Christmas One-Shots #5:

Author's Note: SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG, I GOT DISTRACTED! Today of course will be about WestAllen and their FitzSimmons type relationship (but trade off best friends for step-siblings). Tomorrow (or later today depending on where you are in the world) will as promised yesterday be a Daisy/Lincoin AU one-shot. This is canon divergent after the end of Season 1 (the flashback from "The Man Who Saved Central City" is still canon though). These one-shots are short on purpose so they can be absorbed quickly, like chocolate in an advent calendar.

Christmas One-Shot #5: Netflix and Sorting out Complex Relationships: It was Christmas Eve and all through the house not a creature stirred, except for Iris West and Barry Allen/The Flash were trying to sort out their… complicated relationship.

"Barry, you were closed off and trying to work along for 3 months before I got through to you. Considering what happened around this time last year, you confessing that you were in love with me, I think that you still do, and that I do too. I know you're in a relationship with Patty right now, but can we work things out?" Iris asked Barry.

"Iris, I still love you, and my relationship with Patty is in shambles, we broke up a couple days ago. So I say we… work things out." Barry answered. So that's how Barry and Iris ended up in bed together with "A Very Murray Christmas" playing in the background, they decided against sex due to it being too early, though they did kiss, but little did they know that Joe put mistletoe over the bed (because he knew this might happen).


Author's Note #2: Sorry again about the delay! I personally think that this one is the worst one I've written so far, let me know you're opinion in a review!