"Kids Next Door! Scatter!" Cried the strong accent of the long-time leader.

The five teenagers dashed the lasers that were pointed toward them. Things hadn't really changed over the last six years. The once fearless ten year olds were now fearless sixteen year olds. Even though they were now considered *adults*, the five friends still fought for children's rights. They still chased after adults who tried to ruin the carefree lives of younger kids.

"Wee!" Cried Number 3, the happy-go-lucky girl of the group, as she dodged behind some abandoned boxes.

"You Kids won't get away!" Cried the zoned-out children, still known as The Delightful Children from Down the Lane.

"Yea right!" Laughed Number 5 as she jumped over another laser.

"Number 5!" Cried the leader, Number 1. "Place the bomb! Quickly!"

Number 5 smirked as she jumped into the contraption their enemies had created.

"This is too easy!" She grinned as she planted the bomb inside the wiring of the machine.

With that she jumped onto the ground with ease, running toward Number 1, who was perched on top of the railing.

"Gather everyone Number 1!" She warned. "This place is gonna blow!"

Number 1 cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted. "Kids Next Door! Evacuate the premises NOW!"

Number 1 then jumped down onto their enemies' machine before dodging out of the to land on the snow outside.

Number 2 jumped into his new flying creation and pushed the red button in the middle of the dashboard. The cardboard wings began to flap before lifting him off of the ground. Although it creaked and coughed smoke, it just barely got him outside.

Number 5 stuck her tongue out at her enemies before she sprinted toward the she kicked open with force.

"So long, suckers!" She laughed before disappearing out into the snow.


"Number 4!" Cried the Kids Next Door as they ran toward their large snow mobile.

The blonde, fighter of the group looked up from fixing the snow mobile. He raised an eyebrow.

"What's going on?"

"No time for questions, Blondie! Just get us outta here!" Cried Number 5 as she slid into her spot on the snow mobile.

Soon, everyone was on the snow mobile and Number 2 took over the controls.

"What went on back there?" Asked Number 4, who was annoyed, no one was cluing him in.

However, instead of answering him, the others turned around and cried.


Suddenly, there was a large explosion. Number 4 smirked.

"Nice... Now can someone clue me in on what happened back there?"

Everyone smiled at him, and he was about to say something...when he noticed something. Looking around frantically he frowned.

"Guys...where's Number 3?"[pic]

(Well, there's the first chapter...sorry if it sucked really bad! I've only seen the show a couple times so I'm not really sure on how to place the characters! Lol, oh well...i'll keep trying! Please temm me what you think and I'll put up the next chapter! Love ya!)