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Let me just tell you now: it is VERY different. For one, the Cullens enter a lot sooner because I re-read lore on Twilight vampires and found out a couple of things. Bella isn't as Mary Jane as she was before and the biggest change...it's an M. That means certain things are gonna be explained rather than glossed over. Also, Renee is in the story cause how could a girl go through something like rape and her mum not come rushing to help her?

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Bella was in the hospital again. She recognised the almost overpowering antiseptic smell that she'd had began to associate with hospitals since she was old enough to walk. She'd always been clumsy as a girl; the nurses at Phoenix had joked that Bella would always have permanent bed there so as to get her treated to quickly. They'd even written her name on one of them.

What struck her as somewhat morbidly funny, was that all hospitals seemed to smell the same, no matter where anyone lived. Maybe it was to cover up the smell of death.

She also wondered, vaguely as the rhythm of the EKG machine woken her up, how many people were sent into Forks Hospital for some sort of small illness, only to find that what they had was the progression of something much worse than say, a headache.

Hospitals had never brought out the best side to her, but her mother had learnt to embrace it more or less as the trips to the hospital became more and more frequent over the years. Renee thought her daughter's melancholy mood had to do with her unconsciously channelling the dying's auras. Bella had promptly laughed at her mother when she'd told her her theory, and then she'd given her slightly eccentric mother a hug.

It was possible, Bella thought. Just not very likely. And as more concrete thoughts began to fill her head, she wondered what had happened this time to get her to the hospital, and maybe she should warn the nurses that she would be there often.

She didn't have to wait long for someone to answer any of her questions as, only a minute later, there was a bright light shining into my pupil. Bella shut her eyes automatically to shield them from the painful glare. She gave her own in return once the light moved away.

"She's stable. No sign of concussion."

"Thank god." The gruff tones of Charlie were heard over the beeping. Bella looked towards where she'd heard the voice coming from and saw a pale, baggy eyed Charlie talking quietly to the nurse who she assumed was the one who gave her the all clear.

Her focus shifted to outside the door and she noticed the back of a man's head. He was blonde - most importantly from what she could tell, and was wearing a Forks Police Department wondered what he was doing outside her room.

"Bella." Her attention was drawn back to Charlie. He looked so tired and upset.

"Dad." Her voice was hoarser than expected so she asked for some water. He nodded stiffly and took a jug from the bedside table. There were a few cups littered around the table and he took one of the unused ones.

Some were used and some weren't. Charlie was a man of habit and practicality. He wouldn't just use new paper cups. It made Bella wonder how long they had been there because the hospital wouldn't give them a dirty room.

A woman in a white coat came through the door. She was tired and wasn't looking forward to what she had to tell this next family. "Afternoon Ms Swan. My name's Dr Bishop. How are you feeling?" She asked, looking at chart in her hand. Dr Bishop had a small smile but it was hardly real.

That was the one thing she'd learnt fairly early on once she'd become a doctor. She now found it too hard to give a real smile; she'd give her small fake one to everyone. Now though, she was having a hard time even giving that.

"My throat hurts." Bella told her. Charlie handed her the cup of water and she reached for it. As she did so, she gasped in pain and clutched her arm as heat throbbed through it.

When she looked down at her arm she found the hard casing of the cast on it. Evidently she had broken her arm, but how had it happened? "What happened to me? Why am I here?" She managed to ask through the pain of her throat.

"You don't remember?" Charlie asked tensely.

Bella shook her head slowly making sure not to aggravate anything. "Did I fall? What's happened?" Charlie tightened his fists so much that they were now white. Dr Bishop, seeing his tense reaction, placed a pale hand on him but it didn't calm him down. If anything it made him more tense.

Dr Bishop began speaking and Bella tried hard to concentrate on what she was saying but as she explained, she felt increasing panic. "Two days ago you were found outside the hospital unconscious with a broken humerus and hand shaped bruises around your neck. You were also severely dehydrated."

The rhythm of the EKG increased somewhat, only to jump up at an alarming pace when Charlie suddenly stood up and punched the wall hard.

He'd never been so angry before - and Charlie prided himself on being the calm, level headed one out of himself and Renee. The last time he had been anywhere close to the anger he was feeling now was when he found out that Renne wanted a divorce. Even then, that paled in comparison.

Bella jumped at the sudden movement. Her movement sent Dr Bishop into action.

"Mr Swan, Mr Swan." Dr Bishop said, trying to reason with him. "I think it's better if you wait outside." He didn't seem like he was moving so she tried something else. "You're distressing Bella."

Charlie turned to Bella and saw her pale, shaking form and he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry." He said, quietly. She swallowed and nodded. "I'll just wait outside." As he turned to walk out of the door Bella saw the bloody hand from when he'd punched the wall.

When he left, Dr Bishop turned to Bella and began to once again approach her cautiously. "Take deep breaths Miss Swan. Count to 10 whilst you do so." Bella followed her instructions noticing that, while she still wanted to shut her eyes and burrow under the the sheets till this threat went away, she was more prepared to listen to her.

"What - what happened?" She asked. She wasn't sure that she wanted to know but wasn't that what you were supposed to ask? Something told her she didn't want to know.

"Before I answer I'd like you to think back and try to remember what happened." Bella looked at Dr Bishop for a moment. "I know. This is something that you don't want to remember but - and I am going to be frank with you Ms Swan - it is very likely you were raped."

It took a moment for Bella to understand the words. They sort of sounded like rushed mumbles and it took a moment to distinguish one syllable from another. But all too soon, the words made sense.

Likely you were raped.

She swallowed the bile that was suddenly forcing its way up her throat but something was still stuck in her throat once it had gone.

"How - how do you know?" She whispered.

Dr Bishop felt the oddest combination of anger and pity for the girl as she explained the bruises on her neck had caused a red flag to go up. They had checked elsewhere but what had sealed their suspicion and prompt action was her lack of underwear.

"With the permission of your father, while you were unconscious just after you were brought in, we performed an examination and found traces of blood." She paused for a moment and then delicately asked: "Miss Swan, were you a virgin?"

Bella nodded and Dr Bishop felt sympathy added to the ever growing storm. What had this girl done to deserve all of this? "I see. Well we found vaginal tearing suggesting there was vaginal penetration."

Bella found herself distancing from the words, focusing on a small crack in the skin of the wall. An odd thought popped into her head: Renee would have moaned at her about focusing on a crack. This is stupid Bella, she would say. You need to get a hobby. What about canoeing?

Those days seemed so long ago now. What would have happened if she'd just gone with her mom and Phil?

Bella was shocked out of her thoughts when a hand was placed on her shoulder. She immediately flinched at the pain and Dr Bishop moved away quickly, thinking it had been her who had hurt her.

"I'm sorry Bella. I need to call in Officer Williams now." Bella gave a stiff nod and Dr Bishop sighed. She didn't know what to do to help the poor girl. She'd never had to deal with a rape; Forks was not a dangerous place. The most that happened was a few scrapes for some kids messing about.

There had been two murders since she had been a girl. Things like this just didn't happen here.

She looked back at the girl who was breaking in front of her and fought back a sob. Isabella Swan was not a bad girl, so then why would god let this happen to her? Dr Bishop had been taught that God was merciful and just, but this was not mercy, nor justice.

What made Bella Swan so different? Why had she been the target of so much pain and misery?

She closed the door and stood facing the police officer and Bella's father. "You can go in now." She said to Jamie Williams. He nodded solemnly and went to the door.

Charlie made to move for the door as well but was held back by the blonde man. "It's not wise chief." He said cautiously.

Charlie began to turn red. "That's my daughter in there Williams. My seventeen year old daughter who is about to answer questions on who her rapist is!"

He went for the door again but he was stopped once again. "Charlie!" Jamie said coldly. "I can't let you in there. You're compromised."

"Fuck you Williams!" Charlie shouted.

"I'm sorry. But you can't be in there Charlie. You have a temper and you know it. It might upset Bella and then what?" Charlie began to calm down some. "I'll do my best chief but you know how these things work. If she's too stressed, she'll lose it."

Charlie nodded and straightened himself out. "I'll just be in the room." At the look that Jamie gave him he frowned. "If I get too - if she gets stressed I'll leave. But that's my little girl in there Jamie. Can't let her go through this alone."

Jamie hesitated for a moment. It was no secret that Charlie had a temper, but the guy was dying inside; James could see the hurt and the pain that he felt so he sighed and nodded.

"Fine." He said. "But I swear Chief -"

"I got it." Charlie said. James nodded and braced himself for the next few agonizing minutes. He knocked on the door and waited for the okay to come in.

He wasn't prepared for how tiny the girl looked in the bed surrounded by large white sheets and the still, clearly visible bruises on her neck. He steeled himself and stayed near the door. He'd been warned about getting too close to rape victims.

"My name is Officer James Williams and -" He could feel Charlie moving around behind him. He was surprised the man hadn't run to his daughter immediately upon entering the room. This was hard. He'd never had to - never in his time on the force had he conducted this kind of interview. It made him sick.

Nevertheless he took a breath and tried again.

"Miss Swan, I -"

"Bella." He heard her whisper. "Call me Bella."

It hadn't been a conscious thing, Bella noted and she stared at the police officer somewhat cautiously. It had just been an automatic response. A familiarity. She was grateful.

James on the other hand was grateful that she had responded to something at all. Maybe, maybe it wouldn't be so hard to do. Maybe if she acted normally, he could almost pretend that he wasn't doing this.

"Bella." He started again. "I need to ask you some questions about that night. Do you remember it?" He asked.

Bella shook her head but then stopped. She did remember something - a face. "I - he - my car." She whispered. "Something about my car - and Mike."

"Mike? Mike Newton?" Charlie asked. Bella nodded slowly.

"I think so."

"Bella was he the last person you saw?" Charlie asked, moving closer to her. Jamie put a hand on his shoulder, a subtle reminder that he wasn't supposed to be asking questions. But Charlie ignored it.

He pushed the hand away and made for his daughter. He clasped her hand in his tightly and stared at her. "Bella - was he the last person you saw?"

Bella shook her head. The memories were too foggy. "I don't know. I can't remember."

Jamie noted down the name carefully. Forks was a small town so he knew Newton, or at least the family. They were good people. "Do you remember anything else Bella?" He asked gently.

"I - red. The colour red. And everything being blurry, like I was on a roller-coaster or something." She had gained some tone back to her voice now, though barely any. She still felt panicked by what she had been told but she could feel herself slowly distancing herself from the occurrence.

Now it was beginning to feel more like she was watching a terrible movie about some other pale, brunette girl. Not her.

Jamie noted down her comments though they didn't make much sense and thanked Bella. "If you remember anything else then call me - and if you can't get through then tell your dad okay?" Bella nodded and took the card he had given her.

Officer Jamie Williams left the hospital and went back to the precinct only to file the report and the random mumblings that Bella had given him.

At the moment, it did not look good for Mike Newton. He'd been the last face that Bella had remembered but Jamie hoped it would be easy enough to dismiss him. All they had to do was get some of the kid's DNA and compare it to the samples...left behind.

Still protocol called for the kid to be called in and questioned. Even if Jamie didn't think he'd done it.

For now though, he was making his way home where he would grab his 6 months pregnant wife and hold her close to him all night. He would sit there and watch the stupid shows she wanted to watch and silently make promises to do all her could to make sure nothing like this ever, ever happened to his family.


With clear instructions from the doctors for Charlie to get some rest, Bella was left alone to her thoughts.

They wanted a couple more days of observation before she could leave and Bella had been assured that there was no risk of pregnancy or STD's. She was thankful she supposed. That would have been uncomfortable to have to deal with.

Bella closed her eyes and tried to get herself to fall asleep. Dr Bishop had given her pain medication so nothing hurt. She found that she was tired enough that it was getting harder to keep her eyes open.

She wondered if she would have nightmares. But she wouldn't know till she was in one, she thought, minutes before she fell asleep.

Hours later, Bella woke up with sweat dripping down her face, her heart beating faster than she ever remembered and a knot in her stomach. But she had no recollection of her dream.

She looked over to see her dad fast asleep on a chair, still holding on to her hand and Bella relaxed slightly. At least nothing would happen to her while Charlie was there, she told herself.

It was only a dream. It was only a dream. She whispered.