Pinocchio was pacing outside Shrek's hut in a nervous wreck, wincing as he heard painful screams and crying coming from inside. The screaming was coming from his girlfriend Lee. She was inside with the others giving birth to a baby. He was planning on proposing to her today, but this baby being born was so important that he decided he would propose after the baby being born.

"Hey, you holding up ok Pino?"

The puppet looked to see his friend the White Rabbit in the doorway.

"Oh rabbit, I am so worried! Lee is in there and in pain giving birth to a baby and I am not there to support her!" he said tearing up.

Pinocchio sighed and sat on a log, tears streaming down his cheek. Rabbit joined him and put a hand on his shoulder in a brotherly way. Suddenly, mama bear came out in a rush.

"Pino Darlin! Get in here! The baby's about to come!"

Pinocchio rushed in and followed Mama Bear to a bedroom in the back where godmother and duckling were comforting her. Lee saw Pinocchio and gave a pained smile as he grabbed her hand, sweat rolling down her flushed cheeks.

"Ok lee, it's time to push!" said Godmother as she got ready to catch the baby.

"I'll do my best" said lee.

Pinocchio squeezed lee's hand as she gave a few pushes, crying with each push.

"It hurts so bad!" lee cried.

"I know it does lee but the baby is almost here! Just one more big push!" said pino as he cupped her face.

Lee nodded and prepared herself for the final push. She took in a deep breath and with one final big push and agonizing scream, the sound that followed made both of them tear up. It was the cry of a new born baby. All the people in that bedroom was laughing and crying at the same time. Pinocchio gave each other a kiss and a hug, realizing they were now parents. Suddenly, as mama bear went to clean the baby up, his face softened and he took her hand.

"Lee….this was the most wonderful miracle I have ever witnessed. But there is another miracle I yet have to see"

"What is that?" asked lee.

Pinocchio knelt by her side and pulled out a small box, causing lee to tear up harder.

"The miracle of forever. Lee my beautiful blonde cherub, will you marry me?"

"Pino YES!" Lee cried as he slid the ring on.

The two lovers embraced and kissed, both laughing softly. The moment was interrupted as they saw Mama Bear come in with something bundled up in a pink blanket.

"Congrats you two! It's a healthy and happy baby girl"

Lee teared up as she took the bundle in her arms. She was a beautiful little baby. The baby had lee's eyes and ears, while having Pinocchio's dark hair and smile. And the most miraculous thing? Wood ring shaped birth marks on her arms and cheek.

"what are you going to name her?" asked Duckling as Rabbit came in to see the new baby.

"I was thinking of….Demeter. Demeter Josette" She said as she looked at the baby lovingly.

Lee then looked at Pinocchio who had his hat removed, holding it to his chest. She smiled as tears formed in his eyes.

"Would you like to meet your daughter?"

Pinocchio's tears streamed as he took the baby in his arms and choked up as the baby grabbed his finger.

"Hi precious…I'm your daddy…."