Spoken like a Man

Part 2

After crying for about 20 minutes on Lydia's shoulder, Stiles finally brushed himself off, cleaned his face and then headed downstairs to the kitchen to start fixing him and his dad something to eat. His dad had arrived home about 10 minutes before because he could hear his dad's favorite country music station playing from his dad's office. Normally, he didn't mind his dad's music since it gave him something to keep him focused. He had just gotten out the leftover steak which he planned to make into tacos. When, he heard something playing from his dad's office.

Guys are playing pool, longnecks in a bucket

Bragging about their luck with the ladies in bed

Laughing when they ask him for all the dirty details

He don't say nothing just starts shaking his head

This was the kind of music that he liked, so he went down the hall in order to hear the music better. He loved the music that you could just easily dance to.

Spoken like a man, devoted to a woman

Not just any woman, but the love of his life

Spoken like a man, crazy about the feeling

He gets every evening when they turn out their lights

Cue behind the eight, he's staring down the table

There's a cutie across the room trying to catch his eye

She walks across the bar with her number on a napkin

He gives it to a buddy with a wink and a smile

'Great, I am getting it from everywhere tonight. I get it, Derek isn't single and I'm just the stupid college student that he occupied his time with. I doubt it happened that way though, Derek and that girl probably fell in love and plan on living happily ever after. He's just waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell me to take a hike.' Stiles thought to himself before rushing to the front door and grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for his jeep.

"Derek." Stiles called as he walked up the front porch on the house that the entire pack had spent 2 years rebuilding. It was protected by several different layers of runes and protection spells and it even had several emergency stations in the house in case of a fire or some other natural disaster. Now, it was officially the 'pack house' and Derek no longer had painful memories of his family every time he saw the house.

"Stiles, Is everything okay?" Derek asked concerned.

"No, I actually just came here to tell you that whatever we have, it's over." Stiles

"What?!" Derek asked him shocked.

"I can't do this. I know you're not single."

"I'm not." Derek confirmed.

"At least, you admit it. Someday, I promise I will try to be happy for you especially because you deserve love. You deserve that feeling." Stiles told him as he quietly wiped the tear that had fallen down his cheek.

"I honestly have no idea what you're talking about." Derek told him

"I know about the cutie from the bar. It's okay that you kept her number, I understand."

"Stiles, you are making less and less sense with every sentence. Why don't you come inside, sit on the couch and." Derek started saying.

"See, why do you have to do that? Why do you have to care? It would make it so easy to fall out of love with you if you were a jerk."

"Stiles, I do care about you. You're my boyfriend and I love you."

"What?! What did you say? You can't love me, we're not even together."

"Yes, we are. We've been together for almost 9 months now. I've been in love with you for 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days." Derek told him.

"You are, wait, what happened 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days ago?" Stiles asked.

"We had just finished having sex and I was still on top of you. I looked into your eyes and they were so full of deep adoration, love, and lust for me. I realized right then that I always wanted to see your eyes full of love for me." Derek told him.

"Derek, I love you too." Stiles told him as he jumped into Derek's arms and started kissing him.

"Stiles, I still want to know why you were so upset. Why did you want break up? Why did you say we weren't together?" Derek asked him.

"Derek, just be quiet and take me upstairs." Stiles told him.

"Stiles, I want to talk first and then…" Derek started saying. He hated it when Stiles refused to talk. Sex was good, well make that awesome but still he needed to know why his boyfriend had been so upset earlier.

"Der, Are you sure you want to talk?" Stiles asked as he nibbled on Derek's left ear before moving onto his neck. Derek, knowing he was lost to the temptation that was his boyfriend; he wordlessly obeyed and rushed into the house and upstairs and to their bedroom.

They eventually did talk which was then followed by Derek lecturing Stiles on being an idiot. After that, Derek spent the night telling and showing Stiles everything that he loved about him and why he was really wasn't a single man. Stiles was more than okay with that though because it turned out that he wasn't a single man though.

Don't worry, Stiles made sure to call Lydia though and tell her that both he and Derek were off the table. He promised to fill Lydia in. He was going to do it on the phone but Derek started sucking on the oh so sensitive mark on Stiles' neck that Derek had left there earlier. Lydia proceeded to text the pack to tell them to avoid the 'pack house' for at least 24 hours.