Nice To Meet You

Slovenia approached the building where the world meeting was being held in a sprint. He couldn't believe his flight to London had been rerouted to Paris due to "complications." It completely threw off his schedule and made his late to the meeting. Just as he was about to open the door to the building, someone spoke up. "Germany locked the door to the conference room."

"What?" Slovenia asked in horror as he spun around and came face to face with a man who looked a lot like America. But it wasn't America. This man's hair had an orangish tint to it and his blue eyes bordered violet. His hair was also wavy and he had a strange curl sticking out of his bangs.

The man cleared his throat. "Germany thought that everyone was in there and locked the door to keep humans out. I don't think anyone's noticed we're not in there."

"Great." Slovenia mumbled. "That's just fucking wonderful. And knowing my šupak older brothers, they won't say I'm not in there. Well, I guess you and I could go get some čaj. No point in standing around here looking like neumne ovce."

"What?" the man asked in confusion.

"Ah, oprosti." the Slavic nation apologized as he ran a hand through his permanently messy brown hair. " I sometimes forget not many people speak Slovene. I said, no point in standing around here looking like stupid sheep. Let's go get some čaj, or tea as you'd say in English. By the way, I'm Slovenia, but you can call me Aleksander."

"I'm Canada, eh. But you can use Matthew, if you'd like."

"Well Matthew, piacere di conoscerti."

Canada snorted. "Is that Italian?"

"Da. It's closer to French than Slovene, so I figured you'd have a better chance of understanding that as 'it's nice to meet you' than 'to je lepo, da sem vas spoznal.'" Slovenia replied, his blue-green eyes full of good natured mischief.

"You're right. I'd have never guessed what you were saying if you'd used Slovene, eh."

"Now seriously, let's get some čaj. Unless you want to get vino or pivo or vodka, even though I hate vodka. I do like pivo and I make my own vino, which is much better than Italy or France's in my own opinion."

"Okay," Canada said," I know vino is wine but what's pivo? Beer?"

"Da, of course! Bravissimo! You now know some Slovene. You will survive in my country!" the European country cheered. "Now let's go get some pivo."

Slovenia grabbed Canada's wrist and dragged him down the street to find a bar, chattering to the North American nation the entire way. Canada, whose face was red from blushing at the sudden attention, smiled in spite of himself. He had a feeling that this was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship.

"You know, Matvež, it's been a while since I spoke to a nation outside business that wasn't either my neighbor or my relative. I think I was still the Yugoslav Socialist Republic of Slovenia. I can't remember." Slovenia rambled as he sipped his beer.

"Everyone thinks I'm America, eh. So the nations he's pissed off go after me." Canada said nonchalantly.

"Ugh, I know how you feel. Everyone thinks I'm Slovakia. It's horrible. It's like wrong side of Hungary, asshole, when somebody calls me Slovakia or Jakub. Get a fucking map of Europe and look at between Hungary and Austria. There I am, obviously not my stupid cousin. Now look next to the Czech Republic and there's Slovakia. Slovakia's bigger and he speaks a Western Slavic language; I'm smaller and speak a Southern Slavic language. Though we both use the Pan-Slavic colors in the same order on our flags, our coat of arms are different and to be frank, mine is more awesome because it has Mount Triglav, stars, and waves on a blue background and his has a boring old double cross and hills on red."

Canada snorted. "America and I don't have the flag mix up problem. No, if people don't think I'm America they either forget me or think I'm a state like my nieces and nephews. I mean, in a Disney movie I was 'North Montana.' That is so insulting. I didn't even keep my name and I was one state. The second biggest country in the world became a single state. Come on, Disney. If I ever became a state, and I won't because I fought an entire war to prevent just that, I would be sectioned off into more than one. Like, North Washington, North Idaho, More North Dakota, North Minnesota, North Wisconsin, North Michigan, North Ohio, North Pennsylvania, North New York, North Vermont, North New Hampshire, North Maine, and South Alaska going by their logic, eh."

Slovenia laughed wickedly. "We should make a group like the Bad Friends Trio or the Awesome Trio. We can be the Invisible Duo!"

"Who are they? Slovakia and America, right, eh?" Canada joked.

"Ne!" Slovenia yelled, drawing the attention of other people. "Canada and Slovenia!"

Canada gestured for him to settle down a little. He took a sip of his own beer and thought about it for a moment. Having a friend who could sympathize with him would be nice. He and Cuba were friends, but Cuba mistook him for America often and it grew tiring getting beat up and then having to explain he wasn't America. And as far as he knew, America had never done anything to anger Slovenia.

"Okay. We can be the Invisible Duo, eh."

"Yes!" Slovenia cheered. "I can't wait to tell Mati I finally have a friend outside Europe! That'll show that fascist bastard Croatia. The nerve of him to tell me I'd never have friends."

"Aleksander, you're drawing attention to yourself, eh." Canada chastised. "And isn't Croatia your brother?"

"Da, da." he replied. "But he likes to bully me and call me names, so I return the favor occasionally. First rule of being European, everyone hates each other, even their relations. I don't necessarily hate my brothers as much as I host some bitter feelings towards them. Now, let's go do something official as the Invisible Duo."

This is just a series of one-shots focusing on a Canada/OC friendship. It's so easy to have Canada be friends with a country OC since Canada has friendly relations with literally everyone. There won't be romance between these two unless I write fem!Slovenia (I think they'd be cute together and, though I am a yaoi fan and have nothing against it, I like some hetero pairings occasionally). Slovenia is my OC.

OC bio:

Slovenia- His human name is Aleksander Zupan. He is sixteen and he has blue-green eyes and permanently messy brown hair. His birthday was October 29 (the formation of the State of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes) but he changed it to June 25 when he received independence from Yugoslavia. He's around 5 ft (152.4 cm) tall. He speaks Slovene, English, Italian, Hungarian, German, and Croatian (and by extension Serbian and Bosnian). His brothers are Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Kosovo and a deceased sister that was Herzegovina; he's the second youngest of them all. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia are cousins. He considers Austria and Hungary his parental figures and refers to them as Mati and Oče, which is mother and father in Slovene. He used to be best friends with Italy, but their relationship soured in the 20th century and they're kind of on the outs, but they are working on improving on their relationship and can tolerate each other. He loves to garden and gamble. He's also a hopeless romantic at heart. He takes pride in the appearance of his home and is a hard worker. He has an affinity for agriculture, nature, and wine making. He owns some Lipizzaner horses and grows his own grapes. He always wears a olive green jacket with Coat of Arms of Slovenia stitched on one lapel and has the flag of Slovenia stitched on the other. He also plays the accordion.

Anyway, this will be updated whenever. I don't own Hetalia.