A/N: Hello guys! This is my first Cobert fic and I'm a bit nervous and excited about it, I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writting it. Important: english is not my first language, so there might be a lot of mistakes here, please be kind and let me know what you think! Xx.

"Every time I look at it, I'm reminded I didn't trust you. And I'm so angry with myself that I want to be rid of it."

She couldn't quite believe her ears. What Robert had just said to her was no doubt the proof of his deep love for her. Not that she had ever doubted it, of course she hadn't, but since Bricker's incident, there had been quite some tension between them, even if they had made up about it.

Cora knew how much Robert loved the Della Francesca, it was his biggest proud, and now he was going to sell it. And she also knew the truth behind his words; it was printed in his deep blue eyes. The great and pure love he felt for her.

After what he'd said, there was nothing she wanted to do more than to kiss him breathless and show him how much she loved him, not just for his gesture, but for everything else. But of course she couldn't do that, they were in public, they were with the family, and the Dowager would no doubt think it a scandalous thing. Damn this society rules, she thought to herself.

Biding good night to all of her family, she made her way upstairs, hoping that her husband would follow her soon. There were no more words between them, for them both knew what was in their hearts, and they could tell it with their eyes.

Baxter made a quick job with her hair and her night clothes, something that Cora thanked a lot. She was currently applying cream on her hands when her husband made his appearance through the dividing door. They exchanged a sweet smile while he took of his dressing gown and placed it on a nearby chair.

He approached to his wife and placed his rough hands on her thin shoulders, making her shiver with the contact. He bent down and kissed her softly in the neck, his hot breath tickling her there. She couldn't take it anymore.

In a quick motion she got up from the chair and put her arms around his neck, her slender fingers easily found his silver hair locks (ohh how she loved them) and her lips covered his, getting engaged in a passionate embrace.

Her need to show him how much she loved him, cherish and cared for, was burning inside her with every moan and groan that escaped from his throat. He was so dashing, so masculine, so… perfect.

"Oh Robert…" she breathed between kisses.

"My darling love" he replied, while he pushed her towards the bed, their clothes gathered on the floor, long forgotten.

Several hours passed until they lay quietly together, exhausted of their love making, silly grins plastered on their faces and looks of longing and love on their eyes. His finger tips traced lazy patterns on her soft cheek.

"Cora" he began "I love you. I know I haven't told you that lately. And more important, I haven't show you lately. But I really do".

"I know" she said softly, caressing his face "I love you too my dear".

The look of love in her eyes was his undoing. Slowly he bent down and took her lips on his, ready to show her how much he loved her... again.