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Chapter 2- Interesting years to come.

Date: 13th August 2023

Mako Mori P.O.V.

It was official. It was finally happening. They were finally bringing Gipsy Danger back from Oblivion Bay so that I, er, we could start getting some repairs and modifications done to her. Beside me, my little sister Ai was jiggling her knees in excitement as she awaited her favourite Jaeger's arrival. I took note of Gipsy's frame as she was towed in. Her pale blue body was speckled with orange rust, a result of her three years in the Jaeger's graveyard.

It shouldn't be too hard to clean, I thought in my head. I heard Ai gasp in pleasant surprise. Even I had to do a double-take. An unknown Jaeger was being towed in right behind Gipsy's truck, one that took our breaths away. Her body ,because it had to be a she, was sleek , and too dark to be just black. Her body was designed as wide-shouldered yet slim waisted, perfect for executing powerful and precise moves with the huge weapon lying next to her.

It was something out of an old anime, back in the days before Kaiju and Jaegers. It was the darkest shade of blue imaginable, yet not quite black; intricate lines of blood red swirled around the staff, and rose up to the top of the weapon, where solid steel gave way to a crescent-shaped blade, it's deadly point splattered with the crusted blue of old Kaiju blood. It represented the blade of the infamous Grim Reaper, pale and deathly.

All in all it was a unique and beautiful Jaeger, one capable of the most dizzying pirouettes, and the harshest blows.

However, there was one fact that both of the Jaegers' had in common, and it was a sight that disturbed both my sister and I: their Conn. Pod had been breached, and the glass destroyed.

The Jaeger on the right is Gipsy Danger. Launched on July 10th 2017, first deployment in Los Angeles on October 17th 2017 against the Kaiju Yamarashi. Gipsy and one other Jaeger were dropped into the mouth of the Los Angeles River to head off the Kaiju's path into the city. When their partner's missile barrage failed to stop the Kaiju, Gipsy Danger took over as the primary combatant. Gipsy then forced the Kaiju to move through the port of Long Beach toward Harbor Freeway. Near the end of the battle, Gipsy gained the upper hand and used a cargo crane wire to behead the Kaiju.

With Pilots Yancy and Raleigh Becket, Gipsy has been accredited with 4 Kaiju kills.

On February 29, 2020, Gipsy Danger was deployed into the Gulf of Alaska to fight the Kaiju Knifehead. They approached the Kaiju's present target, the Saltchuck, from underwater and emerge in time to save the fishing boat from certain destruction, disobeying the Marshal's direct order to ignore it. Gipsy Danger punched Knifehead in the face, knocking the Kaiju off balance. Raising its arms, it landed a blow on its head. Knifehead retaliated, catching the Jaeger's left wrist in its jaws. Gipsy Danger pushed back and grabbed the side of its head. The Beckets used the Plasma-cannon and shot Knifehead three times in the abdomen. Knifehead fell to the sea, presumed dead by the pilots.

Their victory, however, was short-lived. The injured Kaiju re-emerged from the ocean and ambushed the Jaeger. Yancy attempted to hold Knifehead back while Raleigh prepped the left Plasma-cannon. Knifehead blocked the attack and pierced the Jaeger's armpit, severing the left arm from Gipsy Danger's body. Overpowering the Mark-III, Knifehead breached the right side of the Conn-Pod and tore away half of Gipsy Danger's head, killing Yancy Becket in the process.

As Knifehead began to tear away at Gipsy Danger's armour, Raleigh Becket was able to use the right Plasma-cannon to kill the Kaiju once and for all. Raleigh was able to pilot Gipsy long enough to reach the shores of Anchorage, where the Jaeger fell. Raleigh emerged from the Conn-Pod and collapsed on the beach from the near-fatal strain of piloting Gipsy solo.

The story of the rise and fall of Gipsy Danger and her crew was one that was often told to us as we were growing up, and though repeated, we never grew old of listening. Father began,

"On the left, we have Midnight Reaper. She was launched on 15th July 2016, and is a Mark-III as well. First deployment was out on the Miracle Mile on 22nd September 2016. Cherno Alpha was out-of-action temporarily, and required maintenance, so they placed Midnight on duty for the week. One of the days, a Cat 3 named Niku, one of the largest spotted at that time, emerged and battled Midnight. The two Russian pilots, Anya and Anastasia Luna engaged the Kaiju, and killed it using its signature scythe. The battle had no known human casualty, and it is still regarded one of the most successful missions.

Her second deployment was off the coast of South Korea the following year on May 13th, and the twins engaged in battle against Naga, a nasty Cat 4, one of the first. By the time they had arrived, the Kaiju had just started attacking a small fishing town, and the smaller Jaeger actually dragged the Kaiju into the ocean, and repeatedly fired their Core Pulser in the beast's chest.

Over the next few years, the Luna twins had some impressive victories, and along with Cherno Alpha, was hailed one of the greatest Russian Jaegers ever built. Their team was impressive, and they protected the Miracle Mile well. Until one out-sea mission, just off the coast of Wellington, New Zealand. On January 6th 2020, both Midnight Reaper and Striker Eureka were deployed to defend the capital against Claws, a Cat 4. The twins engaged the Cat 4, while Striker was instructed to defend the Miracle Mile. It was all going well; the two Russians danced circles around it. Until, they turned their back for one second, and the Kaiju took advantage of it. It plunged its claws into the Pod, and yanked the younger twin, Anastasia, and ate it right in front of the elder. Anya, overridden with emotion, solo-piloted the Jaeger and defeated Claws.

Midnight was solo-piloted back to the New Zealand shores, and upon receiving news that her mother had passed away in an operation, the pilot left the beach, and disappeared off the face of the Earth."

Unconsciously, tears had welled in our eyes, as we heard her story: losing your sister and mother in one day. It sounded so familiar. I looked at Ai as she looked at me, and we both hugged each other as our lives flashed in our heads.

Ai and I were entranced by the flying sparks. I was around 8, and Ai was two years younger than me. We were silent as we watched Father forge, hammer, cool and sharpen. The once unimpressive block of iron was transformed into a deadly weapon.

We were travelling to Tokyo. Father was diagnosed with cancer, and we had packed enough for how long we were told the treatment would take. On the day we were meant to leave, Mother had decided to buy Ai and I a matching set of red shoes, a reward for behaving on the trip. As we were walking away, a mass of people started converging on us, all desperate to get away from something. Ai's shoe strap had broken in the chaos, and we stopped to pick it up. When we looked up, they were gone. The once bustling streets of Tokyo were deafeningly silent.

Don't panic Mako, don't panic. You have to be strong for Ai. It'll be just fine. We wandered around for awhile: the cool morning had progressed into a swelteringly hot day. By then, the military had arrived. The Kaiju was bringing death and destruction to the city. I had turned 13 that year, and even though I was strong, I was tired from all the walking. Ai wasn't doing much better, and we had to stop every 10 minutes to try and catch our breath. It was during one of these breaks that I heard it. A loud roar that was much closer than it had been last time. Much too close for comfort. I turned around, and there it was. The Kaiju was lumbering down the road. I didn't make a noise as I grabbed Ai's hand and dragged her down an alley. We reached a dead end, and I stood protectively in front of her.

Please, please Yawata no Kami, Great God of War, divine protector of Japan and its people, don't let that Kaiju come down here, plea-. My prayers went unheard when it stomped down towards us.

I was running in front of the Kaiju, distracting it so that it would leave Ai alone. I will NOT let it take Ai! Screaming as it almost reached me, when a giant, metal Titan saved her from it, and carried us to safety.

Pentecost smiled as we cried and whispered Japanese to each other, the familiar language calming us just as much as the physical contact did.

'It's alright Sister, I've got you! I'll protect you, I promiseā€¦.'

Finally, we calmed down, and Father continued.

"I plan to convince Raleigh Becket and Anya Luna to come back and fight again, but I need a couple of top-notch J-Tech Officers, who happen to be insanely brilliant and adore Jaegers. Who would be willing to help me suit-up these two, and make the necessary-"

Father was cut off as the two of us launched ourselves at him, squealing and thanking him profoundly.

Yes, the next few years looked interesting.

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