the husband. But that stain that Maura was looking at was several feet away and on the opposite direction to where all the splatter of blood was.

"What is it?" Tamsin asked following Jane's gaze around the room.

"Ok, look where the huge blood stain and evidence of splatter is facing and then look at the location of the stain Maura just found." Jane exposed observing Tamsin put the pieces together.

"Yeah, it's the on the opposite way, like leaving the house?" Tamsin pointed out.

"Yeah, looks like it. You guys didn't find any signs of self-defense on the vics? Skin under fingernails or on their teeth?" Jane asked.

"Not that I know off." Tamsin responded. "But now that you mention it, one of the hands of the husband was unusually clean, even for all the blood that was loss." Tamsin pondered.

"That's enough. Maybe the husband was able to scratch the killer enough to him or her bleed. If Hoyt was present then he would've cleaned his hand so no skin was found under his nails." Jane said.

"Makes sense." Tamsin acknowledged.

"Well, all we need to know is who this newfound blood is from." Jane said looking at the piece of rug on a plastic container on Maura's hand.

"Reddish, brown stain." Maura corrected.

"Of course, we wouldn't want to call it by what it IS just yet, now would we, doc?" Tamsin said sarcastically with her trademark smirk making Jane chuckle.

"No we wouldn't, detective Tamsin." Maura said putting the plastic container with the piece of rug in her purse.

Jane and Tamsin just chuckled.

"We should go get that tested." Announced Tamsin motioning at the piece of rug and then making her way out of the house.

"Yes we should." Jane responded turning around following Tamsin. Wow, she does have a nice… What? No, not going there, Rizzoli.

Once at the car, they saw Dyson approaching with his motorcycle, followed by the yellow Camaro that Tamsin knew all too well.

Tamsin let out a loud sigh, she crossed her arms on her chest looking at the ground and resting her back to the car.

"What is it?" Jane asked Tamsin noticing her clear discomfort.

"Oh look! There's detective Dyson." Announced Maura with the biggest smile.

Dyson returned the smile as he made his way to the women followed by Bo and Kenzi.

Tamsin straighten herself still leaning on the passenger door of the car. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the suc… Dennis and her Russian p…er friend." Tamsin, as always, couldn't hold her snarl back.

Jane and Maura looked at each other but decided to let it go since it w's clear that the blonde detective didn't like Dyson's two companions.

"Hello, to you too, Tamsin." Bo said with a slight sigh eyeing the detective and then the two newcomers.

"Bo, Kenzi, meet Boston Homicide Detective, Jane Rizzoli and the Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Maura Isles. Detective, Dr., meet P.I.s, Bo Dennis and her best friend, Kenzi Malikov." Introduced Dyson.

"Please just Bo." Said the succubus as she shook the doctor's hand.

"Kenzi here. If you call me by my last name it'll remind me of my mother and believe me… that is sooo not good." Kenzi announced as well giving a shiver as she shook Jan's hand and then the Maura's.

"Well then, just call me Maura, so we're even." Maura said with the warmest smile. She looked at Jane to see if she'd say the same but the detective gave her a 'hell-no' look.

"Pleasure to meet you both." Said the Rizzoli shaking Bo's hand.

It sure is. Bo thought as she sized the brunette up and down first and then Maura.

Jane felt the intense stare Bo was giving them and she felt like she was a little uncomfortable.

Slut! Tamsin noticed the lustful look on the succubus's eye while looking at Jane and she grew unexplainably angry. She then cleared her throat saying. "Well, you're actually late. We were on our way to the lab to go run tests on some new evidence." Tamsin stood beside Jane still with crossed arms to help her control her urge to punch the succubus.

"What kind of evidence?" Dyson asked.

"Umm, I think we should discuss that at the cop shop, since is confidential." Tamsin said gesturing at Bo and Kenzi.

"Yeah, umm I agree with detective Tamsin. No offense." Said Jane to Bo and Kenzi.

"Oh, don't worry. We already know about the case." Bo declared.

"Of course you do." Tamsin remarked giving Dyson an accusatory look, who just shrugged at it.

"The point is, that we know how big this case is and we want to help in any way that we can." Bo offered.

"Thank you, we truly appreciate it." Said Maura in the most polite way possible, as always.

"Yeah, well, we really should get going so we can get those tests done A.S.A.P." Tamsin said.

"I agree." Jane said. "It was nice to meet you Bo, Kenzi." She gave a slight nod and then went around to get in the car.

"Nice to meet you and we hope to see you around." Maura said getting in the car as well.

"Of course." Bo said smiling.

"Yes. Of course. Hmm… Bo can I talk to you, for a sec?" Tamsin asked with a tight, fake smile as she walked a few steps away from Dyson and Kenzi.

The Russian and the wolf gave Bo a confused look but let the succubus go to where the Valkyrie was.

"Well, that's weird." Said Kenzi.

"It sure is." Dyson concurred.

"What is it, Tamsin?" Bo asked already annoyed.

"You seriously can't control yourself can you succu-slut?" The blonde began.

"What are you talking about?" Bo didn't know what the Valkyrie wanted to get to.

"Couldn't you get your head out of your cute little ass for a second and fake some professionalism in front of these women, instead of undressing them with your lustful succubus eyes?" Tamsin didn't know how pissed she was about the situation until now. Actually, she was pissed at the idea of Bo undressing Jane with her eyes.

"Wow, I didn't think the bitchy Valkyrie could defend somebody's honor… especially strangers." Bo said.

"Nobody asked you to think anything, anyway. They're human, from another state nonetheless. We can't have them here more than they need to be and risk knowing about us." Tamsin said in a low voice gesturing between Bo and herself.

"Us?" Bo asked confused looking at the blonde's grey eyes as she thought about the sweet kisses she shared with the Valkyrie. She thinks there's an 'US' between me and her?

"Yes us, the Fae? Or have you forgotten what you are, baby-Fae?" Tamsin corrected killing the hope in Bo's mind.

"Yes…I mean NO. I understand." Bo said.

"Good." Tamsin crossed her arms and looked Bo up and down. This made the succubus' spine shiver under the confusing eye-scan the Valkyrie was giving her body. "Now, I suggest you lay all of that off the Bostonians." Tamsin said gesturing all of Bo's form.

Tamsin turned around to leave but Bo grabbed her shoulder spinning her toward her again and the Valkyrie shrug out of it.

"Is that an order or a threat, Valkyrie? You should know by now that I'm not good with rules or threats for that matter. I take them as challenges." Bo snarled at her. She felt the anger slowly rising.

"It's merely a suggestion, succu-lette." The blonde came closer to Bo's ear with a sly smile. "And from where I'm standing, it's clearly impossible for you to control your succu-boner around hot women." Tamsin backed away from Bo's ear and still with the sly grin she motioned to her own eyes so the brunette could get the hint.

Breathless, Bo then felt her eyes burning a radiant blue so she toned them back to their original chocolate. "Right." She cleared her throat embarrassed.

Tamsin chuckled and then went back to the cruiser.

Jane watched her every move as the tall blonde swayed her hips making her way to the car. Once Tamsin was in, Jane couldn't help but ask. "Everything ok, detective?"

Tamsin felt a little sad since the Boston beauty didn't say her name. The Valkyrie was growing to like, if not love, how her name sounded on Jane's voice but she knew she'll get to hear it again. "Ya, everything's fine." The Valkyrie replied with a smirk looking at the succubus as she returned to her friends. "So, let's go get that new piece of evidence tested, shall we?" She directed to her companions.

"Indeed we shall." Said Maura.

"Alright. Lead the way, detective Tamsin." Jane said giving the mentioned a side smile.

There it is. Tamsin thought at the mentioned of her name. She returned the smile to Jane but turned her gaze away quickly when the brunette's dark eyes met her grey ones.

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