My first story based on the awesome game series that is saints row. All rights belong Volition and deep silver I own none of the character though i wish i did but they also belong to these companies. With that being done please bare with me until i can know how to work this, so without further ado please read an complete amateur's story.


Nae was new to stilwater, she never really wanted to come here based on the stories about the gang wars that was going on. Nae would fight, yeah, but from what she's seen in her short two months hereā€¦..she would get seriously hurt so she tries to stay to herself.

Janae (her real name) moved to stilwater because too many things in her hometown were distracting her from reaching her goal and that was to become an animator but the only places that had that required money and lots of it so here she is in stilwater working here and there trying to save up. Janae was still a bit "scared" of stilwater. Nae was only 5'3 and looked like a 16 year old when she is 20, she was a little curvy with b-cups.

Nae was just doing her daily food run because she couldn't think of many things to get at once, she was a vegetarian and the amount of vegetarian choices in stilwater was not really impressive.

"I stayed out later than usual, oh well it's not like the first time I choose to stay out will be horrible." Nae told herself trying to make herself feel better.

Just as she finished passing by a cheapskate trying to sell her a 'fake' Rolex she met with a hooker trying to get a client. Janae just looked on because she has never witnessed this type of interaction before and she was a curious one. Nae's fascination dwindled so she took a couple of steps until she heard a bunch of trash talk.

Some guys in yellow shirts were arguing with some dudes in blue, something told her to just leave but being stubborn she stayed and things escalated so quickly she didn't even remember how she got on the ground with a gun pointed to her.

'How the fuck did this happen?'

The gun wielder said what nae thought were her final moments "Wrong time, wrong place, shawty."

Then a gun shot but surprisingly she was wound free and it was her attacker on the ground.

"You alright, playa?" Nae heard the voice before she could make out the face of a man that was directly in front of her.

"I think so." She slurred out

She heard another voice talking but tuned it out until she heard the name Julius, 'such a pretty name' Nae thought and when she heard something about recruiting she was fully alert 'recruit for what' what just happened had Nae very paranoid. The man named Julius looked back at Nae after him and his friend's debate.

"Come to the church when you ready to clean the row." And then the men was gone.

Nae started slowly walking, empty hands having lost her food but actually wasn't hungry anymore, after she got into her little studio apartment she stared at the ceiling and muttered.

"What the fuck I get myself into?"

Well, That's my first ever fanfiction start, if enough people like i might continue anyway but I do hope some people like it.