A/N: A special thank you to anonymous or mysterious writer, who favorited my story this morning and who gave me the motivation to write this second chapter. So here is my first one-shot about the couple that turned my life around: astronomy-lover Mary-Lynnette and her knight in shining armor, the beyond-conceivably amazing Ash Redfern.

-Ash, you idiot! I swear that if you break that telescope, there will be hell to pay!

Ash rolled his eyes as he continued climbing up the stairs with the heavy device in his arms.

-What's the matter Mare? he replied, smirking. Do you doubt my awesome vampire skills?

-Ash, everyone in the mansion knows you never had those, casually replied Quinn, reading in the living room with Rashel and Poppy. The red-haired girl snickered at his comment.

Mare smiled when she saw Ash give Quinn a you-are-going-to-pay-for-this look. Things were finally getting better for her and Ash. Though they spent a lot of time bickering like and old couple as Quinn said the other day, she was glad to finally be reunited with her soulmate after one agonizing year spent away from each other. Mary-Lynnette had never thought she would miss the arrogant ash blonde guy she had once despised that much. It had felt as if half of her was missing. But now, thank goddess, it was over and her parents agreed to let her spend the summer at the mansion with Ash before going to Harvard to study astrophysics. Even though she knew it was almost impossible to stargaze at Las Vegas, she hadn't been able to leave her beloved telescope at Briar Creek. The telescope Ash was currently bringing to what would be her room for the next couple of months.

Ash carefully placed her stargazing instrument by the window and looked at his soulmate with a smile.

-So, what do you wanna do today? Whatever you want, I'm yours!

-Well I thought about going shopping with Thea and the others, but since you made such a tempting offer…

Ash cut her off as he quickly closed the distance that were separating them and kissed her deeply. Mary-Lynnette was shocked at first, but quickly closed her eyes and sighed, finally feeling at home in Ash's arms. Since they got reunited, they hadn't really had the chance to be close to each other. Of course, she was enthusiast at the possibilities that offered living in the same house, but she was also a bit nervous since she hadn't been with any guy before Ash. She pushed her silly worries at the back of her mind. This was Ash. And he belonged to her. Nothing else should matter at this moment.

She put her arms around his neck and started running her fingers into his incredibly soft hair. As she did, Ash groaned softly and tightened his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer. He gently licked her lower lip, begging for entrance and she gladly panted her lips so her tongue could meet his. Surrounded by overwhelming sensations, Mary-Lynnette moaned and, following her curiosity, she passed her tongue over Ash's teeth. He groaned as they elongate into his fangs and reluctantly parted his lips from hers. Mary-Lynnette stared into his ever-changing eyes as he tenderly caressed her cheek with his finger. His eyes were filled with love and adoration.

-Mare, don't tempt me. You'll drive me crazy if you keep doing that. I know you don't want to be a vampire, but please, don't make me do something we'll both regret.

-I know, I'm sorry. Mary-Lynnette whispered as she guided his lips to hers once more. Mary-Lynnette felt her mind go numb as he kissed her passionately and tangled one of his hands in her hair and caressing her hip with the other. She wished so badly he could know how deeply she loved him. Carried away by passion, she wrapped her legs around Ash's waist, eliciting a moan from him as he guided them to the bed. Also starting to lose control, he gently laid Mary-Lynnette on the covers before maneuvering himself on top of her and started kissing her neck, linking her fingers with his. Mary-Lynnette had a hard time breathing as she felt Ash affectionately sucking the skin of her neck, gently scraping his fangs over a vein, though not enough to cut. Ash was just about to start kissing her again when a soft knock was heard on the door. Ash groaned in annoyance as he dropped his head against Mary-Lynnette's neck

-Why can't I ever spend a calm afternoon with my soulmate?

Mary-Lynnette pressed a kiss to the side of his head.

-The odds must be against us, she said, hiding her frustration as she gently pushed Ash on the side to answer the door.

The unwanted intruder turned out to be Nilsson, one of Thierry's men that had drove the limo that took her at the airport a few hours ago. He seemed, as always, expressionless with his completely black sunglasses.

-Miss Carter? he asked.


-Lord Thierry convened all the Daybreakers for an assembly in the living room. Your presence and Mr. Redfern's are requested.

-Fine, we'll be down in a minute, replied Ash who had silently got behind his soulmate.

Nilsson gave him a sharp nod before leaving and Ash turned to Mary-Lynnette to kiss her.

-Sorry sweetheart, he said with a half-smile.

Mary-Lynette gave an impish grin before pushing a slightly surprised Ash against the doorframe.

-Don't worry Ash, she whispered into his ear. I am nowhere finished with you.

She winked at him and walked toward the living room.

Ash chuckled, shaking his head, before running to his soulmate, picking her up in his arms bridal style and running down the stairs vampire speed as they laughed, smitten with each other.

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