Eirin's Pov

"How... could she? How could Hiru do this to me? She used me as a test subject and," A wave of doubt clouded over my mind for a moment. "No... she wouldn't. Those words she said to me were sincere and true. I know that much. This must have been before the fire, when I was asleep." Another question surfaced to mind, "If Guren had this information, how come he pretended not to know what Hiru did that day... unless he didn't want anyone to know." My brows furrowed in confusion. "What's wrong?" Shinoa asked. I looked down and clutched the papers tightly to my waist protectively. "I can't revel this to Shinoa. She'd pummel Guren with questions, I'm sure." Mind made up, I shook my head and revealed a bright smile, hopeful to distract her from any worries or suspicions. "I'm perfectly fine. At least now that I've found out what blood type C-O is!"

Crowley was apparently asleep in my lap albeit reluctantly as I didn't want his head in my lap. I blushed as I had the urge to touch his hair...again. I really wanted to braid it for some reason. Must be girl urges. I sighed as I stretched my limbs and carefully lifted his head and placed it on the couch. Then I became curious, "What does Crowley know about blood C-O? Does he even know that I have it?" A pit formed in my stomach as I imagined Crowley... killing me. I shivered and picked up the phone. I dialed Guren and waited until he answered, "Yes?"

"I read it."..."And?" I raised an eyebrow at his uncaring answer. "Well, I've decided...,"

"Yes?" He urged me on rudely. "I want to join the Moon Demon Company." I held my breath and stilled my movement for a moment. The only thing I heard was my booming heart in my ears. Then I heard laughter surprisingly. Confused I asked, "Are you okay, Guren?"

"It's Colonel to you, squirt." He chuckled once more. My mouth fell open agape as I brightened immensely. "So that means-"

"Yes, yes, you're now an official member of the Moon Demon Company. Shinoa will show you to your new living quarters as I'm sure yours is... well destroyed. And she'll also show you the basics. Meanwhile, I've got plenty of paperwork for you. Not that we really need it. Just stupid formalities." He sighed in annoyance at the prospect of paperwork. I was so happy, I didn't even scoff at his rudeness. Then Crowley came to mind as I wondered what to do with him.

I know we're enemies and everything but... I want him to be with me. But first I need to clear his name. Yeah, and then... I'll find my mother and defeat Ferid. I nodded in determination to myself. Shinoa interrupted my optimism and proposed, "I'm guessing he said yes, so shall I tell what you need to know?" she smirked and continued, "Or we could take a bath together?" I backed away a little and shook my head hurriedly. She laughed and beckoned me towards the exit for the house. I followed quietly and jumped when I turned and saw Crowley right behind, following me like a lost puppy. He had a fake smile on and was obviously displeased with the course of actions taking place. I smiled weakly and motivated him to follow me encouragingly.

Shinoa raised an eyebrow. "I'm guessing you know that I can't take him to our headquarters, correct?" I turned to Crowley again, and shrugged but reassured confidently, "Don't worry, I'll be back. And when I do, I WILL clear your name."

He gazed at me for a moment, then said, "Okay, but next I see you... I am going to mark you and nothing you perform will hinder me." I thought about that for a second... then shockingly I agreed. "Fine, on one condition, I need details of the marking before then, alright?" He nodded solemnly, kissed my cheek, and rotated on his heel, further more jumping from the now open window. I felt the spot he kissed and it was on fire. I knew my cheeks were flushed like a cherry.

Than, Shinoa and I were off to the headquarters of the Moon Demon Company. Yoichi and Yuu were left behind while we were boarding the SUV. I requested timidly, "Can I get a few necessities from my house before we go?"

"Sure thing." she assented winking. The driver descended towards the sunset, blinding me. Thankfully, the driver had sunglasses on along with a fully black uniform with a few green touches here and there. Now that I fully examined the uniform, I glanced at Shinoa's. Her's consisted of black boots with white soles, and gold buttons and hard gold colored toe caps made of metal to protect her toes, with thigh high black stockings. After that is a black pleated mini skirt with green and a black coat with white gloves. A few lines of green located on her shoulder and around her wrists brightened the uniform. A white belt with gold buckles and 2 rows of gold buttons along the coat leading up to a hot pink colored bow and on the right shoulder is the shoulder epaulettes which has a fourragere leading around her side. "Will I have the same uniform?"

After my analysis of her clothing, I looked out the window and thought about things. Like my mother. "Is she alright? What exactly is Ferid doing to her? Why... must this happen to me of all people? Is this a test? Or a prank? Because if it is, I'd like for it to stop. And very soon."

Crowley's Pov

As my feet met the ground, I smiled as I remembered Eirin breaking my phone. Her hand got injured and her blood was quite the treat. My smile widened thinking about her flushed cheeks. "Cute." Then, I strolled out between two houses and noticed something. "These houses are unoccupied." I listened more carefully and realized that all of the houses near here were idle as well. "It seems they aren't stupid." I snickered and walked away. I heard foot steps and turned around. I felt a breeze of air... as if someone swiftly moved out of my sight. I smiled in expectation. "Those pesky humans think they can hide from me? Ha!"

"Come out, come out, wherever you are. It's okay, kitties." Suddenly, an arrow was beside my face, implanted in the wall beside me. I raised my arms up in mock capitulate. "Alright, I surrender. Kitties." I taunted once again. Out from behind a structure, came the brat, and coward. The brat was the black haired boy while the coward was the brown haired boy. Brat cautiously walked towards me in a combat stance, his arms out in front of himself protecting his torso, while his legs were spread like an eagle's wings. My eyebrows lifted in amusement at their belief of protection from me. "Like they could possibly defend themselves. Nice try, however."

"So, who wants to go first?" I smiled at them friendly. Brat shook his head and stood up straight. "We're not here to fight, we're here to make sure you don't tell on us, or show them our hide outs." My smile disappeared as I snorted in disgust. "ME? Tell them? Never. I would never betray my Eirin like that. I'm sure she would want me to spy on them, so I have a plan. And one of those meetings should be going on as well. So, I need you to hide yourselves and stop following me so I can get the information needed. Sadly, and I hate to admit, they're not stupid, unlike you that is," I grinned at them and waved, "Goodbye! And have a nice trip!" Then, I swiftly jumped on the roofs and made my way to that place.

I took a few turns as the humans that I passed by thought nothing of a breeze. That is what it felt like to humans when vampires used their swiftness to by pass them without any questioning. As I flew through the structures, buildings, alleyways, and other naive humans, I landed on the ground and quickly pressed my finger tip against the biometric lock system. As a daunting sound filtered through the air, the doors slowly allowed access to their formidable and discreet halls. The floors were colored black with the ceilings and walls being tiles of black and white.

I walked through the halls and ended out the entrance to an underground meeting room. With high tech security this place could detect any humans within miles, decide if they were enemies, and de-arm them within minutes. The lasers and poisonous fumes let out of this specific area would ensure a painful death. This place in a way, are vampire headquarters. It's where we materialize to encounter each other every week in a month, to check on one another, and give information out. It also serves as an entertainment area where vampires are free to be vampires.

It was quiet from the outside but when you're inside the place, it's booming with classical music and rows upon rows of seats for the delightful pick of their choosing. Once inside, I glided to the last row, the 16th, and sat down beside Chess and Horn. They were dressed as usual and Chess perked her nose up and growled in disgust. "You smell like that human." I played dumb and said, "I DO?"

"Yes." Then she turned away from me, pouting like a child. I snickered in amusement and turned towards the voice booming from the microphone loudly. It was the pet of the queen, Krul Tepes. Krul Tepes is an enigma who no one knows much about. Even the pesky humans, who have their brains to help them in their endeavors, don't know we have a queen. We use a tactic of lying about our leader, to keep her safe. Our fake leader is Ferid, as much as it disgusts me. So, the fact that he blamed me for his homicide is acceptable, even though I'm one for not causing trouble. If I do, it rarely shows in the media or goes into police records. I keep my dealings exclusive.

However, being chased by the police is unacceptable especially if I'm with Eirin. As Ferid appeared, fashionably late, as is his excuse used every time he shows up last. I glared at him using my full power and saw him shiver and turn towards me amused and fake scared. "Awwwww, I'm sooooo sorry for attacking you and your mate. I just couldn't resist, humans after all, are amusing to me, and she is no exception."

There were gasps and laughter all around me as they found out what I was planning to keep secret. "MY MATE." I growled loudly and my pupils became thinner in anger. "You took her mother. Where is she?"

"Hmm, should I tell you, or should I not~" He sang in a sickening cheerful way. I can see why humans are disgusted by him and appalled by the choice of us, as him as our leader. It's only because he's second to the queen in Japan, and I admittedly am weaker than him, but the next strongest after him. Then everything died down as the pet said, "Calm down, Crolwey-sama and Ferid-sama, just have a seat while the queen proceeds with the conference."

I sat down blowing air through my nose in strong, hate filled puffs. Ferid, clearly sensing my disgust and hatred, chuckled, as if the very fact that I was one second away from tearing him limb from pathetic limb was hilarious. As I simmered down, the pet's voice announced, "The queen, the fairest lady herself, Krul is arriving in our presences." I almost snorted but held back as I thought, "The fairest lady? Ha! Compared to Eirin she's disgusting."

We all simultaneously bowed our heads in greeting and respect. Our queen has pink hair with the dull red eye color of everyone alike. Her stature is considerably smaller than the average vampire, although, nothing compared to her astounding power. We tilted our heads back in place and all spoke, "Welcome, Oh gracious queen."

She tilted her head back a little and addressed me, "So you have a mate, eh?" She smirked and didn't wait for an answer as she sat on her throne. "Human?"

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Hmm, well bring her in for a visit," She commanded. I knew it wasn't a request but an order. I nodded and turned away to watch the other reactions to this piece of information. However, she wasn't finished, "I heard that you were accused of homicide. What are you going to do?" She asked casually, staring nonchalantly at her fingernails.

"I'm going to court, of course, Your Highness," I responded even toned with a slight smile to my face, "After all, who wouldn't want to be like humans, the weak, brainless, useless beings alive with us." The smile on my face was fake, even as I lifted my lips higher. The others guffawed at my joke. The queen didn't show any visible amusement, but for the minuscule lift of her lips. As she coordinated herself a straight face, she questioned other vampires on their endeavors.

Everything after that was small talk. I ignored everything and everyone as I thought about Eirin. "My sweet Eirin." Her beautiful eyes like the night sky, her soft hair reminiscent of a feather, and her. "The way she's so fragile... I should've never agreed to it. Never agreed to allow her to become part of THAT. Wh-"

A huge explosion went on near the entrance, signaling the security alarms to start going off. Every vampire and servant stationed in that room flew out of there, escaping safely, not that they couldn't of just killed whoever has the guts to place a bomb at the entrance. Simple, isn't it? Already knowing who it was, I turned towards the area of smoke and fumes, as well as red lasers, to see Brat and Coward dodging everything coming there way. "Idiots." I voiced aloud to them, both turning to look relieved to see me. I sneered in disgust and placed my finger tips against the loud alarms mechanism. It stopped.

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here?" I asked, giving them a chilling, hair raising glare.

This could possibly be the end of their whole entire organization.

Eirin's Pov

"Oh, by the way, do you know what X-Tiriac Regenerative Process is?" I asked as the guard who was driving us to my house was finishing up taking the things I wanted like my clothes and computer, phone as well. I held it my hands tightly. I looked in the rear view mirror to analyze her expression. She was clearly battled with confusion as she tried to answer. "I... It definitely sounds familiar. I feel as if my father has talked about this before but then, we called it X-Tiriac only. However, I don't know what it is off the top of my head. I suppose we'll have to ask Guren. Again." She seemed annoyed as she rolled her eyes.

"Ah, I see." I nodded solemnly in answer. Wait, father?

"Hey, we could just ask your father, you know." Immediately she turned towards me, rage clear in her eyes, "Never." She spat, as if it burned her tongue. I swallowed and nodded again. "Sensitive much?"

The guard opened the door and said, "I've completed everything you asked of. Shall we get going, captain?" She raised her hand in a signal as he started the car again and drove off, the sun almost gone. "She's a captain. What am I going to be? Further more, what ranks could I possibly be? What job will I be responsible for? Will I be a captain like her or just a soldier? Am I even allowed in without a test of some sort?" Feeling suspicious, I inquired, "Don't I have to pass a test of some sort to qualify for joining the Moon Demon Company?"

"Two, actually. Written and physical. Written tests you on basic knowledge like math, science, reading, and history especially, and along with a few other questions about why and how you learned about this organization. Physical is with your fighting skills. How good can you kick? What styles of martial arts do you use? Can you fight? And don't go thinking that physical is more important than written just because you can't fig-" She rambled on until I abruptly interrupted her.

"Actually, I can fight," She stopped and turned her head to me. A smirk wormed it's way onto her heart shaped face. "And I'm pretty confident I can ace the written tests." I stated matter of factly. She nodded and said, "And if you don't, come to my place at midnight." She winked at the ending of her innuendo remark. I shivered and waved my hands hurriedly in front of me. "No, no, no need!" I exclaimed. Her smirk widened into a grin as she pounced on me like a tiger. She started laughing and surprisingly I did too. Our laughter resonated through the car like the melody from a piano. I forgot about all my problems when we were play fighting, but of course we had to have arrived at our destination a little too soon for my taste.

I got out the car a little too sweaty and ruffled looking Shinoa looking identical as Guren raised an eyebrow at us. "Seems you don't need a warm up for the physical exam." He shook his head at us and turned around leading us inside two double doors that were steel and grey. We both giggled and Shinoa joked, "Well, ya know we are an item after all, right Eirin?" Guren obviously ignored us with a shake of the head. "To me, he's a little too uptight."

"Is the physical test first?" I asked Guren. "Yeah." I replied, "Okay, and... does the test depend on what you want to be? Or is there only soldier positions? Are there ranks?"

"Yes, no, yes." He answered quickly as we turned left and opened another set of double doors and exited only to enter a gym type looking place with beige tiles on the floor and a white ceiling. There were punching bags, two boxing rings, boxer gloves, guns, a shooting range that was soundproof because I didn't hear any bangs of a gun within the glass windows covering the stations. Other things like basket balls, soccer balls, baseballs, baseball bats, nets for both soccer and basket ball were placed to the right of the punching bags. Then further down to the left was a short hallway that led to another open area of a gym that I guessed as I could only see so far. I realized momentarily that Guren and Shinoa were ahead of me already, so I sped up and caught up with them in time to see we have arrived in the area for the test.

On the way, we went through another pair of double doors that led to the actual outside area with 6 rows of men and women lined up vertically along the painted red lines on the cement. They all turned there heads and nodded and saluted in our direction then they turned back to listen to the commands of the female at front. She had blonde hair in a side ponytail on the left side of her head with green eyes that were more dull than Yuu's. When I looked at her and Guren, I realized that their uniforms weren't green and black, but red and black. I have a hunch that it's because they're in a higher rank. "Come to think of it, what rank is Guren? I know Shinoa's a captain of a group with Yoichi and Yuu and that Guren is her superior."

Guren saluted to the lady who looked my age. We were the same tall although she seems more mature and ladylike. She wore a black and red pencil skirt with black 1 inch heels. Her coat elongated at the sides but was shortened at the waist area for freedom of movement. It, also, was black and red. Two rows of gold buttons going up along her chest to end at her collar. She wears a pair of white gloves and a black and white armband on her left arm. Her belt is identical to Shinoa's and her shoulder epaulettes and fourragère are as well with a few added details. She smiles and salutes back as she greets us, "Hello Lieutenant Colonel, is this the new recruit? Has she been tested yet?"

He yawned, as if this was the most boring thing he's done. He nods and shakes his head at the second question. I frowned a bit in disapproval. "So he shows this much disrespect to everyone?" Immediately, the atmosphere got cold and I shivered at the aura flowing off of the woman. It was so cold and disapproving. It quite honestly reminded me of Descent of a Thousand Needles. Needless to say that was probably many times stronger than her aura. Guren just yawned again to piss her off even more than she already was. "What, were you to busy sleeping on your butt in the office to do your job? You expect me to take care of it? Well, Lieutenant Colonel, I have very important news for you. You can test this messily brat," At this she glowered at me and terrified me so I backed away and went behind Shinoa despite the height difference.

Shinoa just smiled and spread her arms out in a protective stance and the lady grabbed the collar of Guren's coat and pulled him into her face harshly saying, "I'm not going to waste my time on useless things. I have no idea what the Leader is thinking about putting you on the Conference Commitee, when your so low a rank, but I do know that I'm going to finish you one day." Then she side stepped him and saluted when Shinoa saluted at her. And she was gone down the cement walkway. I gulped in fear and jumped in surprise when Guren started laughing abruptly, breaking the cold hard silence. Everyone knew who the lady was and is apparently used to this occurrence happening with these two individuals. So I asked Shinoa, "Who was she?"

"She's lady McBitch from McBitchest Bitch Mountain. How may I take your Bitching?" she smiled a cruel smile and avoided the question. Then she added, "Trust me, just call her McBitch." Evidently, Guren agreed wholeheartedly by laughing even more and smacking Shinoa's shoulder in hysteria. "Yeah, good one Shinoa. No, great one. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" He wheezed out as he fell to the floor rolling onto his back. A few tears were sliding down his cheeks and I was getting annoyed with all the other chuckles, giggles, laughter, and snickering going on.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled over the noise. Suddenly, everything got quiet. They stared at the soon to be, hopefully on my part, new recruit in wonder and a little apprehension. "She talks." I heard one mumble and glared in there direction. It was a boy. Guren got up and dusted his clothing off and cleared his throat wiping his face with his pocket handkerchief. "So... are you ready?"

"I've been ready." I gave him a pointed glare. "I am honestly ready to take a shower and go to asleep, but then I also need to do this stupid test to be able to acquire any of those things. And then there's the constant worry of my mom, depression, my injuries, Crowley, and my safety as well as anxiety. Am I going to be able to do this? What if I do something wrong? What if... THERE'S SO MANY DAMN 'WHAT IFS!'" I shook my head swiftly and slapped my cheeks.

"Now... who do I fight?" I spread my legs like an eagle's wings. He smirked and called out, "Private Al, get your ass over here and fight her. This is the preliminaries. If you can't defeat him, then you can't pass. Simple. Shinoa." Knowing what to do, she asked, "Are you sure?" "Am I sure?" I thought helplessly. "I knew she meant that in a muti-question way. Like are you sure you can win? Are you sure you can face defeat? Are you sure you're going to be okay?"

"Just... I won't guarantee anything because I have gotten rusty through the years. Evident in my fight with Ferid and all these injuries I've acquired. But..." I lifted my arms up and pointed to my belly and neck. My body wasn't completely healed but I do feel improvement. That, I believe is what is urging me on to triumph. If my body recovers this rapidly, then I'm sure that's a sign I can win. "I'm going to win, motherfuckers."

Then, I catapulted myself towards Private Al and aimed for his face with my fist. As expected he grabbed on and held me in place, so my left fist was stuck immobile. My other fist came crashing down but he grabbed that too and flipped me over. I hit the cement and scrapped my forehead in the process. It was so fast I couldn't even land and reverse it. I rolled over into a standing position and jumped back a few feet putting distance between my opponent and I. The others present just observed calmly from the sidelines except a few cheering on Al; his friends most likely.

Judging from the swiftness of that move, his specialty is speed. Effective against a human. Humans aren't advanced enough against abnormal speeds like these hence the disadvantage towards a vampire, but against a vampire, he'd only be half as fast as one.

My eyes got a little blurred as I could only see a hint of facial features and bodily features zoom towards me like a cheetah. It was concretely slower then Ferid and Crowley's speed.

My eyesight changed and it improved for some reason, so now I could see Al clear as day. He narrowly missed my face by an inch, on his part that is, but knowing the next one wouldn't miss I stepped to the side. "Bad move." I thought as I got kicked in the abdomen. I fell on my butt and clutched my stomach in pain. "My wounds are gonna open. My wounds are gonna open. My wounds are gonna open." I thought panicked.

I placed my hand on my stomach and sighed in relief when I didn't feel any warmth or liquid seeping out like a waterfall. "I'm okay. For now at least." He was coming towards me again, getting ready to kick my ass again. "Yep, god has a grudge against me." I skidded across the ground and scrapped my arms even more. "Geez, they could've picked sand, NOT CEMENT! Jesus Christ, psychopathic much?!"

Okay, enough thinking. I pulled or more like forced myself to my feet, wobbling slightly. I crouched low to the ground and thought of a plan. For now, he's coming towards me on the offensive side while I'm on the defensive, and he's going to think that for a while if I make him believe it. I put my hands in criss-cross to block from a nasty punch aimed at my neck and face. A while after that I did the exact same thing over and over until he got too slow for me which is weird because I'm pretty sure he was faster than me earlier.

Having sensed the differences in our speed just now, he jumped back panting and furrowing his eyebrows. "What?" I heard him mutter confused. He gave me a weird look and I shrugged baffled myself, probably even more so than him.

However, I'm going to take full advantage of this weird new speed of mine and kick his butt. I ran up to him and heard gasps from around me. I was guessing they were shocked at my new speed. "I don't blame them." I punched him straight in the face, nose to be exact, and a flood of blood came rushing out in hurtles, covering his lips and slipping into his mouth. I grimaced and others gasped in disgust.

He coughed out the blood in his mouth and started wiping his nose, while I punched him. Or was supposed to anyway. He dodged my fist, albeit barely, and kicked my side, jostling me to the right. Thankfully, I didn't land on my face or knees. He jumped back clearly evaluating the disadvantage between me and him. I was faster whilst he was slower. Although, you could lucidly see how bewildered he was at the fact that was seconds ago an opinion.

"Plan A, fail. It seems he's smarter than that."

I circled around him, like a vulture does it's prey, trying to glimpse any weaknesses. On his left side... he was leaning more on his left side. "Ahh, so left handed are we? But why didn't I notice it until now...? OH! He's injured now so therefore he's to preoccupied to hide it. Alright, then, plan B."

I raised my eyebrows in triumph, wiggling them around in excitement. "I'm sorry pal but, I'M going to win and pass." He narrowed his eyes in contempt. "We'll see about that." He said. He charged at me, just what I needed, and slid low to trip me. However, I jumped in the air leaving him stuck on the ground in a half split. The leg stretched out was his left, leaving me to the advantage of his vulnerable right.

I smirked, still in the air and back flipped over his body, hitting him in the shin with my foot. Too bad they were flats, heels would've been nice at this point. He screeched in pain, fell on the ground and cuddled his poor leg against his body. "Plan B... VICTORIOUS!" I screamed inside my head, doing a little dance. While he's lying on the floor impotent, I picked him up by the collar and punched him in the face. Al flew past Guren and Shinoa helplessly. Getting a little more into it, I flew right past him and grabbed him before he hit the floor. Then I started kicking and punching in multiple places, until finally he was knocked out by my neck chop. Basically my hand forms like a flat surface and BAM on his neck. Resulting from that, is unconsciousness.

A few seconds of silence and I start grinning like a mad man and shout to Shinoa, "I won! See, I really won!" She skipped up to me with a small genuine smile on her face telling of her happiness for me. She hugged me and rubbed my back sensually, a little too sensually. I pushed away from her and smiled, "Uuuh, no need for that." She smirked and replied, "But I couldn't help it, my kitten's back is SOOOOO sexy." "How can a back be sexy? Maybe smooth, but sexy? Really? AND KITTEN?" Seeing my incredulous gaze, she laughed for a few seconds and stepped aside, revealing Guren behind her.

He looked at me impressed, probably by the way I handled that. He also glanced at my eyes straight giving a full look of confusion and intrigue. I backed up slightly in alarm. "W-what's wrong?"

He was in such a deep trance, he didn't answer until I waved my hand in front of his face. "Oh, nothing. It's just your eyes are a different color." I blinked in bewilderment. "Different color? What is he talking about?"

Someone happened to hear our conversation and brought a mirror up. "Here take a look at your eyes." She said to me. I nodded and looked in the mirror. They were a light grey surrounded with my normal blue. Now, however, they were turning more blue and the grey was fading to a hazy black that's always been there. I gasped and looked at Guren in shock, "W-w-what?! What is this?" He narrowed his eyes in thought and looked at the ground. He glanced back at me. "I think... this is one of the side effects of being born with blood type C-O."

My eyes widened. "Side effects? What side affects? I was born with this but... this never happened to me before. Not... anywhere. Unless... could he be lying to me?" I analyzed Guren suspiciously, eyeing every body movement he had. Everything seemed normal... except he wouldn't blink. "He's lying." Shinoa coughed, breaking the odd tension. I peeked at her and she had a raised eyebrow. "Oh. Uhh, yeah. Definitely." I nodded vigorously.

"Now then, Shinoa take her to her room and get her cleaned up. Then bring her to me. I'll give her the written test and you fill her up on the things she needs to know." And without further ado, he left us walking briskly while commanding some other soldiers to pick up Private Al. I cringed when I saw how beat up Al was. He had multiple wounds ranging from bruises to scrapes to small cuts. I hope they're not infected. I glanced at Shinoa and saw her beckoning me to follow her lead.

Bounding towards her, I looked to the girl who handed me the mirror. Her hair was a bright blonde unlike the dull blonde hair on the woman earlier and her eyes were an astounding bright purple. She kept staring at me suspiciously and curiously and diverted her gaze to Shinoa behind me, glaring daggers at her. My eyebrows raised in silent question. "What does that girl have to do with Shinoa? And why does she look so much like McBit- I mean the woman from earlier?"

Pushing the curiosity to the back of my mind, we went through the double doors again and again, and again, until finally finally we arrived in a place with 4 pairs of double doors again. "What a damn surprise." I rolled my eyes as she opened the doors to the 1B hallway. They were all labeled one with a specific letter. I'll have to ask about that later. "As you know, Guren is a Lieutenant Colonel and I was recently promoted to the Captain of the Shinoa Squad. That girl back there glaring at me was my Special Duty 2nd, basically the person who takes charge of things when I'm not around. That cute girl's name is Mitsuba Sangu, McBitch's little sister. I honestly wonder why and how Mitsuba tolerates being the sister of McBitch when she doesn't even pay attention or notice her. Tragic, isn't it?" "No wonder they looked so similar."

"Yeah, it is." I nodded in agreement. "But maybe she has a reason for that?" I'm the type of person who questions everything. Take math for example, you do some certain things but in the end you never get a legit reason as to why you do those things. You just do it. I used to ask so many things in school and my teachers said I would be a perfect reporter. "If only I wasn't so shy." She stopped at a door and fished a key out of her pocket. She plugged it in the keyhole and opened a room. Above the door, are the numbers 178.

"And Aoi Sangu, is sadly, the colonel. A higher rank than all of us."

I asked, "So what are the ranks, anyway?" In response, she pointed to a stack of papers on a small brown desk situated in the corner of the room complete with a lamp, a cup of pencils and pens, and paper that had no writing on it. I strolled over casually and sat down. "Those are what you'll be testing on as well as the other things. I brought you some books and other things to help you study for it. But read through those papers first, and don't worry, if you fail, I always have a cage in my room the perfect size for you, as well as a pink frilly collar! Isn't that nice?" She exclaimed to me excitedly with a hint of malice. As if threatening me to fail. I gulped, and shook my head no. "Welp, if you need anything, I'm next door... always open." With that she winked and left. I sighed and thought, "Is she always like this? No wonder Mitsuba was glaring at her."

I grabbed the first paper and read it. It showed a set of rules for being in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. That continued for at least three papers until I found another one that showed the history and historical events and the founding of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. This, I found interesting, so I complied and read through it.


A group by the name of Imperial Japanese Demon Army broadcast their powers across the globe. The entire vampire race at the time were enslaving humans and using them for their own uses. Everything was chaotic, but one single event changed that. They came. The people who were strong. They demolished everything the vampires had. The vampires were on the brink of extinction.


One man, Illu Hiragi, was a compassionate man who wanted to create a treaty and prosper with the vampires. "I believe in second chances. I believed in everything. Vampire, human... everything."_Illu Hiragi_1903- They documented this and signed the papers. Vampires were now obedient, and loyal.


Vampires were on the move again. Many of them were retaliating against the human ruling. Vampires were being treated like dirt. They disliked being on the bottom. They wanted the top.


Many humans were being slaughtered again. The casualties ranged from 1000 to 10000 killings at once. "Everybody was drained of blood... it was scary... and I hate being scared."_Baru_1954- So, one scientist, although unnamed, changed everything. He found the reason. Blood type C-O. Not much was know about it, but that was the reason for vampires killing more and more humans.


"Everything was finally over. It's been long and tedious but it's finally over."_Hitomi_1998- Or that's what they thought.


The vampires were indeed not over with their evil terrain but satisfied with the outcome of the humans they slaughtered. We renewed the treaty, but then vampires started to become governmental officials and snaking their talons into the prey. Humans. They were far from done.


Vampires have gotten us exterminated with the help of the government. They feel stuffy, one said. But they truly just wanted to destroy us. We disbanded for awhile. But now something fishy is going on.


We've tried time and time again to convince the government to allow us to function again, to provide funds. Failure. Vampires were controlling the humans like puppets. It was sickening. So we decided on forming it ourselves. Although it's still small, it's still run by the Hiragi's and we're slowly building it up to full standards. Everything will be fine now.


Humans are smitten with vampires. They barely want to contribute funds and shutting their mouths is hard enough with the money we have. They believe they are finally good. They treat them like gods. I try to convince them otherwise, but they never believe us. It's hard but we'll succeed and finally show the true colors of the vampires. The Japanese Imperial Demon Army will finally unveil the secrets of them all, their plans, and evil doings.

"Hiragi... Shinoa is part of the founding family. She doesn't act like a snob though. That's relieving. And there's that blood type again." I looked at the other papers and scanned and read them. They were all about the restrictions and the training regimes that certain ranks had. The ranks were showed on the next paper and showed the requirements for becoming one. It looked like normal ranks that the U.S army would have. The next paper went over the important people that had high ranks and were apart of the Conference Committee. The names and ranks went like this:

1. General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army- Tenri Hiragi

2. Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army- Kureto Hiragi, Shibuya Main Army

3. Major General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army- Seishiro Hiragi, Shibuya Main Army

4. Major General of the Moon Demon Company- Shinya Hiragi

Beside these were pictures of the the people who made it on this paper. Strange, where's Shinoa on here? I frowned. "Shinoa doesn't talk much about her family, does she? The only one she's talked about was Hiru." I went through the rest of the papers and when finished found a few textbooks about math, science, English, and history. After going through the pages text marked with sticky notes sticking out of the pages, I sighed and stretched my numb arms.

I studied my surroundings and realized that all my important things were present in here. My laptop charger and laptop was on my bed with a few boxes of precious clothing. After making sure my things were here, I scoured my bags and pulled out a pair of clothes and deodorant. I also happened to have my medical things packed with me, seeing as how I was joining an army. I grabbed rubbing alcohol and cotton balls with bandages. I stepped into another door opposite of the desk near the bed. It was the bathroom.

I washed my body greedily, loving the stress free drops falling onto my body. "Ah, just what I needed." I said aloud. I washed my hair and shaved myself. Thankfully, they had the decency to provide me with shampoo and conditioner. After the necessities were done, I fell to the floor and let my skin soak up more of the heaven coming from the spout. I waited for a few minutes and realized I couldn't see anything. Well, I could see, but it was blurry. "Oh... I know what this is."

Tears were streaming down my face. "Great... when am I going to stop?" It hurts. Hiru everything hurts. Dad, mom, it hurts. Why? Why me? Why of all 8 billion people in the world did this happen to me? Is it... Crowley's fault? After all, this all started after I met him. Or was it Amasai? No, I quickly decided that it wasn't their faults.

Maybe... I was cursed in a past life... or something.

Mom's Pov

Pain. It was everywhere. Why am I feeling this pain? What did that... vampire do to me? He was talking to Eirin... Eirin... oh how worried must she be?

I moved slightly and my body pulsed in pain. I threw up a red liquid that shone in the white lighting of the room. "Where am I?" I turned my head slowly as to not hurt myself more and saw a silver haired vampire standing in the doorway.

"..Wh..." He held up a hand and walked over here. I curled into a ball. More pain. I didn't care about the pain but about... him. He was going to kill me. I need help. Asaf... where are you? Please... where? I shook my head repeatedly. He was going to kill me. I'm going to die.

More pain. In my left leg. It was spreading like a disease up and through to my other leg. "Well, now that I'm done... why don't we play a little game? I'm the cat and you're... the little mouse." My body stayed still for a few minutes. The pain was still there. It was so much... maybe if I die... it'll go away?

I forced myself up and ran.

Yuu's Pov

"Shit!" I stood my ground and snarled, "I'd just thought that I would blow up this haven full of blood sucking bastards! And yo-" Yoichi grabbed my arm and shook his head. "Hm, well you could've at least succeeded at it. They are already gone." Crowley reprimanded. I tore my arm from his grip and walked closer to Crowley. "They escaped?"

"That is what I just said, wasn't it?" Crowley said nonchalantly. His apparent anger from before was gone now. He just looked bored. "And what did I say about following me, or did you just forget in the time span of 25 minutes?" I growled and turned away from him. "Whatever!" I shouted. Suddenly, he was in front of me, a smile on his face, close to mine. He slowly moved his face beside my ear and whispered, "Hush now, they can hear you." I shivered at how cold his voice sounded. I moved away and asked, "So, what did you talk about?"

"Sorry, it's a secret." He waved his finger from side to side as he told me. I scowled and stomped even further in the opposite direction. "Yoichi! We're leaving! There's nothing important here." I yelled. "R-right!" He sounded uncertain glancing back at Crowley to make sure he wasn't going to get mauled to death. Out of nowhere, Crowley was in front of us strolling slowly waiting for us to catch up. Once I was beside him, I glanced at his facial features. As usual, he had that smile on. Yoichi gripped my sleeve and I turned to him questioningly. He had a radio in his hand and handed it to me.

"Hey, dimwit, where are you?" The voice flowing through the speakers was unfamiliar. "Who are you?" I questioned the male voice. "I'm Shiho Kimizuki now part of the Shinoa Squad. I was asked by Shinoa to make sure you didn't do anything reckless. Apparently, she was right." You could practically hear his cockiness.

"Okay, and who are you calling a dimwit?" I asked. "You, that's who dumb ass." He answered while yawning in the radio. He spoke again, "And hurry your asses, because Mitsuba is already here. We're just waiting for you guys to show so we can 'get to know each other' as Shinoa puts it."

Mitsuba must be the other team member. "And Shinoa also said to tell you that Eirin passed."

"She passed! That's-"

"Where is she?" Unexpectedly, Crowley snatched the radio away from my hands and spoke to Kimizuki.

"Who is this?" Kimizuki inquired.

"Where is she?" Crowley asked again more menacingly. Two thumps were heard in front of us. A woman with blonde hair and purple eyes with disturbing marks marring her body panted as she faced Ferid. "Ferid. He's going to kill her." I stepped up and prepared myself to attack, pulling my sword until half of it showed. Crolwey stopped me as he was staring intently at Ferid.

"Ferid... so nice of you to be here. Why are you chasing this woman?"

"Oh, you don't know?...X-Tiriac Regenerative Process is why. I'm testing it's capabilities. To see if it's fit for... war. Oh, and there you are, Yuu. I didn't think I'd see you so soon, fate isn't it? Mika would be happy if he knew." I stopped breathing for a second. "Oh, my bad, you didn't know he was still alive. I forgot that. Oh well, I'm sure this is a happy piece of information even if he is a vampire, right?" Ferid's smirk grew wider as he ignored the female in front of him. "Such a shame I couldn't bring him with me, ne?"

"Answer me, Ferid." Crowley persisted. "More important question, Crowley, is why you're with those livestock? Perhaps, are you betraying me?" He emphasized the 'me' in a melodramatic way.

"Mika's alive...as a vampire?"

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