The entire town of Magnolia, normally a lively town like any other, had an unusual cloud of tense energy blanketing it. The citizens of the town could not get over a certain feeling of wrongness that just would not let up.

Of course, most of them realized that it had something to do with the fact that the local magic guild, Fairy Tail, had been quiet as a church mouse lately. If it had been any other guild, this would not be much cause for alarm, but this was Fairy Tail. They could not do anything without something being blown up, broken, set on fire, demon possessed, and so forth. For them to be quiet seemed like a sign of the Apocalypse.

What the townspeople did not yet know, was that Fairy Tail currently felt like they were in the middle of Armageddon.

Inside the guild hall, all members of the rowdy guild were sitting very still and very quietly. No one was talking, drinking, or having brawls. Macao and Wakaba were not talking about their younger days. Cana was not drinking anything alcoholic, another sign of the Apocalypse in and of itself. It was so quiet that you could almost hear everyone's breathing.

There were only two people in the guild that were engaging in their normal activities. The first was Mirajane. There was not much that could keep her cheerful grin off of her face as she went about her day serving food and drinks to anyone brave enough to lift their hand to call for her. There were no verbal calls; it was all done with hand signals. The other member who seemed normal was Erza. She was happily devouring an especially large strawberry cake while Jellal sat next to her as silently as the rest of them.

The silence was broken by the creaking of the front doors slowly and carefully being opened. Normally, this creaking would not have been able to be heard over the daily din and ruckus produced by the lively family of mages, but as things were that day, it sounded through the hall like a bomb going off.

The opened doors revealed the five members of the Dragneel family. Natsu, Lucy, Iggy, Luna, and seven month old Haru. Natsu was covered in a fine sheen of nervous sweat while Lucy fidgeted under the stares of all the silent guild members. The children, not fully understanding but still sensing something was amiss, clung to their parents much more closely than usual.

"Don't mind us," the blonde stuttered nervously. "We just came to pick up a mission before dropping the kids off with Levy and Gajeel."

"Oh!" Mirajane exclaimed. "You and Natsu are going on a mission together?"

Lucy nodded while smiling happily.

"It's been so long since we had any time just the two of us," Lucy replied. "Haru is old enough to go a few hours without nursing, plus he's started on solid food, so he should be fine to stay with Levy while Natsu and I go on a short mission. It'll feel good to have a break."

Mirajane laughed.

"I never thought I would see someone calling going on a job a 'break'."

"Yeah, well, other people don't have Igneel Dragneel for a son. Taking down a dark guild or dealing with ancient demons is a walk in the park by comparison."

"I'm gonna go grab the job real quick, okay Lucy," said Natsu, the nervous sweat gradually increasing.

Lucy, understanding what was wrong with her husband, nodded at him to go. She was not too fond of the idea of staying any longer than they had to, either. No one really liked staying at the guild much anymore. Even Haru noticed the tension and began squirming in his mother's arms and grabbing at her breasts in search of his favorite comfort.

No one noticed as Iggy began scenting the air. He had caught the scent of something delicious. Ever as gluttonous as his father, he immediately lost interest in what his parents were doing and began tracking down the wonderful aroma.

It did not take him long to find himself near his Auntie Erza, although he paid little attention to her. His focus was solely on the enormous and tasty cake that she was steadily plowing her way through. He used the stealth that he had acquired through much practice and crept under the table. With a well placed and carefully controlled stream of fire breath, he set fire to the behind of poor Max Alors, who happened to be the one sitting closest to Erza, though he was still a considerable distance away. Max jumped up patting his behind in an attempt to put out the fire down below. Erza turned towards him to see what the commotion was about. Iggy literally seized his opportunity and grabbed the largest handfuls of cake he could manage.

It took the little mini Natsu mere seconds to polish off his treat and run back to his mother. Unfortunately for everyone else, there were reprecussions.

Max, in a mindless panic, began running around and unwittingly fanning the flames. Other guild members tried to catch him, even Natsu, but he was just in too much of a crazed state. But the real problem did not happen until Max ran into and tipped over Erza's table. The very table atop which sat her beloved cake.

Everything stilled, even Max, as the sound of cake splattering across wood floors reached everyone's ears. It could not be helped. Everyone in the guild was conditioned to fear that sound. Even Jellal began to sweat as all eyes turned to Erza. Erza silently stood, revealing her round pregnant belly.

"You…ASSHOLES!" She requipped several of her most deadly swords. "Prepare to die for this atrocity against my cake!"

Jellal glared at Max.

"Good God, you angered the beast!"

The other members of the guild began to scream and scatter. Erza's hormones were nothing to trifle with. If she was a demon while she was not pregnant, then pregnancy turned her into something even Satan would fear.

"GottagoMirabye," was all Mirajane heard as Natsu scooped up his wife and kids and escaped out the back to safety.

The white haired take over mage calmly watched, with a sweet smile still on her face, as Erza wreaked havoc, carnage, and was that a broom stuck up Max's bare behind?, throughout the guild hall.

"This is much better. It was getting way too boring," Mira said with a blissful sigh before walking behind the bar to merrily clean glasses, perfectly at peace.


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