Ain't THAT The Weirdest Thing?

Crossover: Lost Girl, Rizzoli and Isles

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Chapter: 2

"Well, now we wait for the results." Maura announced.

Jane gave a light sigh and started to pace around the waiting room of the clinic.

"Well, we might as well sit then." Said Tamsin taking her seat. She looked at Jane as she paced and again, the detective was stroking her palms together for a while and then she shoved them inside her pockets.

"Detective Tamsin is right, we should sit and wait patiently." Maura said as she took her seat on Tamsin's side.

Jane just sighed heavily and continued her pacing. Tamsin couldn't get her eyes off of her. Analyzing her every move. She then said in a low voice. "She's not gonna calm down."

Maura heard this and then shook her head 'no'. Tamsin sighed and stood up.

"Well, since it's going to take time for the results to come out, then I suggest that we go have a drink. I know a place near here." She shoved her hands on her back pockets. She looked at the doctor and then at the impatient detective hoping that they would like the idea.

"No thank you, we shouldn't drink on the job." Jane said not even looking at Tamsin, her mind was pacing a million times faster than her feet.

"Who said anything about alcohol? It's 12 o'clock. We should get some lunch at least." Tamsin couldn't believe that she was actually suggesting that but she didn't want to see the brunette this way any longer.

"I think it's a good idea." Maura said looking at her best friend.

Jane stopped the pacing and stared at the floor for a moment before looking at the blonde. "Ok, I guess I could use some coffee."

This words made Tamsin want to smile so brightly, but she just pursed her lips and said. "Sounds good to me. Let's go." She turned around to leave and then the doctor said.

"Jane, would you mind going on without me? I just, I would like to stay here and supervise their work. Not that I don't trust their work, it's just that I would like to watch the process. I'll let you know as soon as the results come out." Maura said with a kind of pleading in her eyes.

"Umm, sure. I mean, what do you think detective Tamsin?" Jane asked the blonde.

"Yeah, sure. If you want." Tamsin said automatically, but then she realized what that meant. She was going to be alone with detective Jane Rizzoli.

OH…SHIT! They both thought simultaneously.


"BoBo, can you please change the word already? Or say it in another language if you can't think of another." Kenzi said, annoyed at her bestie's shock state.

"I'm sorry Kenz…it's just that…" Bo began but was cut off by said girl.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…you just can't believe how hot the newcomers are and how badly you want them to meet all of your charms." Kenzi said taking another shot.

"And to think that I thought they were men. Good thing I was wrong. Those women are…just …"

"HOT!" Kenzi completed her sentence once again. "I get it Bo."

"Yeah, we all do." Dyson said while he nursed his beer.

"Why didn't you tell me they were women?" Bo asked the wolf a little bit annoyed at him.

"Why ruin the surprise?" The shifter smiled slyly at her.

"Hmm, you're right." Bo acknowledge. Then she started thinking of the way Tamsin was defending the detective. "Hey, wasn't it weird how Tamsin was acting toward me while I looked at them?"

"Well, it was obvious that you were checking them out Bo, especially detective Rizzoli." Said Dyson taking a sip from his beer.

"So? That didn't give Tamsin the authority to nag me over it. She's not my mom or anything." Bo said.

"True, Bo-Bo. But you gotta be honest to yourself, you were practically drooling all over them. Even detective Rizzoli noticed, she was uncomfortable. I would be too if I saw a women that I just met, undressing me with her intense gaze." Kenzi established.

"Yeah, you're probably right. But I just couldn't help it. It's my nature." Bo said taking a sip from her drink. "But still, Tamsin isn't known for defending a stranger's honor. She despises everybody."

"You got a fair point there. But that's something that none of us will ever know, since she's always keeping her cards close to her chest." Dyson clarified.

"That's right. That bitch's kept to herself, you'd never guess what's going on in her head." Kenzi acknowledged.

"No, I guess not." Bo sighed. She at some point thought that she'd already had Tamsin all figured out, but then something always happens that makes everything change and she feels like an entire different person to Bo. She's that unpredictable. At least one can't never say that they're bored with her. I wish I could look more into it but she's…such a bitch. Bo kept thinking.

'You seriously can't control yourself can you succu-slut?'

'What are you talking about?' Bo didn't know what the Valkyrie wanted to get to.

'Couldn't you get your head out of your cute little ass for a second and fake some professionalism in front of these women, instead of undressing them with your lustful succubus eyes?'

Bo remembered the intensity of the blonde's eyes and voice when they were alone. She couldn't understand her sometimes, but then again, this was Tamsin they were talking about.

Back at a little coffee shop, Tamsin and Jane were sitting across from the other in utter silence. Tamsin couldn't stop staring at the brunette's hands every now and then. She really wanted to ask her about the scars but knew that it wouldn't be the right nor the polite thing to do, so she settle on something else instead.

"So, umm how long have you been working with Dr. Isles?" Tamsin's voice was unusually soft.

Jane was brought back from her train of thoughts and was just mesmerized by the gentle tone from the blonde. She looked at her in the eye and started saying. "Well, it's been quite some time, I couldn't say an exact number. But it has been a long time." Jane smiled.

"I can tell." Tamsin smirked and looked at her cup of coffee before taking a sip, looking at the detective's dark eyes once again.

"Really? How so?" Jane encouraged her, narrowing her eyes and giving her a side smile. She leaned on the table with her forearms crossed on it.

Jane had taken her blazer off before sitting and now Tamsin could appreciate her lean but toned arms better. It was distracting since Tamsin could easily reach a little and she would be able to touch the brunette's forearms if she wanted.

Tamsin nodded confidently. "Oh, I don't know, the meaningful looks, the way you mock her, jokingly, the way you let her nag you," Tamsin made a pause trying not to get too caught up in those dark eyes. "Just the way you complement each other is enough to know that you've spend a long time together to form that bond." Tamsin's voice cracked at the end of the sentence and she took another sip from her coffee.

"Yeah, well I guess it's a little obvious, then." Jane looked at her coffee to let the blonde recover, she too noticed the sudden crack in her voice. "Or maybe you're a really good observant."

"Well, they don't call me a detective for nothing, right?" Tamsin was smirking.

Jane, again, couldn't help but smile back with a chuckle. She then felt like it was her turn to ask so she did. "And you?"

Tamsin's eyebrow rose in confusion and Jane clarified.

"How long have you worked with detective Dyson?"

"Hmm. Just a few months really. We're still getting used to each other's…umm differences." Tamsin decided that was the best word to describe their position.

"Oh, I know how that is in some ways. My partner, back in Boston, we really hit it off, right from the start, he's a great guy. Wouldn't change him for the world." Jane made a pause remembering Frost for a second.

Tamsin noticed how fond Jane was of her partner, the way her eyes drift off in a memory and felt a pinch of jealousy in her chest. How much she wished to be able to have that kind of kinship with someone. She couldn't help getting lost in the brunette's features, the genuine smile, the wild hair, dark eyes…Snap out of it, Tamsin…

"And I must say that sometimes it's such a relief to have a man as a partner since they're oblivious of a woman's secrets or 'code' for lack of a better word." Jane laughed.

"You got that right!" Tamsin said with a little laugh of her own.

They were silent for a minute and Tamsin noticed Jane fidgeting with her hands. She figured the woman was out of the moment, probably remembering how she got those scars. "Thinking about the case, are you?"

Jane snapped out of her fidgeting. "Umm, yeah. It's just driving me crazy to have this bastard up and around killing again."

"I bet. It can't be easy for you." Tamsin took another sip.

Jane's jaw clenched and her muscles tighten. She cleared her throat and asked. "And why would you say that?"

"Because you were the one who brought him in. To have him out and killing again must be frustrating not only for you but for all those families that suffered because of him." Tamsin acknowledged, observing how the other detective's jaw and muscles relaxed again.

"Yeah, it is. I can't wait to put that animal in its rightful cage again." Jane muttered, taking her last sip of the coffee.

"Don't worry you'll get the satisfaction again," Tamsin paused looking at her colleague and then added. "And I promise it'll bet ten times better when you do it this time." She let her trademark smirk cross her lips for a moment, making the brunette chuckle.

"God, I hope so." Jane said and her phone went off.

"Is it the doc?" Tamsin asked.

"Yes, the results are ready. Let's go." Jane got up followed by the blonde.

Once at the clinic they saw the M.E. talking to Dyson and walked right to them.

"Hey, Maur, what did the results say?" Jane asked impatiently.

"It's Hoyt's blood." Maura answered.

Jane let go of the breath she didn't even know she was holding. She looked at her best friend and noticed that there was more to the newfound information but it was Tamsin who spoke the words.

"Why do I get the feeling that there's more to it?" The blonde crossed her arms waiting for a response.

Jane was impressed with the detective observations skills.

"Yeah, what is it, Maura? Your face is doing that 'that's-not-all' thing again." Jane said, getting impatient at her best friend's demeanor.

"He's dying Jane." Maura confessed.

"What?" Jane took a step back rubbing her palms.

"What is his illness?" Tamsin asked wanting to get all the information out.

"Pancreatic cancer." Maura replied.

"What stage?" Tamsin pushed further.

"Stage four." Maura finished.

Tamsin looked at Dyson then at Jane whose eyes were not focused on the present. Tamsin took a step toward the detective but before she could continue she saw the doctor take action first and approached her best friend. Tamsin knew that it wasn't her place to comfort the detective but she felt bad to see her like that. She knew that something else must've happen to detective Rizzoli for her to react that way towards the news. She felt really bad for Jane.

Dyson, who no one paid attention, was noticing all. Especially the way Tamsin tried to reach for Detective Rizzoli. It was strange and it happen so fast that he almost didn't notice at all, but he did before Tamsin crossed her arms, cleared her throat and looked at the floor as she always did when she wanted to hide her compassion and empathy. He chuckled on the inside and made a promised to tease his partner later for it.

"Hey Jane, are you ok? Did you hear what I just said?" Maura said as she took Jane's hands in hers.

"Uh, I…umm…yes. I did hear you Maur, sorry I just. I can't believe it." Jane staggered.

"Yes, I know it's a lot to take in." Maura said as she gave Jane's arms a light squeeze for comfort.

"It just…it sounds so easy." Jane murmured.

Dyson looked at Tamsin and saw her eyebrows furrow for a moment and he knew that something was on her mind. "What is it, Tamsin?"

"It's unfair even." She said crossing her arms on her chest.

"How so?" Asked the wolf.

"Well, he spends all of this time torturing people, then killing them and he just gets to…" Tamsin mused.

"Die in peace?" Jane cuts her off finishing her sentence.

"Exactly." Tamsin looks at her and they locked gazes for a moment before smirking and clearing their throats to move on.

"Yeah, it's very disturbing." Dyson said and when he saw how the three women looked at him he was quick to say. "To think that, in a way, he could get away with it all."

"Yes, indeed it is." Concurred the M.E.

"Well, I guess we should go back to the cop-shop and add this to the record." Tamsin said to Dyson.

"Yes, we should go." Nodded her partner.

"Then we'll drive you there." Jane was quick to say.

"Oh, no that's ok I'll go with my partner here." Tamsin smacked Dyson's arm. "Right partner?"

"Umm, I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure that our cruiser it's more comfortable." The brunette said as she gestured toward Dyson's helmet.

Tamsin looked at the wolf's helmet, then at Dyson who was trying not to laugh and then looked at the brunette who was grinning at her. "Well, if you put it like that then… yes, I couldn't agree more." Said the Valkyrie. "No offense, dog." She clicked with a grin.

The smile on Dyson's face was replaced by a meaningful look directed at Tamsin. "None taken… partner." He replied between clenched teeth which made the Valkyrie smirk.

"Plus, that gives us a chance to recap on everything that we have so far." Jane offered.

"Good idea." Tamsin concurred. "Well, shall we?"

"After you, detective." Said the brunette following the blonde out of the clinic.

"Aren't you coming with us, detective Dyson?" Maura asked the bearded man with the most sensual smile she could master.

"Of course." Nodded the wolf. "I'll be right behind you." He said with all the puns intended as he gave her a side smile.

Maura caught the drift easily. Turning around she swayed her hips as she made her exit.

Dyson grabbed his helmet and with a long grinning sigh he followed the doctor out.

"Please do NOT tell me that you're calling the doc again?" Kenzi grunted resting her head on the bar.

"Ok, I won't tell you." Bo said to her best friend while she waited for the doctor to pick up the phone. She sighed when it was directed to her voicemail once again. "Hey Lauren, it's me Bo again. I just…really want to know if you're ok. Please call me back when you hear this." She ended the call.

"Oh, Bo-Bo you are hopeless." Kenzi murmured.

"Why? For wanting to know if my girlfriend is ok or not?" Bo replied frustrated.

"Bo, if she wanted you to know she would've called you by now, don't you think?" The Russian girl put a hand on her bestie's shoulder for comfort.

"I know Kenz. It's just so hard for me to let go, you know?" Bo said sipping on her mug of beer.

"Ok, let's do another shot because I don't want you mulling over this again." Kenzi said reaching over the bar to grab the bottle and serve them their shots.

"You know what could make my mood better?" Bo asked.

"Please tell me so I can go get it for you." The human whined handing Bo her shot.

"Two scoops of the Bostonian brand with a Valkyrie on top." Bo giggled taking her shot.

Kenzi gapped at Bo. "You clearly are fucked up already."

"No I'm not!" Bo spat out.

"Ok, I understand why you want the two scoops of Bostonian brand but… why do you want the Valky-bitch?" The Russian was trying to make sense out of this.

"Well, you saw how fierce she was today, defending the newcomers. Imagine how fierce she can be when she…" Bo whispered as her eyes changed to electric blue in no time.

"OK!" Kenzi cut her off before she continue the sex rant. "Let's tone down the succu-boner for now. I really don't want that image in my pretty little mind at the moment." Kenzi downed her shot as well.

Bo kept giggling at her best friend's reaction. In all the fun she realized that she indeed was thinking about the blonde in that way. She could easily picture Tamsin under her, moaning and screaming her name as Bo made her cum all over her fingers. She could easily picture the Valkyrie smirking at her while the blonde teased her entrance. That thought alone made the succubus tighten her thighs and hum.

"Bo, Bo-Bo, Bolicious, what did I just say about the succu-boner?" Kenzi smacked the brunette's arm.

"Ow!" Bo complained. "I heard you the first time Kenzi. It's just not easy for me to control it when my mind…"

"Is in the gutter?" Kenzi grinned.

"Exactly. Wait, what?" Bo was confused.

"Oh, Bo-Bo please we all know that your mind can never leave the gutter, especially when you're drinking." Kenzi laughed. Then she got serious again and asked. "But seriously now, why would you be interested in the bottle-blonde when she's been trying to throw your succubusty butt in jail since day one?"

"Honestly, I really don't know, but something about today with the detective and the doc, it was different. I don't know how to explain it." Bo tried to put her thoughts into words for her friend to understand. "Oh, and their auras."


"Detective Rizzoli, Dr. Isles and Dyson's." Bo answered and then went silent for a while.

"Do I really need to ask 'what about them?' so you can tell me or…?"

"Yes, I mean No, you don't. Sorry, I was just… never mind. Well, the detective's aura was a little bit reddish when they were at the car, before Dyson introduced us to them but then it went back to normal after we were introduced. The doc and Dyson's were red the entire time… and I think it was for each other." Bo grinned.

"Ok… does that bother you?" Kenzi wanted to know.

"No, not really. Dyson and I are friends." Bo replied.

"Uh huh. And what about Tamsin's?"

"What?" Bo looked at Kenzi.

"Tamsin's aura. Didn't you get anything from her?"

"No. I can never read Tamsin's aura. I don't know why?" Bo took another swing from her beer.

"Hmm, interesting." Kenzi grabbed another mug of beer for her.

"If by 'interesting' you mean 'annoying and frustrating', then yes, it is." Bo slurred a little.

"Ok, yeah, you're totally fucked up already, but that's good. That's why we're here every single day." Kenzi remarked.

"Everything ok over here?" Trick asked offering the sweetest smile toward the women.

"Oh, you know, just here drinking our problems away and your beautiful granddaughter trying not to be a stalker by being a stalker. The ush." Kenzi smiled at Trick and rose an eyebrow at her and then at Bo for further explaining.

"I'm not being a stalker, I'm just calling to know how is she doing?" Bo responded to the unasked question.

"Bo, if Lauren asked you for a break, then you should give her what she wants. She'll contact you if she needs you." Trick smiled and grabbing his granddaughter's hand and gave it a light squeeze, to reassure her of his words.

"And what if she doesn't need me anymore, Trick? How am I supposed to know? What am I supposed to do then?" Bo pondered looking at her gramps.

"Well, you just get a grip and move onto another, succubus." Tamsin said as she caught the last part of the conversation.

Bo looked at her with eyes narrowed, trying to stop everything from moving. "Right, that's easy to say for someone who hasn't loved anyone." She slurred.

"Or…" Tamsin sat on the stool next to the brunette. "It could be easy to say for someone who's been there and done that?" Tamsin looked straight at Bo's chocolate eyes as they changed from anger to confusion and then sympathy. "But I guess it's really hard to decipher which one is it, right?" The Valkyrie smirked and then turned to the barkeep. "Vodka, please."

Bo opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Dyson.

"And a brewski for me, Trick." Said the wolf as he put the case files in front of him and Tamsin.

"So, how's it going with the case, D-man?" Kenzi broke the awkward silence.

"Oh, we're going somewhere. We just got new evidence that the guy has pancreatic cancer, stage four."

"That doesn't make any sense. How can a human, with that illness and on that stage be sufficiently strong to do those killings?" Trick asked.

"He had an accomplice. Probably the one who did all the heavy work." Tamsin answered.

"Well, that make all the sense." Trick concluded. He was called from the other side of the bar. "Excuse me." He said as he left.

"Sure thing, Trickster." Kenzi answered. She looked at Dyson and Tamsin and said. "So, where are Detective Rizzoli and Dr. Isles?"

"Yeah, where are the two hotties?" Bo slurred some more.

Tamsin and Dyson looked at each other in confusion and then at Bo.

"They went back to the hotel where they're staying." Dyson answered with a light grin.

"Oh! And why didn't you bring them here. They're missing out." Bo smiled and her eyes went blue for a second.

"Ok then," Tamsin's eyebrows went up for a moment. "Imma go to the ladies. If ya'll excuse me." Tamsin stood up from her stool. She put her hand on Dyson's shoulder and said. "You should get the pool table ready for my arrival, and prepare your ass for some serious kicking, wolf boy." Said the Valkyrie on her most sensual-teasing-voice causing Dyson to nod and chuckle at her. She turned around and made her way towards the bathroom. Dyson chugged the last of his beer and walked to the pool area.

Bo licked her lips as her eyes followed the blonde's hips swaying all the way to the bathroom until the door closed behind her.

"Well, at least we know that the newcomers are safe from all this Fae-craziness crap. Right Bo-Bo?" Kenzi turned her head to the right and noticed that her best friend wasn't there anymore. "Ok… leave me talking to myself because that's not rude at all, geez." She did another shot and then looked around the place to see if she could spot her bestie, and then she saw the bathroom door closing. "Oh, shit! I have to get in there ASAP." Kenzi tried to get off the stool but by doing so she felt dizzy. "Whoa! Ok… maybe I should let the bottle-blonde handle that for now. Woo!"

"Are you planning to get some sleep anytime soon? Or are you just going to keep staring at the files?" Maura asked to a concentrating Jane in the bed next to her.

"In a moment, mom." Jane joked.

"Jane, please. Sleep deprivation is not good for anyone, you won't be able to solve anything tonight." Advised the M.E. still staring a staring at Jane.

"Ugh…fine!" Jane gave up. She closed the file and put it aside. Crossing her arms on her chest while she laid in bed looking at the ceiling. "Happy now, Dr. Nag?" Jane looked at Maura.

"Very. Thank you, Detective Attitude." Maura said closing her eyes with a smile.

The nickname made Jane laugh a little and it relaxed her…a little. She then heard Maura sigh and knew that the doctor too was a relaxed. "Now what?" Asked the brunette.

"Now you turn off the light and your brain, close your eyes and wait for sleep to come." Maura said matter-of-factly. She wouldn't admit it to the detective but she was really worried about her. She was actually struggling with sleep herself.

"Oh gee doc, if it was that easy, why didn't you say so in the first place? I could've been in cloud 9 by now." Jane mocked smiling in the darkness.

"Well, that is incorrect in various aspects. You see, in…"

"Maur, if you don't stop right there I will turn my brain back on and continue with my reading." Jane warned while Maura let out a soft giggle. "If you want to talk then let's talk about something else, please." Jane suggested.

"Alright. Detective Dyson, what do you think of him?" Maura asked.


"Yes. Tell me, what do you think of him?" Maura asked again.

"I already told you what I thought of him, Maura." Jane complained.

"No, you just agreed with me then added the wolf reference." Maura explained

"I did n…I said that he was sexy if you liked the wolf-y kind of look, which I don't like." Jane clarified.

"So, you don't like him?" Maura pushed.

"Maura, this is strictly professional business." Said the brunette.

"So you wouldn't have sex with him? Not once?" Maura was now teasing.

"Wha…? No!" Jane was quick to respond and Maura chuckled. "Why? Would you…? You know what? Don't answer that." Said the detective with a smile on her lips chuckling as well.

After a few seconds of silence, the doctor asked.

"And what about Detective Tamsin?"

"Her too?" Jane asked in fake astonishment. "Why Maura, I really don't think Detective Tamsin would be interested in a threesome."

"I didn't mean that." Maura laughed. "I meant, what do you think of her?"

"Oh, well I think that she's a very perceptive woman, keeps her wits about her, rough around the edges, with a smart mouth…" Hot, sexy, badass, gorgeous eyes, lips, ass… NO! Not going there. "For what I could see she's very good at her job." Jane said clearing her throat.

"Detective, I think you just described yourself. That's very narcissistic of you." Maura teased her friend laughing.

"What? I did not." She couldn't help but to laugh too. Noticing that she indeed was describing herself unintentionally. "Alright fine. What do you think of her then?"

"You did and I must say that it's interesting how much alike you two are. Well, obviously there are some differences." Stated the doctor.

"You don't say? Gee, and here I thought she was my long lost twin." Jane couldn't help her sarcasm. "Tell me about these differences, doctor?"

"Well, there's her blonde hair, her gray eyes, her facial bone structure is beautiful, her body is well toned, she's taller than you, by an inch that is but still. She's quite stunning." The doctor concluded.

"I must say that I feel slightly offended." Jane admitted.

"Why? I was just mentioning the obvious." Maura said in her defense.

"Well, now I know that I'm not stunning, that my facial bone structure is hideous and that I'm either too fat or too skinny." Jane retorted sounding offended but not really feeling that way, she was just trying to tease her friend.

"I didn't mean it like that, Jane. I was merely stating the…"

"I know, I know, Maur. I'm just messing with you. Calm down." Jane laughed.

"You are insufferable." Maura laughed as well.

They stayed silent for a while and then the brunette said.

"She's quite mysterious too."

"Who is?" Said the confused honey blonde.

"Detective Tamsin." Said the detective.

"I'm sure she thinks the same of you." Maura snorted.

"Why would she? I don't consider myself as mysterious." Jane retorted.

"I'm sure you don't, but to others you can be an enigma just as Detective Tamsin is to you." Explained the M.E. smiling in the darkness.

"To me? She's not an enigma to me." Jane protested. "Why would you think that?"

"Because you just said that she's a mysterious woman, did you not?" Maura asked still smiling. She was beginning to understand why Jane liked to irritate her so. It's rare to hear Jane this uncomfortable so she tried to milk it as much as she could.

"Right." Was all the detective said, not wanting to go further into this conversation.

After a few more minutes of silence, Maura asked.

"So, do you really think that Detective Tamsin wouldn't be interested in any threesomes?"

"Really, Maur?!" Jane almost yelled at her friend.

They both laughed until sleep took over.

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