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Yes, I know... Again a story about 'What would have happened if...?'

And, yes, I know again a story about Nick and Juliette – but they're not together. When I first saw this scene I had tears in my eyes. It was not a very nice scene and I am still a bit disappointed over how things went between these two. Juliette was very mean to Nick here. So, I thought 'I will rewrite it, a bit.' Maybe the how and the why she did is as she did.

Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like Hell

Nick was on the computer, typing out a reply to Trubel when he heard the front door open.

Juliette walked into the house, calling out "Nick?".

Nick looked up at the sound of her voice.

Juliette was playing with the keys in her hands, continuing in now that she'd spotted Nick at the computer. She looked at her ex-boyfriend. Juliette suppressed the urge to sigh. The wounds of breaking up with Nick were still too fresh, everything still hurts so much. Everything was very painful, but the separation with Nick was the worst, it still hurt so much.

She never wanted to be a Hexenbiest. It was like all of her personal nightmares came true. And the worst thing was Nick was a Grimm and she was now a Hexenbiest; a Wesen to his Grimm. Until recently, they'd still been in love with each other. Sure, they'd had their difficulties like like any relationship. But now, they were enemies by their very natures.

Nick stood. "Juliette." He had to suppress the urge to sigh. He was feeling so conflicted; on the one side, Juliette was his first great love. On the other side, she was now a Hexenbiest and his enemy as a Grimm. He still felt guilty over what had happened to her. Because she'd done it for him, so that he could get his Grimm powers back. Even so, he was finding it difficult to make things work between them now.

They stood staring at each other, a safe distance away from the other, for a long moment before Juliette spoke. "I need to get some of my stuff."

The words hit Nick like a slap in the face. "What? So you're just moving out." But even as he said it, he could see how difficult this was for Juliette.

"I was hoping you wouldn't be home," Juliette admitted.

Nick sighed. He did not liked what he heard. Slowly, he walked closer towards Juliette. He wasn't surprised to learned that she'd had hoped that he wouldn't be home. It would have made things much easier.

Juliette just stared, annoyed. It had been a simple plan, just take her things and disappear. But now Nick was here, standing beside her. It only made matters more difficult. How could she get out of here quickly? She needed a good plan, a quick and efficient one. Her thoughts were already going a mile a minute, looping and twisting like a roller coaster...

"Look, can we talk about this?" Nick asked.

"There's really nothing you, or anybody else, can say or do. This is who I am," Juliette said, still staring Nick down. It was visibly uncomfortable and difficult for both of them, though.

"Juliette, this is my fault," Nick said earnestly, "and if there's anything I could do to change it, I would." He knew he was to blame for what had happened to her. His heart was beating wildly, he could feel it throbbing in his chest and a lump in his throat. He didn't want to let her go, under any circumstances. He was tempted to embrace her, stop her somehow - he didn't want to let her go. He didn't want her to move out.

Even though she knew he was not to blame for their predicament, it was tempting to let Nick stew in his guilt. But, it wasn't any one persons' fault: it was all just a stupid side effect from magic they couldn't have hoped to control. "I know that," Juliette said archly. She was so done with this. 'Now,' she thought to herself, 'think of a clever plan and get out and gone quickly'.

"I haven't given up yet," Nick said quietly.

"Why not?"

"Because I love you."

Juliette laughed heartily. "That's—That's great. That's really great." She said, probably to distract herself from her real feelings. Thankfully, Nick's cellphone broke the moment. "Answer it. Come on, Nick. There's a lot of big, scary Wesen on the loose in Portland. That's what you're good at. Go get 'em, Grimm," she said sarcastically.

Nick was visibly shocked by her "new" behavior.

Juliette went up the stairs briskly. The moment she was out of his sight, she leaned against a wall to sigh. She needed a moment, holding back tears and fighting the urge to run back downstairs and into Nick's arms. It was really unfair... But she firmed her resolve, wiped the tears from her eyes and went to get her things.

The End