This is my first Digimon story! I'm so excited!

Important note: some digivolution chains may seem strange but they've all perfectly legit. Though I may still need some help with some. If any of you think you know Digimon chains; PM and I'll tell you which ones don't seem to have a next stage.

I do not own digimon! DUH!

I never imagined that something like this would happen to me. If this had to happen to anyone, I figured it would be someone taller. But that's life for ya, I guess. One day you're going through your normal everyday routine, living a normal life, talking to normal people and the next - you're falling into your computer and befriending a bunch of psychos who -I'm pretty sure - are on crack or something.

Hello, my name is Liam Darks. I'm just your average high schooler with lots of friends and famil- oh, who am I kidding? That didn't sound real even to me. Let me start over.

Hello, my name is Liam Darks. I'm eighteen years old, have brown eyes and pale brown skin. I'm pretty short for my age. A lot of people mistake me for a sixteen year old. You won't believe how hard it is for me to get into clubs. I have ridiculously short, curly black hair that looks like someone took black teddy bear stuffing and glued it to my head.

Now that you know what I look like, I should probably tell you about my social life. Short answer: it doesn't exist. I'm what you call a 'sociopath'. That means I don't connect well with people. I always say the wrong thing….at the wrong time….all the time.

My home life isn't any better. My parents are always away on business so I live alone. Every teenager's dream, right? Wrong. Trust me; it gets boring easily. Imagine waking up the morning of your birthday to….nothing. They send me some money and a lousy card but that's basically it.

So I bet you're wondering; "Golly Liam, how do you stay sane?". Well folks, the credit goes to my closest friend: the Internet. About ninety-five percent of my day is spent on my computer. No I don't watch porn or anything like that. I just do anything to pass the time whether it be gaming or reading fanfiction. Yep, my computer is basically my best friend. It also happens to be the reason I got into this mess in the first place!

It was a day like any other. I had just got home from school and had thrown my backpack to the floor before making my way to my room. It was a particularly hot day and I was exhausted from my walk home, so, as soon as I got to my room, I just threw myself onto my bed and sighed. I could've died in that bed a happy man. I was so close to falling asleep when I heard an obnoxious beeping. At first I ignored it, figuring I had just gone crazy from exhaustion...but then I heard it again. I remember thinking about destroying whoever was sending me an email NOW of all times before getting up and making my way over to my computer, not realising until later that my computer shouldn't have been on. The sender wasn't identified and the subject was simply 'I can help you'. I was suspicious as to what that meant. Did this guy know that I sucked at biology or something?

I sat there for a minute before doing the dumbest thing in the history of dumb things: I opened the email. I know, I know - total dumbass move. When you get a mysterious email from an unknown guy claiming that he can 'help you', you should fucking delete the damn thing! But nope, I wanted to read the email and reply with some pretty...unkind words. Little did I know that I'd never get the chance.

As soon as I clicked 'Open', the screen suddenly shut off. I thought that perhaps the email was some sort of virus. I was about to yell some more "unkind" words, when my computer suddenly reactivated itself. The screen flashed repeatedly for a few seconds before jumping to some sort of strange site. The name said "Digimon " and there was a window at the bottom that said "Would you like to join?". I was excited. I always loved cool computer games. Thinking I had found a new way to pass the time, I clicked on 'Yes' and eagerly waited to make an account. But instead, the screen shut off again. At this point I assumed it was just part of the site or something. So I waited a second before the words "Welcome to the Digital World" were displayed on screen. Before I could even begin to think what that meant, the screen lit up with a blinding light. I covered my eyes and screamed and then...then everything went dark. My journey had begun.

So to clarify: my name is Liam.

And this is the beginning of my virtual reality.