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Summer had finally arrived to Yorkshire, and the sun warmed the vast extension of the estate lands. The breeze was soft and refreshing, spreading the sweet smell of the flowers. A perfect day to take a stroll down the gardens.

Cora had just awaked from a little nap after luncheon and felt eager to go out and enjoy some fresh air. She made her way through the corridor heading downstairs, but before that, she couldn't resist to take a peek on the nursery and greet her three beautiful grandchildren.

Once she got there, she noticed that George and Marigold were nowhere to be found; only Sybbie sat on the floor playing with her dolls, under the watchful look of Nanny.

"Sybbie darling" she approached the little girl smiling sweetly "what are you doing playing alone?"

Nanny got up from her chair and diligently explained that Lady Edith had taken Miss Marigold to Ripon to fetch some new clothes for the girl and Lady Mary had pay a visit to Isobel with Master George. Tom and Robert were out on one of the tenants farms, so little Sybbie had been left behind.

"Would you like to take a stroll with Granny?"

Cora watched in delight as the little girl's face lit up with joy and nodded eagerly. Holding hands, they descended downstairs and headed for the gardens.

Sybbie was a very talkative and smart little girl, much like her mother had been. Cora would never say it aloud, but Sybbie was special for her. Of course she loved her three grandchildren equally, but with Sybbie there was something different. Sybil's death had been something awful and terrible for her, but that little baby had been her salvation. She thanked God every night for Tom's returning from America.

After half an hour of walking in the grass and cut some beautiful flowers, Cora and Sybbie sat on a bench under a tree.

"Granny" Sybbie looked up at Cora "did you take strolls with my mummy too?" She seemed curious.

Cora felt her chest constricted a bit, a common sensation every time someone talked about her Sybil, her baby.

"Of course sweetheart" she smiled to Sybbie. "You know, your mummy loved to collect all kind of beautiful flowers, just like you".

For some reason, Sybbie loved to learn everything about her mama. "I'm sure she was very pretty".

"She was" Cora let her memories reach her mind "And she had a beautiful smile".

"I wish she was here" Suddenly Sybbie seemed melancholy.

Cora knelt in front of her and took her little hands on hers. "Me too my precious girl" Cora felt tears pricking her eyes, but she fought against them "But I know she's somewhere up in heaven and she's taking good care of you, your papa, Donk and me. And all of us. You must always know that she's with you –she placed her palm on the little girl's heart- right here".

Sybbie put her little arms around Cora's neck in a sweet hug and whispered "I don't have my mummy but I'm happy I have you. I love you Granny".

Cora let her tears roll down her face and lifted up her granddaughter into a tight hug "I love you too sweetie".