Christmas One shot #1:

Author's Note: I'm sorry forthright extra long hiatus! I was having that kind of writer's block where you know what you want to happen but you can't put it into words. Anyways, this year I plan on writing a series of one shots relating to Christmas everyday from today to December 25! Some will be related to my Shadows From The Past fic (an AOS/Arrow/Flash (2014) crossover AU) and will be West Family centric (this one shot for example), others will be related to my Agents of Lyoko fic (an AOS/Code Lyoko crossover AU) and will focus on the Schaffer's and their friends, and some will be unrelated to my other fics.

One shot #1: Barry's first christmas with the West family: It was December 25th, it was Joe's third Christmas with his step daughter Skye (He took her in while he and Iris were on summer vacation in New York and she was 8, she was Joe's oldest "child") and his first with his step son Barry (he took him in after the death of his mother Nora Allen and his Father was wrongfully convicted (not that Joe believed Barry's claims that a man in yellow killed her), he also had an 8 year old daughter Iris (her mother, Francine, left when she was 6 due to a drug overdose) . Joe was taking a day off from his job at the Central City Police Department (he was recently promoted to Detective). He woke up at 6:00 (mostly due to Skye and Iris pressuring him and Barry to do so). While Skye and Iris were opening Christmas presents from their dad (or in Skye's case Step-Dad) a few minutes later he noticed Barry sneaking out.

"Where are you going? The Christmas presents are over there." Joe asked Barry.

"I'm going to see my Dad in Iron Heights, please Joe can I go, I'll be back before 8:00. Please Joe, it's Christmas!" Barry pleaded, he even brought his puppy dog eyes.

"Alright you can go Barry, but be back before 8:30, because it's Christmas I'm being generous." Joe answered.

"Thank you Joe!" Barry answered before running off after getting his winter coat and boots on. In that moment Joe felt that he gave young Barry Allen the best Christmas presents he could ask for, love and permission to see his father.


Author's Note #2: This was written over 20 minutes so please review or PM me if you notice any errors. Also this was mainly about Joe and Barry and the beginnings of their father/son dynamic and the way giving a boy fatherly love when he can't get it from his biological parents (even if that means giving them permission to visit their father in prison) can be the best gift a kid can ask for. Next one shot will be tomorrow.