The dream was of fire.

Blazing, raging, it stretched its fingers up toward the stained sky. A dull roaring echoed in her ears, but she did not know if it was her heartbeat or the hungry gulps of the all-consuming flames.

Heat burned her paws, and she jumped backward.

A trail of flame was inching across the brittle grass like a snake, leaving scorched earth in its wake. Slowly, agonizingly, it crept toward her.

All her instincts screamed at her to "run, hide, save yourself!", but when she tried she discovered that her paws were rooted in place. And even though she knew it was a dream, she could not help the sudden terror that struck her heart.

Suddenly, a yowl cut through the smoke-choked air. It rang of pure desperation and hopelessness; the cry of a dying animal.

She tested her paws and realized that they were free.

Without a second thought, she sprang over the burned path and raced away, directly into the heart of the inferno.

Flames, blackened stumps of trees, corpses of creatures that never got away - it all blurred into streaks of death and rage. Her mind was focused on one thing, and only that thing. Finding the source of the cry was her life right now.

And then, she saw it.

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