I still don't own Harry Potter otherwise I'd be writing all day instead of working to pay the bills.

Dylan the Rabbit. xx


The Silent World of Cassandra Evans.


Not an update.


I understand that this is a bit naughty but since we're ready earlier than expected I thought that I'd give all of you who have faved and followed this story a bit of a heads up.

The first chapter of Volume 2 is going up today.

The story is called 'Season of the Witch' and I have the first three chapters written and ready to go up over the next few days after which I'm expecting to be doing a chapter every week to ten days.

I have a tentative plan but I welcome any and all suggestions, ideas or comments going forward. Sinclair36 and VonPelt have already provided some very useful stuff which will be incorporated into this story and I hope for more of the same from you guys.

I promise that it's not just me being lazy, I geniunely love the feedback and some of your ideas amuse the ever loving shit out of me.


I hope to see you over there.

DtR xx.