The Magic of the Stars

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I'll have a few original characters but they won't be much.

I am not good with accents nor British.

Warning: Fan biased, I will try NOT to have Dumbledore bashing in this story but no promises.


Someone close to Dumbledore from Hogwarts manage to see baby Harry to space from the dark lord instead of the Dursley's, the Jedi order adopt him some time later, then one year later 'Attack on the Jedi Temple' happened, and through a lone male doctor save the young Potter, who manage to escape and somehow end up on Tatooine, were uncle Owen adopt the young child to be Luke brother to save him from slavery. They interact with each other story.

No one POV, Dumbledore office:

There were 3 figures in his office: Dumbledore himself, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Wishcause. The three were all worrying about one thing the recent deaths of Lily and James Potter, and their orphan son. They knew the child couldn't grow up in the magical world, because he wouldn't go a week without someone noticing him and a Death Eater coming to kill him. They were discussing what to do with the child. "Does he have any family?" Professor Wishcause asked.

"A muggle couple but from what we heard, but they're not partially good people." McGonagall said.

"Do you know anyone else?" Dumbledore asked.

"I think I know someone that owes me a favor and loves kids." the Professor said, he did not want anything bad to happen to the kid but knew that there was not a magical family in world that wouldn't reveal his true identity and that would get any of numbers of Voldemort minions after him.

"Who may I asked is it?" McGonagall asked her fellow professor, not sure who Wishcause could possibly be talking about.

"He is someone I meet during my youth." He said, his youth was very adventurous even for a wizard. "You don't know him because he is not magical person nor a muggle." He said, knowing this was to confused them but he could not tell them directly because if he did they would think he had completely went mad.

"I don't think there are that any people in the world that are define as neither magical nor muggle. The idea to me sound downright precocious." Professor McGonagall said not convince of this. "And If you are joking this is not a time to do it."

"I am not joking, I want nothing bad to happen to the young boy." He said, he knew with his friend would be willing to help with the boy the way he knew that was best for the young Potter. "I know my friend would be able to take good care of the young boy."

The female professor was not sure neither Wishcause's or Dumbledore choice was pretty wise. She was determined to find the best possible choice since it was not any of their future despite what the prophecy said they were deciding how a baby would spend his entire childhood when he is not at Hogwarts.

"Listen to me and listen to me good." She said to Wishcause then looked to Dumbledore, "Both of you, we are deciding the fate of what will happen to a innocent child we must make the best choice." She said to the other professor, and the headmaster.

"I am going to sight my idea again I may not do it once again." He said to the Gryffindor headmistress. He had nothing but respect for her but found this conversation to be pointless but then again this was the fate of a young child, who had no choice. "We can either let my friend take him or leave him somewhere that he would be hate him and be completely unaware if a death eater come a knocking." He explained using logic.

"Must I repeat myself any more, we can't have him being caught by a death eater if someone reveal his name." He said.

"So we will leave him with some of the worst excuses of human beings that we could possible find." He said to his boss getting super irritated with it all.

He and his boss glare at one another one both of them thought they had the perfect idea and that the other was dead wrong for suggesting other wises. The two did have a deep respect for one another but they could have conflict when it comes to ideas and this was far too important for the wrong thing to do.

"That enough, am I allow to stated what I think." She said, "I do not think we should ignore either possibility, I think we should meet this friend of your professor Wishcause." She said figuring that would help them make a decision.

He nodded in agreement, "I'll show you tomorrow."

Tomorrow in a field a few hundred miles away from London:

The three Wizarding professors manage to used a PortkeyWishcause had just for occasion like this, they told Hagrid about it and asked him to bring baby Harry with him. McGonagall secretly wanted it to be the right choice not trusting the Dursley in the slightest. She had no problem with Muggles but those were the worst type of them.

A few minutes later Hagrid appear with the boy, "Where is your friend Professor?"

"He'll be here soon." He said to the large ground keepers, the professor had a world of fate in his friend.

After some time past the three of them were about ready to leave when a light from above appear on the field.

"Professor Wishcause what in the world is that?" McGonagall said, finding this all so bizarre to her.

"That Professor McGonagall is my friend, my dear friend." The younger professor said to both his elder professors.

To be continued...

Next time: Harry goes to the stars.