"Eirin, wake up!" My mom screamed from down stairs. My alarm clock started ringing, reminding me of prison AKA school. I don't go to school anymore, but when I did, I hated it with a passion. Heck, I would win a prize for hating school so much. I groaned in discontent and lied face down. "I don't want to go to work." I whined mentally. I go to work at 10:35 AM and leave at 7:45 PM, then someone takes my shift.

I heard foot steps from out side my brown door. She opened it and came in. She had turned the lights on, if the click was any indication. "Ugh, mama turn it off!" I complained.

I heard her sigh and then come towards my bed, yanked the covers off, and said, "Eirin Lowvis Crystal, get up right now or I will cook you for dinner. I heard cannibals loose weight because of their diets." I cringed in fear and disgust. I knew she wasn't kidding, she never kidded.

"Okay, fine, I'm up, I'm up. Better now?" I asked while I sat up on my knees. I rubbed my eyes and slowly adjusted to the light, and then I turned to my mom. In front of me stood a retired model who still had a body blessed from the gods. She still has to hide in public. It's so annoying that I don't even bother to shop with her. Besides if I ever shopped with her, more than likely she would get more food than clothes. It was no wonder she retired. She smiled brightly and said, "Great, now you can get rid of your bed head. Breakfast is downstairs."

My eyes widened and I walked to the mirror. The reflection showed a tangled, knotted head of light brown hair. My eyes were a blue-grey color but one was more blue while one was more grey. They reflected silver in the light and I was told, at night they looked black. "God my eyes are weird. Part of the reason why I wear sunglasses at night. Actually almost all day except in the ladies bathroom in one of the stalls. I'm such a dork."

Good thing I only needed to do a quick brush of my hair, as it only reached the start of my neck, much like a boy. I grabbed my hair brush and did a quick swipe and bam my hair was as good as new. I took a shower yesterday so I didn't really need to again, until later today that is. I went to my white dresser and pulled the middle drawer open. In it rested my uniform. Huh, I guess I didn't really explain what I do.

Basically, I'm an elevator operator. I ask which floor they want to go to and I can't count how many times I've asked the question, "Hello ma'am/sir thank you for choosing this hotel, what floor are you going to?" Then I proceed to press a button and then I repeat it over and over. I also do other tasks such as organizing files, filing them into the file cabinets, and I also carry some people's luggage for them, if the janitors are to busy. Oh, did I mention I work at a hotel?

The hotel's name is NewTime hotel. It has 74 floors with 8'243 rooms, 2'456 being suites for the wealthy, famous, royalty, and guests of honor. So that means I get to meet rich, wealthy, famous people, and royalty. However, I don't find this a privilege, because half the time, they're either flirting or just plain rude snobs. I ignore them whenever they torment me, but really I want to ship their smug faces off to another planet.

I looked at my uniform in the mirror and nodded with a small smile on my face. I fixed my crooked name tag and turned from side to side to straighten any wrinkles. My uniform consists of a black blazer with 3 gold buttons running along the mid section and where two pockets were placed in the front. The gold buttons had the initials of the hotel inscribed on them. The notched lapel was a deep mahogany color with gold colored thread sewed in the front showing the symbol of the hotel, which is a gold eagle. On my left breast is a yellow name tag. A black pleated skirt reaching just above my legs with black stocking that reach just below my underwear. My mahogany pumps finished the look.

The outfit all together was like 2,000 dollars, so I had to ask my mom for some money. It was worth it because in no time did I get hired and got my first paycheck. My pay each month is 5,090 dollars. I grabbed my leather purse and iPhone 6, and ran downstairs. I sat down at the table and glanced at the clock. It was 9:32 AM. "Great, 20 minutes or so to spare." I ate the delicious eggs, bacon, cheese, and downed it with a cup of real orange juice made by my mom. She is an excellent chef, which is the reason she quit her modeling job. She works at a famous restaurant called La Unus or The One is a mixture of Spanish and French food. I've been there and it's extremely good. That's where I got my taste of spicy food and I adored it with every molecule in my heart. It's an explosion of flavors, each a scalding texture and taste along with that bursting energy that gets you running. That is why spicy foods are my favorite.

Anyway, I was now running out the door when my mom yelled, "Be careful, honey! Don't trip!" I stopped at my Honda's door and pressed the button on my remote. The car beeped and the lights flashed. I opened the door and sat down. I placed my purse and phone on the passenger seat and turned the car on. It roared to life like a babies heartbeat. It rumbled under me as I grabbed the shift knob and pulled back to D4 and drove. It turned smoothly onto the road as I swerved in the right lane. I stopped at the red stop sign and then went once I checked both sides. It continued like that for a few minutes, until I stopped at the hotel. Open 24 hours this place was always crowded. Honestly, I hated crowds but no matter, for working here I got a good pay everyday. At least for a hotel it is.

I parked in the inside parking lot after waiting for 40 minutes. It was that crowded. I got out and took my purse with me. I shut the door, locked it, and walked to the entrance. I opened the double door and said "hi" to my co-workers. I reached the lounge room and put my purse in the locker with my name written in real gold. It's not a surprise, after all this is a world famous hotel. I exited and stalked to the elevator I was assigned to. My heels clacked against the marble floors as I was nearing the elevator doors. I waited patiently until it opened and out surfaced guests who were leaving or coming to breakfast. I bowed in respect until every one was out.

I entered the elevator and said to the operator, "Hey, your shift is over. I can take over now." This was the usual routine I went through. I would arrive and go to my elevator, greet Kenya, and take over. He did the night shifts most of the time but sometimes there would be a different person. Thankfully it was Kenya.

Kenya answered, "They didn't tell you? I'm taking over this shift, so you have to go to the employees elevator." My jaw fell open and I looked into his eyes disbelievingly. We were the same tall, both 5'3, courtesy of my mom's height, which is 5'2. He nodded solemnly. We had a friendship because we did the same things together. I didn't know anything about him but we did accept each other. I sighed and went in the direction of the elevators. "I heard almost every person who's worked THAT elevator quit, because I quote, "It's pure agony in there!" It's nicknamed the Devil's sty. Due to the heavy atmosphere and the important people who go through there."

I arrived there and waited till it opened. Luckily there wasn't anyone in it yet so I could go in and have peace for awhile. And it's not what you're thinking, no normal employees like myself DO NOT use this elevator for going up floors, but we use the other one, further down the hall. It has to do with there being a high amount of vampires going through here. Yes I said vampires. Vampires co-exist with humans peacefully and instead use blood bags as food. Except for psychopaths and... mates.

And yes I said that correctly to. Mates are basically your fated one. Mates can be human to human, vampires to vampires, or even vampires to humans. Though it's really hard if you have a vampire as a mate because they can be really possessive, male or female. Although it's way severe with males. Females can be possessive but they usually get sad after a while, because if you're a human with a vampire, than the only one feeling a strong emotion is the vampire, not the human. If it's human to human, you feel a slight pull to your mate and a feeling of righteousness. As in you feel right in their arms or in their presence. Vampire to vampire is possessiveness, a strong pull to each other, and more likely than not will have had a child during the first year they met. Human to vampire is extreme possessiveness due to that fact that you're fragile and can get taken easily by a vampire or human, the human feels a stronger than normal pull while vampires feel a strong pull as well, the human feels comfortable around you unlike normal humans that do not, and unless that human learns to love that vampire then they won't be getting any children that year. So it's kinda dangerous and unnerving to have a vampire as your mate, and actually rare.

As for blood feeding..., that can happen between vampires and human to vampires. Vampires usually do it for marking, pleasure, and sometimes but rarely food. Human to vampire do it for food, marking, if need be punishment, and finally for when the human loves the vampire, it can pleasure them too. If you wonder how the hell I know this stuff, it's because we learned this in school, and it's instilled in our brains ever since grade 6. The teachers said it's very important to know these things, especially if your faced with mates like these. It's disturbing at first, but it's life you know. A disturbing life. The elevator opened and in came... a human. Well he ran in, and pushed me on my butt just to press the button that closes doors. There were shouts from outside as the door closed. I figured they were his friends and he was playing a trick on them, but why would he come in this elevator? Maybe he made a mistake.

"Um, excuse me, sir, but you do know this is the employees elevator, right?" I inquired him, as I got up and starting dusting myself off from the residue from the floor. He finally turned to me and his emerald eyes looked confused before he snapped his fingers and muttered something.

"My father owns this hotel so I'm taking this one." He replied smugly. "Oh god, not a snobby rich kid." Then what he said kicked me in the face, REALLY hard. I bowed quickly and asked, "Sorry, uh, what floor do you want to go to?" He stepped away and leaned in the spacious room.

"74." He responded curt. I rolled my eyes and walked to the buttons. I pressed 74 and it flashed red, unlike the regular buttons. The 74th floor was the most spacious and high tech with millions of luxuries in it. Only royalty, or guests invited by the CEO himself is accepted there. Plus a few of the boards members are able to also get a room there. The board members help the CEO to make decisions and they handle matters within the hotel such as publishing, improving, and investing. The floor also includes a meeting room, which is why this elevator is most used for board members, visitors, or people who come here to make deals.

I didn't know if I believed this so called boy which made it even more suspicious because he looked to be 14-16 years old, and I'm sure the CEO had a son older than this, much like the other board members. I glanced at him and found him staring at me.

"W-what?" I couldn't help but ask.

He looked me up and down and his eyes rested on my left breast. Being me I quickly looked down to see if something was there, and when I saw nothing I turned red and covered my breasts. "He's a pervert! An enemy to women! HE'S THE CEO'S SON?! Hell no!"

I looked back up and saw him scowling in anger before he said, "I'm not a pervert! It's just your... middle name is... so dumb! Puhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" My eyes widened and my arms dropped from my breasts. I glared at him and muttered, "Hmph!" I turned around and practically killed the poor buttons with my stare. Just as he finished laughing, a big thunk sounded on top of the elevator. I looked up and gasped. There was a small dent in the ceiling.

I started panicking while the boy just sneered and said, "So you're here? You damn assassins!" I gasped. "Assassins? Legit ASSASSINS?! JESUS, PLEASE LET ME LIVE! OH PLEASE!"

"Get off your knees and do something. That door ain't gonna hold." He yelled at me in rage. I was shocked and quickly got up. I guess I accidentally got on my knees. Then something occurred to me. "I can fight!"

Before I could make my way over to him, the assassins busted through the ceiling door. One looked at me, while the other looked at the boy. He flinched and backed up to the corner. He looked pale and was shaking a little. I was taught about what to do in this situation, so I charged the assassin. He looked surprised but also started running. The other one did too. He had a knife in his hand and was about to swing it at me, but I, instead swung back at him with my fist. And it got cut badly. I never felt such a pain before. It was like a big rock just got thrown on me while billions of needles poked my inside, as I spasmed in pain. I fell on my knees and clutched my hand to stop the bleeding. Red seeped everywhere through my wound and trailed down my clothes. "Oooooh! My uniform!" I heard a chuckle in front of me.

I glanced up and fear took a hold of my body. They're eyes were glowing red. "Look's like we got a snack, eh?" One assassin said to his partner in crime. The other nodded and crouched, "Well little human it was nice meeting you but... now you're going to die." He grabbed my injured hand and brought it to his mouth, he bit.

"Aaaaaaaah! Urgh!" My eyes rolled to the back of my head as the other vampire's fangs pierced my other hand. I knew the boy was alright by the whimper. "My damn uniform is getting so dirty! Ugh! These bitches WILL DIE TODAY!" Something snapped with in me.

"Like HELL bitch!" I swung my legs underneath me as I seethed with anger. Rage was crawling up my arms in waves to my brain telling it why I have to teach these rude vampires a lesson. It worked. The vampires tripped and fell on their faces bringing me down with them. I ripped both my hands away from them, in the process hurting my hands even more by ripping a chunk of meat off of it. I don't know why I was acting like this or that I knew how to do this level of moves. Though I was a bit reckless in the injury department. I smirked evily and grasped their pitiful heads. I ripped their hoods away along with their bodies and threw them against the wall. I was really fast so they couldn't react right away, even though they were the fastest organisms on this planet. They groaned in pain and clutched their sides. This was unexpected but a great relief.

One assassin shouted in pain, "We'll be back!" The other just grunted in agreement and left me and the boy here. I almost felt bad for hurting the vampires but shook it away before the guilt could gnaw away at me. I turned to him and he looked shocked. Extremely shocked. Actually I was shocked the most.

"Oh god, this is NOT happening." I muttered and then fell unconscious. The last thing I heard was the ding of the elevator opening.

Somewhere Else...

The girl with pumps on, threw his men against the wall with amazing strength and speed. Finally he could see the face of the girl. He gasped. She had short light brown hair with beautiful blue-grey eyes that were darkening with every move she did. Finally it calmed down and returned to what he thought was her normal eye color. It was astonishing at the pull he felt, although slight, he wanted to kill whoever hurt the girl like that. He wanted to see her very much for some reason but couldn't fathom why? It was all confusing for him but he knew one thing.

"NO one would hurt her EVER again." He thought fiercely.

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