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Chapter Five

Lee, Fred and George walked into the dorm, and Lee automatically noticed that his plant had grown to nearly four feet.

Lee gasped, then said, "Cool!"

He walked forward, and ran his hands on the large plant's pod.

He said excitedly, "This is brilliant! This is the best thing you've invented ever!"

Fred smiled a mischievous smile, and said, "Yeah, it is. Have you fed it yet?"

Lee shook his head, and said, "I fed it last week though!"

George frowned, and said, "Now that it's bigger, you have to feed it more often!"

Lee frowned, and said, "How do you know?"

Fred pulled back the curtain to his bed, revealing a plant of about the same size, and said, "That's how we know."

Lee thought for a bit, then said, "Wait, didn't you guys have three when you gave me mine?"

Fred realized this, kicked a nearby chair, and said, "How could this happen? Did someone steal one?"

George slapped his forehead, and said, "Harry! With his stupid Invisibility Cloak, he probably stuck in here, and stole one!"

Harry ran down to Hagrid's hut, still sheathed in his Invisibility Cloak, and pounded on the heavy wooden door.

The half-giant opened the door, and Harry flung off his cloak, saying, "Hagrid! I've got something for you."

Hagrid's eyes widened as he saw the small plant in its tiny pot, and he said, "Where'd ya ge' i'?"

Harry waved his hand, and said, "Never mind that. Keep it, it's yours."

Hagrid smiled, and said, "Why, thanks, Harry, bu' wha' does i' eat?"

Harry shruged, and said, "Honestly, I thought you would know."

He looked at his wristwatch, and said, "Oh, I've got to get back to my dorm, I forgot about the curfew."

Hagrid gave him a half-hearted goodbye as he looked over his plant.

After Harry had already disappeared with his cloak and Hagrid was getting ready for bed, the plant opened its mouth (?) and said in a smooth, deep voice, "Feed me."

Hagrid looked back at the little plant in surprise, and said, "Blimey, did ya jus' talk?"

The plant suddenly arched its stem so it was looking (?) straight at him, and said impatiently, "Feed me Hagrid, feed me now!"

The game-keeper just said, "Well, Ah don' know wha' ya eat!"

The plant tilted its head (?) and said, "Must be blood."

Hagrid said in disbelief, "Nah!"

The plant said with a bit of amusement in its voice, "Must be fresh."

Hagrid thought over his options, and undid one of the bandages on his hand, squeezing out a few drops of blood into the plant's open mouth.

The plant gasped and sighed as it swallowed the small amount of blood, then relaxed back into its familiar position.

Hagrid looked at the resting plant, and said pensively, "Ah think Ah'll call yeh 'Mione II."

Hermione woke up the next morning, and told herself that today was the day that she was going to talk to Draco, and either ruin their relationship or fix everything.

She brushed her bushy hair, and slipped her robe over her head as she whispered to herself, "Come on Hermione, you can do this."

She walked down to the Great Hall, and saw Draco sitting at the Slytherin table with a bored look on his face.

Hermione took in a deep breath, and walked towards him silently.

She cleared her throat, and said softly, "Draco, have you thought about things enough? Because I've realized that I need to say I'm sorry for being such a bother-"

Pansy Parkinson turned around next to Draco, and said in her high, pinched voice, "Bugger off, Mud-blood! Can't you see Draco wants nothing to do with you?"

Hermione frowned, and said, "Well, Draco, I'm sorry that I mean nothin-"

Draco turned around, and said, "Wait, Pansy, what are you doing?"

Pansy turned to him in a flurry, and said, "I'm saving you."

She then turned to Hermione, and said, "Now, bugger off, you filthy, good-for-nothing, Mud-blood!"

Draco turned to Pansy, and shoved her back off of the bench.

He turned to Hermione, who was in tears, and said, "'Mione, I'm sorry-"

Hermione just frowned, and said, "Don't be," and stormed off to the library without grabbing any breakfast.

Pansy remained sniveling on the floor, hoping to cause Draco to help her up, but Draco glared at her and tried to run after Hermione.

Luna was making her slow way through the library, peering at the world through her multi-colored spectacles, when she saw Hermione Granger sitting in the corner, her tear-stained face barely concealed by the open book she was holding in front of her face.

Her heart reached out to the crying girl, so she walked over to her, saying in a friendly tone, "What's wrong, Hermione?"

Hermione just held her book higher, and said in a choked voice, "Nothing's the matter. Just had something in my eye."

Luna nodded silently, and sat down on the floor next to her.

She looked around, and said in her usual faraway voice, "You know, if you stay away from your troubles for too long, you get Whackspurts."

She leaned in closer to the troubled Gryfinndor, and said softer, "They fly in your ears and make your thoughts fuzzy."

Hermione wiped her eyes, and said, "Luna, I don't particularly care about Whackspurts, or Nargles, or whatever, I just want to be left alone."

Luna nodded slowly, and said before placing her multi-colored spectacles back on her face, "Draco said he's sorry."

Hermione processed these words, but when she got up to call Luna back, she had already wandered out of the library.

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