The Magic of the Stars 2

I don't own Star Wars it and most of the characters are owned by Lucas Arts/Disney, and Harry Potter and its character are owned by J. K. Rowling.

I'll have a few original characters but they won't be much.

I am not good with accents nor British.

Warning: Fan biased, I will try NOT to have Dumbledore bashing in this story but no promises, PS while I agree Dumbledore should have found someone else his inaction is better than others since well he a glorify principal a job which takes a lot of his attention and gives little if any political power.


Someone close to Dumbledore from Hogwarts manage to send baby Harry to space from the dark lord instead of the Dursley's, the Jedi order adopt him some time later, then one year later 'Attack on the Jedi Temple' happened, and through a lone male doctor save the young Potter. Harry manages to escape and somehow end up on Tatooine, were uncle Owen adopt the young child to be Luke brother to save him from slavery. They interact with each other story.

In a field a few hundred miles away from London:

After some time past the three of them were about ready to leave when a light from above appear on the field.

"Professor Wishcause what in the world is that?" McGonagall said, finding this all so bizarre to her.

"That Professor McGonagall is my friend's ship, my dear friend." The younger professor said to both his elder professors.

The ship landed in front of the three of them, slowly a man the same age as professor Wishcause, he was in a black jacket, some grey jean, a black shirt with a belt attach to the belt with a holster holding some kind of gun. "Edward Wishcause is that you?" He asked.

"Yes it is Matthews." He said, then he remember that his two superiors were still there, "Where are my manors this is my old childhood friend Mathew Rayburn."

Dumbledore try to used a counter illusion spell seeing if this was some kind of trick, he decided since it was not some kind of trick he would listen to what he had to say or at the very least humor him for a good laugh and then leave. Of course he was palming the Elder Wand since he would be willing to fight this person if it meant protecting the child of prophecy.

"So what is it you want to talk about?" Mathew asked, he knew it was important and had something to do with a child and he always wanted to have a child of his own

"Well a child of great important is endanger and we do not agree on who should take care of him." Wishcause said.

"Doesn't he have any parents or godparents?" He asked while he was not born on this planet and forgot some things but could have sworn they had godparents for when their parents die, he knew it wasn't a hive collective so why else would they not have someone watching him.

"His parents were kill by a insane cult leader, and his godfather is being hunted down for conspiracy for their murder." Dumbledore explain.

"That is awful but I cannot believe that I am the first choice, doesn't he have any family?" Mathew asked.

"Well he does but they are less than pleasant." McGonagall said, "To put bluntly they are nothing more than the worst type of muggles, they are indifference to the pain of others, and from what I was told about the wife from the boy mother is that she is a lazy, zealous who think anything that her limited mind cannot understand is evil and her husband supported her completely in her blind hatred."

"Yeah that will happen when you hide from people and happily goes around killing him." While Rayburn had more important things to do than politics of pre contacted world he and Wishcause did make contact with each other and he knew all about the events with Voldermort and his Death Eaters personally a race size secret was not only something awful but ridiculous to the point that it might as well be some kind of Farce. "How did you keep it a secret for so long?" He asked.

"Centuries, or a millennium or two even recorded sources vary." Professor McGonagall said, with all the propaganda over the years and straight up lies over the years even historians of the wizarding world cannot agree as a whole entity.

"Really, how did that work…never mind." Rayburn said, he did not care but he would happily mess around with them, he was a smuggler so he have fun by meeting new people and making them as mad as possible. "Do you have the kid with you?"

"We did not agree that you would get him or not." Dumbledore said, while he wanted what was best he knew the kid did have a bright future and he was not sure if this Rayburn person was really worthy of the extreme level of trust they needed.

"I can assure you that he is, you have my word as a professor that he is truly trustworthy, you just have to thrust him." The school professor.

Dumbledore sigh, "Is there anyways for us to track him back if we need to."

"I believe that I got something like that." Wishcause said.

Dumbledore sigh, "Okay but be careful." The head master said.

To Be Continued…


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Yeah, I base it off of a story where Harry was Luke but I went in another direction all together.

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