Chapter Four

Number 3 looked at the toothbrush in her hand. She wrinkled her nose in thought.

"No way can he be serious." She mumbled as she twirled it in her hands.

Looking around curiously, Number 3 began to smirk. A slow, satisfying smile. The stupid kids left an old mop lying in the corner. Taking a glance back at the toothbrush, she slowly stood up.

"Might as well make this amusing." She mumbled.

Grabbing the toothbrush, she began tapping her to get a beat. She grinned when she felt comfortable with the beat. Rocking her head back and forth, she began to sing softly.

~*~"I need a lover to give me~*~

~*~The kind of love~*~

~*~That will last always~*~

~*~I need somebody uplifting~*~

~*~To take me away~*~

~~~~~~Number 3 threw away the brush as she picked up the bucket of paint.~~~~~~

~*~I want a lover who knows me~*~

~*~Who understands how I feel inside~*~

~*~Someone to comfort and hold me~*~

~*~Through the long lonely nights~*~

~*~Till the dawn~*~

~*~Why don't you take me away~*~

~~~~~~~~With that she began spinning around, causing the paint to splatter all of the walls.~~~~~~~~

~*~Dreamlover come rescue me~*~

~*~Take me up take me down~*~

~*~Take me anywhere you want to baby now~*~

~*~I need you so desperately~*~

~*~Won't you please come around~*~

~*~'Cause I wanna share forever with you baby~*~

~~~~~~Grabbing the mop, Number 3 spun around and began scrubbing the paint into the walls. ~~~~~~

~*~I don't want another pretender~*~

~*~To disillusion me one more time~*~

~*~Whispering words of forever~*~

~*~Playing with my mind~*~

~*~I need someone to hold on to~*~

~*~The kind of love that won't fly away~*~

~*~I just want someone to belong to~*~


~*~Of my live~*~


~*~So come and take me away~*~

~*~Dreamlover come rescue me~*~

~*~Take me up take me down~*~

~*~Take me anywhere you want to baby now~*~

~*~I need you so desperately~*~

~*~Won't you please come around~*~

~*~'Cause I wanna share forever with you baby"~*~

Just as Number 3 dropped to her knees, the large doors slammed open.

"What is that infernal racket?!" Shouted the petite girl, her eyes blazing in rage.

Number 3 began to mouth the words, however no sound could form. Sighing, she stood up...her body covered in paint.

"YOU!" Shouted the girl as she pointed an accusing finger at Number 3.

Number 3 nodded softly. ""

"STOP SINGING! AND NO MOP!" Shouted the girl.

Number 3 shrugged. "Hey, you left it here. Can't take it from me now...I'm almost finished."

"Watch me..." Hissed the girl.

With that, she yanked the mop from Number 3's small hands and stomped out the door. Number 3 slumped to the floor and pouted, her hands crossed across her chest.

"I thought you were...good." Came a familiar voice.

Number 3 looked up in shock. When she saw the blonde she raised an eyebrow. "What are YOU doing here?"

"Well...I wanted to see what ol' pink bow was up to."

Number 3 smiled softly, a hint of suspicion hiding in her eyes. "Why? You like her?"

This took the blonde by surprise. Blinking in shock, he took a step back. "No...I...I just heard her yelling. I wanted to find out what was wrong."

Rolling her eyes, Number 3 stood up and began to clap her hands. "YOU LIKE HER!"

"NU UH!"


"NU UH!"


"Ok that's enough..."

"Good for me..."

With that there was an angry yell. "GET OUT HERE BLONDIE!"

The blonde winced...he was in trouble now. "Uh...later..."

With that he ran out the double doors, leaving a very confused Number 3. First the blonde was he was just plain crazy. Shrugging she continued to paint, only this time with the toothbrush.


"Damn!" Muttered the girl with the bow. "She's still little miss happy!"

The blonde shrugged. "Well, all we did was make her paint the room..."

The girl narrowed her eyes at him. "That was YOUR idea not mine!"


The girl threw her hands up into the air. "We aren't ten anymore you buffoon! We have to do better than that!"

"Well what was your great plan?!"

The girl plopped into a chair as she rubbed her eyes. "Do you remember the password?"

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "What password?"

"The one for...the Torture chamber."

"WOA! You can't be serious!"

The girl stood up. "Oh I'm serious! I'm tired of this! Lets just kill her while we have the chance!"

The blonde took the girl by her shoulders, gently shaking her. "Think about this for a minute! If we kill her now, the others won't come for her!"

"They won't have to know! It's not like we're going to announce that she's dead!"

The blonde sighed. "Why don't we just...beat her a little...maybe then she won't be spirited. That way, when they do come to save her...she won't be able to move."

The girl blinked at her companion before a sly smirk appeared. "You know...that's a great idea!"

The blonde smiled as he let her go. The girl grabbed a bag that was hanging from the chair and swung it up on to her shoulder.

"Get her two hours we'll begin."

The blonde nodded. "I'll inform the others."

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