Author's Note: Obviously I do not own these characters. The Creators of South Park and Comedy Central do. Also this is my first SP fanfic. So I hope it's not super terrible. Just trying out something new. Also for this story's creativity Tweek did grow up with some of the characters, but some of our familiar faces grew up in different towns so they didn't know each other as kids. You'll see what I mean soon. So buckle up and get ready for this fic. Thank you for being here.

I'm the Mirror and You're the Hammer but You Just Don't Realize Yet

Chapter One: Just me, the Snow, and the Stars

Too soon, the thoughts flooded my head as my eyes caught the last fleeting moments of daylight. Snow crunched under my boots. Paranoid thoughts of slipping on ice or freezing to death started clawing at me, but I had to push it aside. I can't go home just yet. I've spent too many hours in that house and I can't handle another moment.

By the time I reached my destination the sky was as cold and black as I felt on the inside. I didn't even brush the dusting of snow off of the picnic table before I laid flat on it. The cold can't numb what is already is lifeless.

"DAMN IT," my fist slams down next to me. My other hand reaches up to cover my eyes. I need to stop thinking like this. I know I need to stop, but….these thoughts consume me.

With a sigh my hands are shoved into my jacket pockets. For a few moments I'm finally given silence. There are no thoughts. Just me, the snow, and the stars. This is the exact reason why I walk out here. This place is mostly a campsite in the summer months but during the winter it's dead. No one can bother me here. Not even myself.

Then with a gentle breeze the clouds started to cover the stars. So much for that.

I didn't get up immediately. I watched the warm air coming from my exhales for a few minutes. When I was a kid I used to pretend I could breathe fire like a dragon. It didn't go over as intimidating as I had hoped. The constant twitching didn't help. Everyone treated me like a joke. If I was lucky I was just the ghost haunting my class. No one really spoke to me so I didn't speak to them. I served the same function as a poster or the paint on the walls. I was there and sometimes people stared at me for a moment, but otherwise….useless. Just useless.

Eventually I made it home. My boots were left at the door and a heartbeat later I was back in my room. Sometimes it still brings me comfort. Lately though, it just is a place where my mind finds all the reasons to remind me of the choices I made; every mistake that can't be washed away.

My jacket, jeans, and scarf were dropped unceremoniously on the floor as I inched my way to my bed. I don't expect to get many hours of sleep. I had hoped my walk would help in emptying my mind. A blank slate means sleep for more than a few hours.

Like most nights I failed. My mind will not let go of him. I'm not sure if it's my subconscious trying to hurt me or comfort me. I'm almost asleep and his name falls from my lips like a prayer. "Craig."