She sat there staring at the little white stick and its mocking little pink positive sign. A shaking hand ran through her loose blond hair as she tried to gather her thoughts. She had suspected that this was what the test would say, but had hoped very hard that it would be negative.

A cry in the next room alerted her that her son was awake and probably wanted to be fed. He had his father's appetite after all. She held back her tears and went to tend to the baby that she had already given birth to.

Her eleven-month old son's nearly black colored green eyes peered at her from his specially reinforced crib. They had learned early on when Iggy had started walking, climbing, and sneezing fire that nothing short of the strongest of cribs could hold him in. They had called in a few favors with Gajeel to have the iron dragonslayer construct a Natsu spawn-proof bed, and now Lucy could have a few moments of peace ever so often without her demolition baby destroying the house.

As Lucy picked Iggy up out of the crib, the baby seemed to sense his mother's distress and take it as his own. He began to fuss and whimper and tear at her shirt. Lucy quickly sat in her comfortable rocking chair and lifted her shirt for him. He wasted no time in latching on to her breast. Nothing comforted little Igneel as quickly as his mother's warm milk straight from the tap.

Lucy's mind raced as her son gulped down his meal. She had not planned on having a baby again so soon. Igneel was enough trouble already. He had taken so much after his father that Master Makarov often broke out into tears and mutterings of 'property damage' every time he saw the boy. Igneel even looked just like his father in every detail, right down to the wild pink hair.

Every day was a challenge with such a destructive baby. Igneel managed to break things on a daily basis, and it did not help matters that he could set things on fire. The first time he had set the living room curtains on fire had nearly sent her into a panic. Fortunately, Natsu had been home to handle the blaze, laughing at his son's antics the entire time.

The two of them were going to make her go grey headed.

Tears began welling up in her eyes again as she thought about having yet another Natsu clone to destroy things. Plus, Igneel was so young, and even having two normal babies so close together was often challenging. She didn't know if she, or even the guild, could handle it. So…much…fire…

In all honesty, she should not have been surprised at all by the current turn of events. This would be her second birth control failure. Igneel had been conceived while she had been taking The Potion. She had not intended to have children so soon after marriage. In fact, she had been pregnant with Igneel on her first wedding anniversary. This time around they had been using The Potion and condoms, but Natsu kept melting the condoms. He was always very sorry afterwards, but it did not change the fact that there had been many accidents.

Lucy looked down at Igneel's deceptively innocent face as he nursed. Could she really handle another?

Her next concern was with how Natsu was going to take the news. He had so easily agreed to wearing condoms, although he hated them, that she firmly believe he also did not want another child so soon. Then again, they had never once actually discussed how many children that they wanted to have together. Natsu had just gone along with whatever she said she wanted.

That thought made her blood run a few degrees cooler. What if he had never actually wanted children, but went along with everything because that was what he always did?

She shook her head. The pregnancy hormones were already in full swing. Her hormones had been just as bad when she was pregnant with Igneel. But it could have been worse. Natsu had always said that he would never complain no matter how bad she got because she could never possibly get as bad as Erza, who had been pregnant shortly before Lucy and Natsu's wedding.

No one knew how Jellal had managed to live through it.

Lucy switched sides with Iggy. She knew that she needed to calm down, but that was easier said than done. She had until Natsu got back from his mission to figure out exactly how to tell him that they were expecting another bundle of potential trouble. She also needed to figure out how to tell the guild. Makarov had managed to cry even more than Juvia when they had announced Iggy's impeding arrival. He had known just how much of a terror that Iggy was going to be.

Iggy finished with a loud and smoke filled burp. He wiggled his way down and toddled off to play with a few of his toys. Lucy just hoped that he wouldn't melt/burn/break any more of them.

Lucy had never heard of a child before Igneel that had so strongly inherited one parent's magic. Levy had theorized that it was because of how much dragonslayer magic changed the bodies of the ones who practiced it. It made them practically half dragon. It only made sense that some of the physical effects would pass over into their offspring.

Iggy's head snapped up, his attention immediately focusing towards the front of the house.

"Da! Da!"

He pushed himself to his chubby little feet and waddled in the direction of the living room. Lucy followed. She knew her son would more than likely be correct and that Natsu would soon be bursting in through the front door.

As soon as she crossed into the living room, the front door was flung open and her husband's smiling face walked through.

"We made it back alive!"

"Aye, sir!"

Lucy could not help but shake her head at her husband and his Exceed partner. They would never change.

"It's nice to see that you made it home safe and sound. How was the mission?"

"It went great! I got to do a lot of fighting, and I got the full reward."

Lucy squealed and jumped her husband in a massive bear hug. It was always worth celebrating when nothing cut into the reward money. Lucy had not had to worry about rent money since moving in with Natsu in his remodeled house, but they still had other expenses. Like property damage from Iggy.

"This calls for you getting your favorite food for dinner. How does fire chicken sound?"

"Like I have the best wife ever, that's how it sounds." Natsu went over to where Igneel had his little hands raised wanting to be picked up. He willingly obliged his son. "How's Daddy's little dragon today?"

Iggy grinned identically to his father. "Da! Da!"

Lucy smiled and began heading for the kitchen, not noticing that her pink haired husband was heading to the bathroom. She had barely begun making preparations for dinner when she felt Natsu's heat on her back.

"You left something in the bathroom."

Lucy turned to see Natsu holding her pregnancy test, a huge grin reaching from ear to ear. She quickly snatched the test from him.

"I can explain…"

"No need." He said, still smiling like the cat that got the canary. "I see that you finally found out."

Lucy frowned, trying to understand what he was saying.

"Finally found…wait! You knew!"

Laughing, Natsu nodded. "Of course I knew. After being around you when you were pregnant with Igneel, I remembered what you smell like when you are pregnant. I knew even before I took that last mission."

"Then why didn't you say anything? I was worried sick over how I was going to tell you."

"With how you freak out about stuff like this, I figured it would be better if you found out on your own."

Lucy shyly looked up at him through her hair. "So, you aren't mad or upset?"

"Why would I be?" He asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"Well, we never really talked about kids, and now we have Igneel and this one… I was worried about you being okay with this."

Natsu's smile turned gentle.

"Of course I'm okay with it. I want as many kids as you are willing to give me. Thirty-three sounds like a good number."

"No way in Hell."

"Besides, I was really hoping that your potion stuff would fail again."


Natsu carried on obliviously.

"I was thinking about how much Igneel needs a little brother or sister, and being so close in age will make them best friends. Actually, I was thinking that we could just skip all the potions and condoms, and have a huge family!"

Lucy, by that point, had started steaming. She was about to give her beloved husband a good kick in the head when he moved behind her. Lifting her up by her waist, he laughed with mirth at her struggling and hurling curses like a sailor.

"I love you, Lucy. Even though you are so weird.

Completely unedited, and written while I had a fever, but it is done. This was based off of a fantastic piece of fanart that I saw on Tumblr, and was written with the artist's permission. I will probably edit this sometime soon so it isn't so…raw and convoluted.