For the purpose of this story Harvey has not resigned and mike has not been arrested! Donna still works for Louis and Harvey is attending sessions with Dr Agard weekly.

Harvey Specter entered the building of his workplace late, as usual. He plodded threw reception and past her desk but there was no sign of her, not even one of her oversized, overpriced hangbags (that he had probably paid for) placed near there. He thought nothing off it and carried on to his office. It had been nearly 4 months since she left him to work for her partner and he still could not get his head around what her reason for that was. To be fair to him he did ask her if she wanted 'everything' and she failed to answer the question, something Harvey did on a regular basis.

Once inside his office he took of his suit jacket and opened up his laptop ready to start work for the day. An hour or so later Louis walked into Harvey's office with a couple of files in his hand and placed them down on the corner of his desk.

"Jessica wants you to read over these and make sure there aren't any errors before I file them" said the baldy attorney.

"You delivered the files to me yourself AND you're going to file them? Has Donna finally made the right decision and stopped working for you?" Harvey joked, well part joked as he had been hoping for the day Donna left Louis' desk since the day she started there.

Louis frowned at him, "What? Of course not! She rung me this morning and told me she wouldn't be in till lunchtime. You know, Donna has only been working for me for what? Maybe 4 months? And this is the second half a day she has taken! Norma would never leave me high and dry for half a day"

Harvey thought it was best not to ask where Donna was as she was probably having a late breakfast with that new boyfriend, Mark or some stupid name like that. "You know what Louis, if that's really a problem you can always send her back!"

"Ha see that's funny because it's never going to happen" and he hurried out the office before Harvey had time to react.


"One week?! Where do you expect me to live for one week?" Donna screamed down the phone to her landlord.

Donna and everybody else on the 2nd floor of her apartment block had found out there was a huge case of bedbugs in most of the rooms and to stop them spreading they all needed to leave their apartments for a full week so the extermination team could come out and ensure the bedbugs had gone before anyone could come back.

The landlord explained to Donna that her rent this month would be half price for the inconvenience. So there she was packing her entire wardrobe into 2 suitcases. 2 suitcases would not even fit her handbags and shoes nevermind her work clothes and casual clothes either and not to forget her makeup and hair products.

2 hours later she managed to fit everything into 2 suitcases and 3 gym bags. She decided it was best to take the suitcases to work as they contained all her clothes so the safer option was to leave the gym bags, containing makeup and other beauty products and some of her shoes, on the kitchen counter until she had finished work and knew what hotel she would have to book herself into.


Donna, with 2 cases in tow, made her way into Pearson Specter Litt. Lunchtime would be over shortly and there was no way her, her cases and a lot of other employees would have squeezed inside one of the elevators. She smiled to herself at how good she timed it. Harvey appeared at her desk shortly after with a smirk on his face.

"I've heard your boss is pretty pissed with all these half days you keep having" again he thought best not to ask where she had been as the thought of her with another man was like a knife to the stomach.

Donna wasn't in the mood for jokes, she had around 6 hours to find somewhere to put her up for the week and of course with her level of maintenance if was going to cost her treble what her monthly rent was.

"I'm entitled to my holidays and I can take them whenever I please" she replied not looking up from her computer.

Harvey noticed her frosty tone and tried to lighten the mood once he noticed the suitcases behind her chair

"Ooo where you going? Somewhere nice?" this time Donna looked up confused

"What are you on about Harvey" she questioned with a frosty tone

He simply nodded towards the suitcases, he chose not to speak incase she continued to bite his head off for the third time.

Donna exhaled loudly letting her annoyance show "the whole second floor of my block is under threat… by bedbugs… and now I have to pack my whole life into bags and stay in a hotel for a full week until the landlord can assure everyone that the problem is sorted"

"Oh, now I understand why you're pissed! Couldn't you stay at that guy you told me about?" he mumbled through gritted teeth

Donna frowned and looked like she had no clue who he was talking about

"What 'guy'?" she responded looking bewildered

"Er Marc was it? Or Matthew? The one you told me about when we went to Del Posto to celebrate us being on good terms" he smiled, trying to look genuine.

"Oh yeah him, er Mitchell, no er I cant stay there" she looked astonished by his question and he couldn't understand why. Maybe they had broken up! But how could she not know who he was talking about, it was like this guy did not even exsist…

"Well I'm going to get back to work, I hope you find somewhere Donna. If you need anything you know where to find me" he smiled and walked away

He could have offered her to stay at his place, although he only has one bedroom he wouldn't mind taking the couch. They had been on good terms for about 5 weeks now and it would just be one friend helping another friend out, right?


Mike and Harvey had a bet on the day before to see who knew the most quotes from 'The Untouchables' and whoever lost would be working on pro bono's all day today. Mike lost the bet yesterday and was now probably sulking in his office getting through as many as he could, so Harvey had not seen him today. He hated to admit it but he was actually bored without him, since Donna left he felt him and Mike grew closer.


Harvey had been to court and was now back at his office looking as smug as could be as he had won, which was no surprise you'd think he would get bored of winning all the time. He looked up and the fiery redhead strolling into his office.

"These are from his majesty" she said placing the files down in front of him. She seemed to of cheered up a bit from the last time they had spoken.

Harvey laughed, "Thanks! You seem better than you were a few hours ago. Did you manage to find somewhere then?"

Donna huffed and took a seat facing him on the opposite side of the desk, she had not made herself this comfortable in his office for a looong time. She would usually drop off files and walk out.

"Not yet, most places only have 1 wardrobe! Have you ever heard the likes of it? And the ones that do have a double wardrobe have small bathrooms! I'm sorry but I am not living in a box for a week" she stated, her voice turning back angry.

Harvey chuckled to himself, she was so high maintenance!

"Donna you can always stay at my place, free of charge of course" he offered

She smiled at him "No Harvey, I couldn't intrude like that, this is my mess and I will sort something out"

"C'mon Donna, I don't mind sharing my wardrobe and I have 2 bathrooms, which I would say are quite spacious, I even have a balcony! You would not find a better offer in New York, especially at such late notice" he implied

He was praying she would accept his offer. This could be perfect for the both of them, spending a full week living together, who knows what could happen! Hopefully her and this Mitchell guy had split up, he did not fancy sharing a couch with Donna and her boyfriend.

She stared into his eyes, after all they had been threw the last few months she knew he would always be there the help her when she needed it and of course vice versa. She started to nod her head still holding their glaze.

"Okay, you've persuaded me! Thanks for this Harvey, ill forever own you one. I just have one condition" she challenged

"As long as you don't make us host a dinner party for Mike and Rachel I'm sure it'll be fine" he laughed.

She felt her heart beat four times as fast when he used the word 'us'

"Hey that could be a good idea actually! But my original condition is that you take the bed and I'll take the couch"

Harvey shuck his head, "We'll discuss sleeping locations tonight! Give Ray a call when you finish work and he'll help you with your things, okay?"

She stood up from the desk and walked towards the door and called back, "Thanks, Harvey, I really do appreciate this" and made he way out of his office.


Harvey had to work late tonight and finished around 8pm. He called Ray to come and collect him asked him about Donna and what time she had gotten to him place about.

Harvey opened the door to his apartment and strolled in, he noticed Donna was sat on the couch in a pair of lounge pants and an oversized tshirt.

"Hey" she called out standing up to greet him, smiling softly "I was going to make us dinner but I wasn't sure what time you would be working till"

"Yeah I needed a case finishing tonight and I tried to find Mike to help me with it but he must have left early. Probably still pissed I knew more quotes from 'The Untouchables' than him" he smirked

"He pulls a knife-" Donna tried to quote the film herself but Harvey stopped her before she could finish.

"STOP! Only Connery can do Sean Connery! Looks like we'll have to order in then since you decided not to make anything, you wouldn't make a good housewife would you" he joked

"Jerk!" and she made her way back to the sofa to continue watching 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'.

Harvey went into his bedroom to change into something more comfortable, as he opened the door he noticed 2 empty suitcases on his bed and 3 huge gym bags. He laughed to himself wondering how long she was planning to stay here, by the looks of things she had at least a months worth of stuff. He did not mind of course, the longer the better for him. The longer she stayed the more chance he had of telling her straight about everything that's happened, his panic attacks, seeing a shrink and still being in love with her.

He emerged from the bedroom and went over to the kitchen and picked up some leaflets from one of the draws. He took a place next to her on the sofa and passed her over the takeout leaflets.

"So, what food do you fancy? There's Chinese, Thai, Pizza?" he questioned her

She glared at the menus in front of her, "You don't like Thai food, why do you even have this menu" she giggled

"I do like Thai!" he stated back at her

"No Harvey, no you don't" she responded by hitting him with the menu "lets just order in a pizza and some fries. We can have… a large thin crust with low fat cheese and for the toppings we will get…" she paused while examining the pizza menu "for the toppings get chicken, peppers, tomatoes and anchovies" and she placed the menus on the coffee table in front of her.

Harvey frowned looking at her, "anchovies? On a pizza? Is that some sort of joke"

"Is this going to be like that time I put vanilla in your coffee? Just trust me on this one okay!"

Harvey groaned and started to dial the number on the front of the menu.


It was now creeping up to 11pm and they had long finished their pizza, Harvey was overwhelmed by the new taste in his mouth. Anchovies on a pizza? Who'd of thought it! Donna could not stop yawning and she knew it was time for bed.

"Right Harvey, I'm going to go to sleep. I feel like I've had the longest day of my life" and with that she walked towards the bedroom, not a goodnight or any other words. Not even a goodnight kiss, like that was ever gonna happen. He heard rustling around in the bedroom and a few bangs, then Donna appeared with a duvet and a pillow.

"Er Harvey, you're on my bed" she laughed

"Donna" he said with a stern voice "you are not sleeping on the sofa, okay!" and he started to push her back towards the bedroom "you're a guest so you get the big bed"

"I knew this would happen! What was my condition on staying here? Please I'm really tired and I just want to go to sleep" she said trying to push him back towards the sofa

"Well I'm not tired and I want to carry on watching this programme, so how about you get in the bed and when the programme has finished ill wake you up and we can swap sleeping places" he ordered

Donna giggled, "you aren't going to wake me up when it finishes are you?"

"Absolutely not" he smirked

She passed him over the duvet and pillow "you'll be needing these! Tomorrow night I want to have the sofa"

They stood there, about a metre apart looking at each other, neither one saying a word. Harvey didn't know what to do or what she was waiting for. Maybe she did want a goodnight kiss after all. Just as he decided to take a step closer she spoke

"Goodnight Harvey" she smiled and walked to the bedroom

"I'll see you in the morning" he mirrored her smile and watched her vanish into the bedroom

They had only been living together for about 4 hours and he realised just how hard it was going to be. Watching movies together, but no cuddling. Ordering in, but no touching each other. Sleeping under the same roof, but different beds. He knew he couldn't make a move, not now. It had taken them 3 months to get back to being friends, and as much as he loved her he could not jeopardise their new arrangement. He would rather have Donna in his life as just a 'friend' than not at all. This was going to be the longest week of his life…


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