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It was Valentine's day at the mansion and every soulmate couples were out. Only the single Daybreakers had nothing plan and they seriously started getting bored. Iliana entered in the living room that made three time the size of her house and saw Helix, reading a Vogue magazine in French and she decided to go talk to her.

-Hey Hell!What are you doing?

She raised her eyes from her magazine.

-Isn't that obvious? She said, rolling her eyes.

-You are right, sorry. I...I am just really sorry for you, Iliana said with pain in her voice. It should be really hard for you today. You spend your first valentine's day alive, but even if you found your soulmate, you can't see him.

Helix had a sad smile. She died fifty years ago. She went in a club for her sweet sixteen with Dave, her boyfriend, soulmate, as well as her best friend, Chelsea. But Helix was a powerful witch and during the night, a demon attacked her (AN: Yup, just like in Charmed. Gosh I just love this serie!). Just as he was about to kill her, Helix had died by herself. Just like this. She never understood how or why, but this strange way to die brought her to a place between life and death, called the Limbo. She stayed alone there for fifty years, seeing the one she loved grow up while she just stay the same, young and alone, forever. And, one day, she realised that, after all those years, she had cumulated enough of psychic energy to show herself to humans, like a gost. To avoid scaring all the humans to death, she decided to show herself only to the magic people and help them with their relationships. Another good news: After many days of practice, she became able to take back her human form whenever she wanted and live with the other Daybreakers like a normal human. But no matter what she did, she didn't belong to this world and after a few days, Helix was usually getting back to the Limbo and, when she got bored, she was coming back at the Thierry's mansion with the other Daybreakers. She was happy most of the time, but she was stuck with the body of a sixteen year old forever while her soulmate Dave was now more than sixty and had four grand-children even if he never completly forgot his first love.

-Thanks, Helix whispered to Iliana. What are you doing tonight? She asked to change of subject.

-Honestly, I have no idea! Where are all the others?

-Hannah and Thierry went to a five stars restaurant of Las Vegas in a limo, Eric brought Thea at the pet shop because he plans to give her a puppy...

-How cute it is! Squealed Iliana.

-Rashel and Quinn, as well as Jez and Morgead are making out in their rooms.

-I guess it's the same for Ash and Mare, said Iliana, rolling her violet eyes.

Helix had a big smile.

-Nope, they're making out, but under the stars.

-Awwww, both of the girls did. Helix had definitely a crush on the amazing Ash Redfern, but she wouldn't bring him to break up with Mary-Lynnette, even if her life depended of it. Those two were way too cute to be apart.

-Also, continued Helix, Keller and Galen went to the movies, Delos and Maggie went horse riding, Gilian and David went in an attraction park and James and Poppy went in a discotech. Did I forget anyone? She asked with a thinking face, counting all the soulmate couples with her fingers.

-Jade and Mark! Said Iliana while Blaise, Philip, Miles, Kestrel and Rowan walked in the room.

-Of course! How could I forget them?! Said back Helix, incredulously, while she mentally slapped herself. I guess they went in a park, or something, she said going back at her magazine.

-But you're not sure... Blaise added with a suggestive look.

Helix sighed.

-No I'm not! She said angrily, tossing her Vogue magazine away in irritation. Do I look like a stalker? She added, glaring to the witch she despised the most in the mansion.


-What!? Yelled Helix in astonishment. You've got to be kidding me! Do you all have a so bad opinion of me, you bunch of hypocrites?

Helix never felt completly accepted in Circle Daybreak, no matter how much she tried to look normal.

-Of course not! Rowan told, reading in her mind. We like you no matter how strange you can be. She continued as she hugged her friend.

-Thanks Ro, you're the sweetest. Helix said calming down.

-Hey, sorry Hell, but you were kind of a stalker when you were spying Ash and Mare while they were making out. Blaise added with a michievious grin.

-It was an accident and you know it! Spitted the curled brown haired girl bitterly as she threw a cussion in Blaise's direction. Lucky for her, Phil intercepted it before it hit her.

-Thanks baby, said Blaise while she circled his waist with her arms, pulling him closer.

Phil soon pulled away from her, looking really uncomfortable and left the room. Blaise made a slight pout.

-So, what are you all doing tonight? Helix asked.

-Clubbing, of course! Said Blaise with a devilish smile. Want to come with us?

Helix rolled her eyes, knowing Blaise didn't really want her to come.

-Save it dear, I'll stay here and watch Game of Thrones (Gosh, I love this show!), she said, a bitter smile sombering her normally angelic features.

Phil, Miles, Rowan, Kestrel and Illiana stared at her with wide eyes as Helix got out the five seasons from the living room's huge DVD collection, safely placed in a collosale hardwooden cabinet beside the greater than life flat screen.

-How did you manage to get the fifth season? Exclaimed Kestrel, grasping the DVD.

Helix smiled.

-You have no idea how useful it is to be dead. You can get the DVD's while they're still in the storage in their boxes, waiting for the official release date, all this without being noticed!

-Helix, that's stealing! Said Rowan, looking at her disapprouvingly.

-Don,t worry Rowan, I left sixty dollars before leaving. It is entirely legal.

Blaise faked yawning.

-Not that this is not interesting, but we have a taxi to take and a party to go to, she said, flipping her hair and walking to the door. Come on guys!

-Actually, I think I'll stay with Helix, said Phil, clearly not in the mood to party.

-Me too bro! Said Miles, high-fiving Phil.

-If you think I will miss a Game of Thrones marathon, you don't know me. I'm in! Said Kestrel.

-I think I'll stay here too. Sorry Blaise, but clubbing isn't much my style. Rowan added, sending her cousin an apologetic smile.

-I'll make pop-corn! Exclaimed Illiana, running in the kitchen.

Blaise stared at all of them for a moment before rolling her eyes.

-Whatever, I'll see you tomorrow. She said, slamming the door on her way out.

Fifteen minutes later, they were all sitting in the living room, an impressive amount of blankets and pillows under them. Lupe even decided to join them. They were all staring at the screen, fascinated by the suspense and the whole plot of season one. Miles and Phil were occasionnally throwing pop-corn at each other, while the girls tried to make them shut up. Helix smiled in a dreamy way. This evening was the proof that you could still be single and spend an awesome evening on Valentine's day.

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