The Devils Horn

As the night approaches and the fog grows near the devils horn shall appear not as a shadow but not as light but to determine who is right now let it choose who will be the evil entity demons and angels shall fight against but but the witches in the middle must decide which is best – Andrea Ellis


The teenage girl had known no better than to want to see the band so her and her 4 friends had decided to sneak out and go to see and go to see them not yet knowing what they are yet knowing there parents had hid something big and they had to find out. The band was going to play at the club P3 and they knew that getting in was easy since last year they converted it to a club for people ages 13 to 18 and the only people older than that was staff and the live bands that played there and they all got to go in free because the manager was Lexy''s grandmother but the funny thing was that her name was Piper as in Piper Halliwell sister of Prue Halliwell, Paige Halliwell, and Phoebe Halliwell. Paige was the sisters half sister but they loved her all the same. The witches had made a council and they were now in charge and as it came and went a new council member was soon to be picked.

The kids had no idea what would happen that night as they went to the club but as they were walking they found a book in the street but this book was no ordinary book it was Lexy's grandmothers spell book and they read the first page and were engulfed in this blinding light and their bodies started to tingle and then they knew the rumors were true they were witches and so were their families so they ran to the club to demand answers from Piper because all of their parents had died the day they turned two and they were all born on the same day in the same hour in the same minute (time is in military time) Wednesday the 13th in October while all their moms were born on Halloween on 13th street at 13:13 the same time and same street that they were born.

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