Ain't THAT The Weirdest Thing?

Crossover: Lost Girl, Rizzoli and Isles

Chapter: 3

After splashing some cold water in her face, Tamsin looked in the mirror, thinking. She thought about all of the day's events. Meeting the Bostonians, how they both interacted with each other, how they complement the other, etc. The Valkyrie was thinking of one of the newcomers specifically. She couldn't stop thinking about the raven-haired woman's body, eyes, lips, voice… Damn that voice of hers…is very haunting. Tamsin thought with a side smile.

"What is so funny?" Bo asked, resting her back in the wall next to the door. She had her arms crossed and was looking straight at the Valkyrie like a predator who had just cornered its prey.

Tamsin chuckled at Bo's question. She let out a sigh before taking a napkin to dry her face and hands. "Needing your office so soon, succu-slut? Then be my guest, I'm done." Said the blonde evading the question and Bo's eyes. When she went for the doorknob Bo's hand slammed at the door blocking Tamsin's way.

"What if I want to share it?" Bo's eyes were intensively looking at grey ones.

Tamsin's eyebrow went up quickly in confusion. "Well, I guess you're one person short since I'm out, but I'll fetch ya the dog, kay?" She said pulling at the doorknob but Bo was putting more pressure on the door.

Bo shook her head 'no'. "I still see you in." She whispered as she licked her lips and her eyes turned blue.

Holy shit! Now what the hell am I supposed to do? Tamsin asked herself. Then, as the succubus was making her way to her personal space she had an idea. She grabbed the succubus' wrists and pinned them to the door as high as her arms let her. Tamsin pushed herself against Bo's body. Bo's back hit the door hard making her groan in pleasure.

"I see. I guess the wolf-pup doesn't know how you actually like it, huh?" Tamsin smirked proudly and Bo looked at her with bright blue eyes, grinning.

"Oh, you think you know me soooo well, don't you Valkyrie?" Bo whispered.

"No, I don't know you per say," Tamsin whispered on Bo's ear. Then moved to her lips and barely touching them she whispered seductively. "but I do know succubi." Bo started panting softly. Tamsin then grabbed both of Bo's wrist in one hand and with her other she started trailing with her fingers down her extended arm, chest and abdomen. Once there, she grabbed the hem of Bo's leather pants, pulling her closer as she pushed the succubus' thighs apart, placing one of her own in between and pressing hard on her center. This made Bo close her eyes and moan louder as she started rhythmically moving her hips against Tamsin's thigh. Tamsin then took the liberty to graze Bo's neck with barely-there-kisses. Bo was moaning louder by the second, she tried to break loose from the blonde's firm grip on her wrists but failed. "Trying to get away already? We haven't even started yet, succubus." Tamsin breathed against Bo's neck, biting it a little.

"Then get on with it, Valkyrie." Bo grunted, struggling again.

"Impatient much?" Tamsin chuckled bucking her hips forward eliciting another moan from the brunette. The hand grabbing onto Bo's pants then wandered under the brunette's top and went up, ripped her lace-pushup-bra off discarding it to the ground and quickly started kneading one of her breasts, then the other. After both nipples were perky enough her hand traveled down to her pants again. She unbuttoned, and unzipped them and watched as Bo held her breath with closed eyes, waiting to the much needed contact. Tamsin smirked at her and then dipped her hand under the brunette's underwear, as she felt the wetness she murmured. "Well, flattery will get you anywhere, succulette."

"Just shut the fuck up and fuck me already, Tamsin." Bo half breathed, half grunted.

"Gee, alright then." Tamsin said as she started rubbing Bo's clit. She spread her wetness all over her folds before pushing one finger inside, taunting the brunette. Bo was whimpering and her breathing got heavier. Tamsin then introduced another finger and pushing her hand deeper with her thigh she started making a steady rhythm in and out of the succubus'. Bo started mumbling her name.

"Ah fuck yes, Tamsin…right there… don't, don't stop please." Bo moaned.

Tamsin looked at Bo carefully and whispered seductively against her ear. "One of the many things I've learned about succubi…" She started saying as she quickened her fingers in and out of Bo who was a moaning mess and already contracting around her.

"Yes?" Bo asked unconsciously but was cut off by Tamsin stopping her movements abruptly.

"…is how much they hate to be left hanging at the edge of an epic orgasm." Tamsin whispered against Bo's parted lips. She pulled her hand out of Bo and released her from her grip. Tamsin then washed her hands before going for the doorknob once again. She pulled the door open, slightly pushing Bo out of the way and before the Valkyrie stepped out of the bathroom she turned to a dumbstruck, flustered and frustrated succubus saying. "Enjoy your blue lips, hot pants." She winked giving Bo her trademark smirk and then walked out.

Bo was at a loss for words. She just kept looking at the door, wishing that Tamsin would come in so she could finish what she started or so Bo could kill her. That was definitely something that Bo was seriously considering.

Kenzi looked at Tamsin as she was making her way toward the bar with her usual smirk. "Hmm… The Valky-bitch came through with flying colors." She hummed then she looked alarmed. "Oh, no! That smug smirk of hers… oh shit, something bad went down in that bathroom for sure."

Once at the bar, Tamsin grabbed her drink, chugged it all the way down and leaving the money on the counter she made her way to the exit.

Dyson looked at his partner. "Hey, what about our game, partner?" He gestured to the pool table.

"Sorry wolf, I've changed my mind." She shrugged at him. "But go ahead, I'll give you the evening to practice 'cause next time your ass will hurt really bad. I assure you." She said smugly.

"Right. Whatever you say, Valkyrie." He chuckled.

Before she walked to the exit she got close to the Russian Goth and whispered. "Have fun taking care of a grumpy succubus." She smiled.

"What did you do to her, bottle-blonde?" Kenzi asked through greeted teeth.

"Nothing that she didn't deserve. Sorry not sorry." Was the last thing Tamsin said before she made a B line for the exit with a proud smile on her lips.

Just as Tamsin got out of the Dal, Bo got out of the bathroom and with a loud stomping pace she made her way toward the bar and sat on the stool next to Kenzi. The little Goth noticed how heavy her best friend was breathing and took a big gulp from her beer before carefully saying. "I'm so scared to ask…Should I ask?"

"I. HATE. HER." Said Bo clenching her jaw and her eyes turning electric blue.

"Oh, boy." Kenzi muttered taking another big gulp.

She was going down the stairs of a basement, gun at the ready as she did. Step by step her breathing got heavy and her heart would beat so fast she was afraid it would come out of her chest at any moment. She got to the end of the staircase and it was so dark. The door of the basement closed and the darkness swallowed her completely. She then heard it…the voice that haunts her day and night.


She heard it so far away that it could easily be mistaken by the wind, but there was no wind current inside the basement. There was only darkness, darkness everywhere she looked.


There it was again. This time closer.


It was getting closer and she couldn't move from the spot where she was standing.


She heard it behind her. She tried to scream but she couldn't, she tried to fire her gun but she noticed that she wasn't holding it anymore. She heard it sniff right on her neck.

I smell lavender and fear…

The voice was at her ear and before she knew it a bright light was on her and she was on the ground, both hands pinned down as two different set of hands ran a scalpel on both her palms softly before nailing them to the ground simultaneously. All she could feel was pain, she couldn't breathe. Then she felt a body over her as another scalpel ran on her neck cutting her slightly on the side. She then looked at her personal Boogey Man, Charles Hoyt as he smiled down at her.

I'm going to kill you Jane, but not before I give myself the pleasure of having you.

He laughed manically as she shook her head 'no' quickly and started screaming. She could hear his laugh over her loud screaming. She screamed louder until she felt her lungs burning inside her chest.

Jane… Jane…Jane…

She kept hearing a voice desperately calling her but she kept screaming.

Jane, wake up.

"Jane, please wake up! It's me, Maura." The doctor grabbed a screaming and struggling Jane and hugged her tight against her chest. "Shhhh…It's ok, Jane. You're ok…you're ok…shhh…" Maura kept trying to calm her shaking friend.

Jane opened her eyes abruptly, still breathing heavily against Maura's chest. She kept whimpering, she didn't noticed that she was crying until she felt her tears wet her cheeks.

"It's ok, Jane. It was only a nightmare. You're safe." Said Maura in a soothing voice.

"Am I, really?" Jane asked sobbing into Maura's neck. She really hated feeling this way. Vulnerable, weak, scared. She knew she had to pull it together if she wanted this nightmare to be over soon enough.

Maura couldn't hold her own tears any longer. Seeing her best friend this broken was too much for her. She wished she could make all the pain disappear but unfortunately, it was impossible.

"I hate that he has such a power over me." Jane murmured, her voice breaking.

"We'll get him Jane. He will pay for what he's done." Maura murmured back, trying to make Jane feel better.

They stayed that way until they fell asleep.

The next morning they woke up to Jane's phone ringing.

"Rizzoli." The brunette answered in her morning voice which was even more husker than usual.

"Rise and shine, Rizzoli."

"Tamsin? Uh, um, DETECTIVE Tamsin." Jane quickly rectified as she recognized the voice. "What is it? Any new findings?"

"That's right. Seems we have another murdered couple. We're on our way to the crime scene."

"WHAT?" Jane rose off the bed quickly, waking Maura in the process. "Alright, send me the address we'll meet you there."

"Already did. See you there."

"Ok, thanks." Jane said as she hung up.

Maura looked at her with expectant eyes, but she already had a pretty good idea.

"There's another murdered couple. We have to go there."

"Of course." Said the M.E. getting out bed and getting ready.

When Tamsin arrived at the scene she saw the exact same M.O. of Hoyt, down to the same type of cup, except…

"Ok, they said there was a couple, where's the woman's body?" Tamsin asked Dyson.

"They can't find it. There's some blood over there." He pointed at the sofa where the blood was smeared. "It doesn't seem part of the spatter from his neck…" Dyson stopped and sniffed deeply. "What the hell…?"

"What is it?" Tamsin whispered to Dyson.

"The smell…"

"Yeah, I got that, what about it?" Said the blonde slightly scrunching her nose in disgust.

"They…They're Fae." The wolf whispered and looked at Tamsin with wide eyes in surprise.

"WHAT?!" The Valkyrie hissed looking around. "That can't be right. How the hell did this maniac manage to do that?"

"I don't know. This is not normal." Dyson was still in shock.

"Glad you're finally catching up." Tamsin murmured.

"We need to get the body out of here and take it to Lauren." Dyson announced.

"No shit?" Tamsin crossed her arms. "We have to move fast before…"

"What do we have so far, detectives?" Interrupted a husky voice.

"Well, shit!" Tamsin swore under her breath.

"Hoyt's M.O., wife's body is missing." The wolf pointed to the couple's wedding photograph.

Jane kept looking around the room while Maura started to analyze the body. The Boston detective found a wedding napkin with the past Saturday's date on it underneath a picture of the new happy couple. "They're newlyweds."

"Hell of a honeymoon present." Tamsin murmured to herself crossing her arms.

"No kidding." The brunette detective murmured back when she was on the blonde's side. "What do we know of them so far?" Jane asked to nobody in particular.

"Well, Donovan Kurtz, worked as a bartender at a club called Dark Corner and the wife, Milina worked as a baker at the Nyla's Light Cakes." Dyson answered directing a meaningful look at Tamsin as she recognized the names of the places.

'He was Dark Fae and she was from the Light. How can that be?' Tamsin asked herself.

"Interesting. Dark and Light, kind of like Yin and Yan, right?" Maura said as she straighten her posture to look at the three detectives with a light grin. The three of them just stared at her. "No? Alright then." Said Maura, directing her eyes at the victim once again.

Dyson looked at the honey blonde with a side smile and a chuckle while Tamsin and Jane had the same 'is-she-serious?' look on their faces.

"Ok, I say we split and go find wifey. We have a lot of ground to cover since there's a freaking forest at the back of the house." Tamsin stated.

"Yes, we're done here anyway. CSIU didn't find anything out of the ordinary this time." Dyson said then he looks at the M.E. "Would you like to accompany me, Dr. Isles?"

Jane looked at her best friend and Tamsin looked at her partner, both with the same expression on their faces 'WHAT THE FUCK?'

"Don't mind if I do, detective." Said the honey blonde as they made their way towards the back door of the house giving a last look at their respective partners with the 'What?' written all over their grinning faces.

Tamsin and Jane looked at each other. Both rising their eyebrows.

"Well, looks like you're with me, Rizzoli." Tamsin stated with a smirk before making her way out of the house and to the opposite direction Dyson and the doc went.

"Looks like it. I feel slightly betrayed." Jane joked following the blonde.

"Sorry to break it to ya, Rizzoli but apparently, the wang is mightier than friendship right now." Tamsin chuckled making the brunette laugh.

"Apparently." Jane said between laughs.

They both entered the forest and after a few minutes Tamsin noticed that Jane was slightly tense. What is it that has you in such a state? Tamsin wondered looking at the way the raven-haired's hands would clench into firsts every now and then. She really, really wanted to do something to relieve that level of tension, but she truly wouldn't and doesn't know how.

In Jane's mind…

'I'm going to kill you Jane, but not before I give myself the pleasure of having you.

He laughed manically as she shook her head 'no' quickly and started screaming.'

Maybe you're the one haunting my dreams but you're not going to control my life anymore, you son of a...

"You, shouldn't worry that much, you know?" Tamsin decided it was time to break the silence. It was way too quiet, even for her.


"The wang's not that impressive so, you'll get your bestie soon enough. Although, I don't get why she'd prefer that over yourself." Tamsin said and immediately regretted it.

Jane couldn't hold the smug smirk when she said. "You seem to know a lot about that wang, don't you detective?"

"Not really, I'm judging by the lack of a bulge." Tamsin smirked rising her eyebrows at the brunette.

"Oh ho, snap!" Said Jane sarcastically snapping her fingers. "But you're right. I mean come on, I'm so much better than a wang." Jane's laugh dissipated as she was struck by what she'd just said and regretted it.

"Glad to see I'm not the only one full of herself." Tamsin remarked with a light laugh.

"Ah, well..."

"Wait!" Tamsin stopped all of a sudden grabbing Jane by her forearm.

"What is it?" Jane was confused at the sudden change of the blonde's demeanor. She looked at Tamsin's hand and secretly wished she wasn't wearing her blazer so she could feel the blonde detective's touch. 'WAIT! NO! STOP IT RIZZOLI.'

"Don't you smell that?" Asked the Valkyrie.

Jane thanked Tamsin internally for stopping her inner rant. Then she inhale deeply. 'I smell lavender and fear…'A cold shiver ran up Jane's back as she recognized the smell. "Lavender." The brunette acknowledged and started walking towards the smell.

Confused, Tamsin just opted to follow the detective.

"Sooooo...are you gonna tell me what happened between you and the bottle-blonde-Valka-bitch detective? Because judging by the way she came out of that bathroom and the way you came out of that same bathroom, which was a very different way plus the two sexilicious men and woman you brought home last night... I think it must've been…"

"Horrible, Kenzi. Is that what you want to hear?" Bo cut her best friend off, feeling the frustration rising again.

"Well, I was gonna say 'interesting' but if you say so." Kenzi shrugged at the succubus. "You were the one there, dude."

"I hate her so fucking much." Bo almost growled.

"You mentioned that various amounts of times last night." Kenzi said, pouring milk on her cereal.

"Well, it is as true now as it was last night." Bo sat on the booth across from Kenzi on the kitchen island resting her elbows on the counter and her head on her hands. "I hadn't met someone that can arouse me and also irritate me to no end, all at the same time. It's not fair and so frustrating." Bo whined.

"Well, there's a first time for everything, Bolicious." Kenzi managed to say through a mouthful.

"I mean, one time she's being all annoying as always, then she started to seduce me and tease me...ME! A succubus! Just to leave me hanging right at the edge of…"

"Whoa, whoa!" Kenzi cut her off placing her plate on the island and putting her hands up to stop Bo. "Imma stop you right there, missy. I know I said that I wanted to know about it but you know the drill. No dets. Those are for your own entertainment."

"Ugh, I know. I'm sorry Kenzi but it's just that…arrrrghh! That woman it's gonna be the end of me."

Kenzi's eyes widened at the frustrated succubus. "Well, that's true. That's what she's been trying to do to you since day one, remember?"

"Tease me to let me hanging?" Bo asked.

"No! Just the whole putting-you-behind-Dark Fae-bars, shit. Geez woman, get your head out of the gutter." Kenzi took another spoonful of cereal and then went to sit on the couch.

"I can't…I barely slept 'cause all I could see was her stupid smirk as she left me at the bathroom." Bo followed the Russian and sat at her side. "Oh, how I dreamt of wiping that fucking smirk off of her face." Bo murmured.

"Ok, Bo. Bo-Bo, you should tone down your succu-boner. Plus, you can't really blame her, can you? I mean you were that one that went stalking her sexy-Valkyrie-ass to the bathroom in the first place." Kenzi stated.

"Well, yeah… but that doesn't mean that she can play with me like that."

"Mmm…I think it kind of does. C'mon Bo, you know that you can sometimes be very, VERY intense when your hunting-mode is on." Kenzi shrugged a little as she made her point.

"Ok, fine. But that doesn't mean that I'll give up so easily. She started something and I ain't giving her the satisfaction to just own me like that. I'll show that bitch." Bo's eyes glowed even brighter.

"Oh, sweet baby Jesus." The Russian said as she proceeded to eat her cereal.

Meanwhile, Jane and Tamsin kept following the smell of lavender. Tamsin was following Jane to be exact she wanted to have a clear view of… 'Oh no…shit not again. I have to stop this. It's getting ridiculous. Stop it Tamsin.'

Suddenly, Jane tripped on something. Tamsin reached out immediately, grabbing the raven haired woman by the waist to steady her before she lost her balance entirely.

"Whoa, there. Might wanna slow down a bit." Tamsin said.

Jane was very aware of Tamsin's hands on her waist. The warmth they radiated. She felt that warmth through her shirt and she wished the material wasn't obstructing their skins from touching. Her stomach muscles tensed at her sudden intimate thought.

Tamsin felt Jane's tensed muscles. "Are you ok?" She asked, hands still on the woman's slim waist.

Jane cleared her throat. "Um, yeah… I'm fine. So clumsy of me."

Their eyes met for moment before Tamsin cleared her throat as well and let the Bostonian go.

"Thanks." Jane said trying to lighten the heaviness of the moment.

"Don't mention it." Said the Valkyrie pressing her lips tight together and gave Jane a quick awkward smile.

They continued their walk until Jane stopped abruptly, gasping a little as she took in the image in front of her. Tamsin noticed the sudden change in her demeanor and looked in the direction the Bostonian was staring. "Holy shit." Tamsin whispered.

They found the body of the wife surrounded by lavender flowers lots and lots of them. Some of the flowers were covering the woman's privates. Tamsin got her phone out. "I'm calling Dyson."

"Yeah, do that." Jane agreed getting close to the body.

"Dyson, we found the body. Bring CSI with you." Tamsin hung up and saw that Jane was reaching for the body's mouth. "What is it?"

"There's something in her mouth."

Tamsin was beside the Bostonian when Jane dragged a piece of paper out of the woman's corpse. "What does it say?" Asked Tamsin as she positioned herself behind Jane to see what the paper said.

"'They are keeping secrets from you, Janie.'" Jane read and then looked at the blonde. "Who are they and what are those secrets?"

"I don't know, but we'll find out." Tamsin said with a reassuring nod to the raven haired but on the inside. 'Oh, this is not good.'

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