I came up with this story during class. I was sooooo bored. I hope you like it!

"How did it have to come this?" Amy whispered, tears streaming down her eyes. "My fingers are slipping. I can't hold on any longer…" Amy had yelled various times yet nobody was around.

8 hours ago (Amy's P.O.V)

I woke up to a peaceful Saturday morning. Today was obviously a break day and I had already planned what I was going to do all day without any of my friends. Yes, for once, I will let Sonic have a break and enjoy his Saturday without me bothering him. It just wouldn't seem fair. What I had already planned was to do my daily chores around the house, re-stock my fridge with food, and have a walk around the woods and maybe lay down for a while just like Sonic does when he he's tired or he just wants to relax. So, I did the first thing which was too clean around the house which took me only 30 minutes since I can clean very fast.

"Whew…I got one thing done. Next, re-stocking my fridge." I went outside deciding to wear blue jeans with white polka dots and a plain white t-shirt that was a bit above my waist and a pair of white sandals. I had reached the city where my favorite local market is and I was greeted by citizens who knew me around the area I was in. I went into the market where I got everything I need which consisted of fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, cereal, etc. Once I finished, I paid for the food and walked back home where I bumped into Cream and Cheese along the way.

"Amy! I'm so glad I found you. Cheese and I were wondering if you wanted to come to my house and help my mom cook some tasty desserts." Cream had asked in such a polite way. I felt bad that I was going to reject her offer but I really needed to have some time alone. So, I denied her offer as nicely as I could and she seemed to understand which made me hug her. She waved goodbye and walked away with Cheese heading to the direction of where she lived. I sighed in relief and walked back home where I managed to stock all my food and have plenty of time to relax on my favorite spot in the woods. Nobody knows where I go when I'm alone but it's mostly in the woods where I have time to think an clear my mind by meditating a bit which is something I don't do but Silver taught me how to relieve stress and clear my mind. I locked the door from my house and headed off to my favorite spot in the woods. On my way, I couldn't help but feel something inside of me that was telling me something terrible was going to happen but of course, I shrugged it off but it wasn't easy. Every step I took towards the woods, my body felt anxious and my heart started beating fast.

"Odd…why can't this strange feeling go away? What's going to happen?" I asked myself. I arrived at the woods and found my favorite spot where I laid down and let the rays of the sun shine above me. As I closed my eyes, I started thinking of what my daily life issues were and of course, most of them where about Sonic. That hedgehog sure knows how to make you live with stress and worry. What I mean by stress is how he always runs away from me and makes up lame excuses so he won't hang out me with and worry because one day I might push it too far and he'll hate me and never talk to me again. But Sonic isn't like that…I hope. Most of the time I practice trying to leave him alone and not constantly chase him around in public calling out his name when I see him. It's hard. But that's how I mostly grew up doing and it somehow became a habit I can't break. As I was still thinking, I noticed that the rays of the sun were no longer shinning upon me. Instead, I opened my eyes to reveal Sonic's arch enemy…


"HO HO HO! What do we have here? Little miss Rose alone with nobody around huh? This will be better than starting chaos around the city." I growled angrily, disturbed by his presence. It's a freaking Saturday! Why can't he do something better in his life instead of trying to achieve world dominance. As long as sonic lives and is still running around on this planet, he can forget about building his stupid empire.

"What do you want? Don't you see people have better stuff to do other than panicking or saving the world from someone like you? Give it a break Eggman."

"Ah, feisty as ever. I see you're alone huh? Perfect." I heard Eggman chuckle evilly as he usually does.

I got up in a fighting stance and with a flick of my wrist, my trusty hammer appeared. I snarled at him and charged towards him leaping off the ground and swinging my hammer trying to aim for his egg mobile. Unfortunately for me, that would have been a great swing but he dodged it. I landed in a crouch position and looked up towards him where he was laughing at me.

"Pathetic. I bet your friend Cream could have done better than that." That was enough for me to charge towards him and jumping off from the ground and up in the air at a pretty good height where I was at his level and faking my swing so he could dodge it but instead, I did a back flip in the air, swinging my hammer which luckily hit his egg mobile and sending him to crash on a tree. He rubbed his head and growled.

"You'll pay for that you little nuisance 12 year old!"

"I'm not 12 by the way. I'm 15!" Eggman managed to get back in the air and started heading towards me which made me take a few steps back but instead, I turned out to be walking backwards not aware of what was behind me. As I kept walking back, I noticed his face change into something scary that I've never seen before. He seemed to have something in his mind that was probably something he'll enjoy. He spoke, breaking the silence.

"It's a shame nobody is around to help you. ESPECIALLY save you." I was confused at what he meant by that and as I was about to speak, I realized I had slipped at the tippy top of a cliff which I didn't know was even here.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed as loud as I could which resulted me in trying to hold on onto something while I was falling. Luckily I caught myself on a pretty tight branch and just stayed hanging as if I was on the monkey bars but in a scarier way. I looked up and heard Eggman laugh which I couldn't help but stick my tongue out at him. I know, pretty cheesy huh?

"Eggman! This is way too far. Help me up." He shook his head and stuck his tongue out at me.

"Sorry but with you gone, I can use that as my advantage to weaken sonic. We all know that he has a thing for you. He's just too much of a coward to show you. So, if you don't mind, have a nice fall. Bye!" Eggman had left leaving me all alone with nobody to help me at all. So that was the feeling I was getting when I was making my way towards the woods. I sighed and tried to use my gymnastics skills to swing myself up but I was way too far down. After multiple times of trying, I gave up and stayed still looking below me. It was dark that's for sure. But beyond that, who knows what was lurking down there. Hours had passed and it was getting dark. I tried calling out for help as loud as I could but nobody was around. Who would ever come to the woods? Me of course but that's all. I gave up calling out for help since my voice was all worn out and I didn't want to risk losing it. Great…I hope I can hold on a bit longer until my friends notice my absence.

Present time (3rd person P.O.V)

"How did it have to come this?" Amy whispered, tears streaming down her eyes. "My fingers are slipping. I can't hold on any longer…" Amy had yelled various times yet nobody was around. Her left arm had already gave out and it was just her right arm who was helping her stay alive but she knew that at any moment, she would have to release her right arm.

"Well," Amy thought sadly. "What's the point of still hanging if nobody is going to save me? By the time someone does go to search for me, I'll be d-dead…"

With one final thought, Amy had wished for the best for everyone especially her friends. She smiled at the good times she had been through and the bad times. What really made her even more upset was that she will never know if she ever would end up with sonic one day in the future. With one tear falling off her face, she could no longer hold on and little by little, her fingers were releasing until she was no longer holding onto the branch.

"Goodbye everyone…" Amy whispered.

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