Many thought that all Nico did during his free time was doing some errands for his father, Lord Hades or go sulking somewhere which he denied fiercely because no, he didn't go sulking.

Actually, running some errands for Hades was true. He did spent most of his time in the Underworld but much lesser ever since the war against Gaia.

His friends (even though he would deny it)sometimes called him 'Ghost King'. But what they didn't know was that it was a real title that he held.

He was Nico di Angelo, The Ghost King and also Prince of Underworld.

Unlike Jason, Percy or Hazel, he actually had to do paperwork. He, unlike those three, had responsibility, even though it was a little bit in the Underworld. He ruled a small part of the Underworld, but paperwork were so, so much that his respect for his father skyrocketed for being able to survive for centuries.

Nico rubbed his temples when he heard someone, either it's Leo, Jason or Percy, banging on his cabin door, telling him to come out and eat and not be a lazy sleeper.

Nico rolled his eyed. Him, lazy sleeper!? He didn't even got a wink of sleep with all those paperwork laying around!


Thalia Grace had never wanted to hit her head so hard against the table than ever before.

When Artemis chose her to become her lieutenant, she thought it was only helped leading the others when Artemis' gone to a meeting.

She never thought that she would be doing paperwork while Artemis brought the others to do a small hunting on nearby monsters.

When she told Lady Artemis that "I'm ADHD," she thought Artemis would spare her the pain of doing paperwork.

And now she's stuck doing paperwork for eternity. Literally.

Thalia seriously thought that joining the Hunt was just for naught.


Reyna glared at the mountain-high of paperwork that were sitting on her desks before sighing in defeat.

She thought having another praetor would helped her with the burden of paperwork but no, Mister Frank Zhang would only helped with everything except anything that was related with paperwork.

Reyna looked through all the paperwork, her glare becoming more intense with every paper she read. The urge to flip the table and leave everything together was very high now.

She rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming up before her brain was saying something along the lines like No, burning the paperwork won't work even though it's tempting.

Reyna now felt the urge to punch every single praetor that worked with her in the past or present. (Jason, Percy and Frank)