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Fiore, Near Hargeon July 3rd X784

I sigh as I watch the waves and motions of the water pass me by as I hold my hands on the edge of the boat I am traveling in as the sun shines on myself as I spot the nearby port town of Hargeon nearby.

I think on my most recent challenge and quest being that much closer to being fulfilled; I do still have a great while to go until then but I am getting there I tell myself in hopes of accomplishing the mission that I have spent nearly all of my teens and early adulthood dedicated to completing and it has not been easy.

I stand up more as I take out a black key and a silver key that are my most recent finds.

Looking at the black key in my hand makes me look at the keychain at my waist strapped to the grey belt I am wearing.

I spy the one key that started it all, A Black Key of ornate design with A Golden Monkey as the Symbol etched on the white Gem placed on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of a symbol I recognised from some books as meaning the word Monkey () in some cultures and old scrolls I remember buying in book stores.

This was the last thing that I'd ever received from my now long deceased father, a powerful wizard in his own right who was said to rival Jura in strength in the use of Earth magic before his father's death at the hands of a dark guild that was thought to have been destroyed by his father but instead they came back for a revenge attack with the remaining surviving members attacking the man that ultimately ended with my father's death to my anger but slight satisfaction at the actions of the magic council who dealt with the rogue wizards swiftly after news of my father's death reached them as he was once a former Wizard Saint which was why the council took such a harsh method of response from finding out about my father's death.

He still remembered the letter his mother gave him after his father's funeral.

Dear Tidus,

If you are reading this then I am now dead and you are in mourning of myself.

I wish you to not be too sad for my passing, tragic or otherwise; but to live on and remember the good times we had together as father and son.

I have a final gift for you and a wish that you become a great man and someone I know I will be proud of if I were still here.

It is something that I was given as a reward for a request and mission I was doing for my guild of which I hope that you will see one day and maybe become a part of it when you grow up.

I kept it as I felt that you should have it when you grew up and I was to give it to you then but that is not an option now so I wish to leave this to you and ask that you look after your mother as you are now the man of the family my son and I will always love you forever and more.

Love from your father,


I was too young at the time as he died when I was about 3 years old so I did not understand much of the letter until I was much older and with help from my mother who thankfully is alive to this day as I only spoke with her a month or so ago by communication Lacrima.

But I still kept the key that was in the envelope of the letter and always had it on me no matter where I went until I learned what it was by sheer luck when I met and befriended a family, my mother met them some time after my father's funeral as she and I were on the run fearing for our lives if any other dark guild came after us and would kill us like they did my father.

The family was a moderately wealthy one at the time and my mother managed to befriend the mother of the family while I gained a new friend in their daughter.

My mother got a job as a nanny to the daughter; along with sometimes acting as a gardener for the large amounts of land they had, to the wealthy family.

It was some time after we had met and befriended them that the mother and daughter noticed my key and were very fascinated by it which lead to the mother teaching me how to use a branch of magic that I still use to this day.

Celestial Spirit Magic.

It seemed like fate that I would meet that family as without them I would have never discovered my purpose and goal in life so early on in my childhood.

I still remember fondly of the time I first summoned my first spirit and soon to be teacher and friend.

Fiore, 12 years ago

I stood in front of my best friend and her mother, my godmother along with my own mother; who had a nervous expression as she watched me.

I knew it was risky doing magic at a young age but I was determined to do it, besides I had my godmother close by if anything went wrong so I felt safer doing this.

I calmed my breathing as I began the incantation and ritual to summon the spirit I so wanted to meet.

I held my black key to my side as I took it and created a wide circle in front of me with my key acting as the pen as I noticed a faint magic from the end that glowed with power.

I enchanted my spell as i did my motions with the key.

"I am the one who shall create a path to the Celestial Spirit World; Hear my call and pass through the Gate!"

I placed my key into the circle of magic as I finished the incantation with the magic of the spell guiding me to complete it.

"Open, Gate of the Monkey! Sun Wukong!"

I turned the key as if unlocking a door and suddenly a massive amount of power was released as I was pushed back until I stumbled and landed on my backside to my annoyance and slight pain.

I quickly noticed my mother about to rush to my side but my godmother shook her head and made her stay where she was to my mother's noticeable restraint in ignoring my godmother's advice.

A cloud of golden smoke emerged from the circle of magical energy as a series of symbols and what looked like runes appeared then disappeared in front of the circle in the same shape of which I recognised from my godmothers use of her magic as a shadowed figure from within the smoke emerged to my shock and gasps of my mother and shouts of surprise from my godmother and best friend.

I saw what appeared to be a monkey like being, which was obvious from the key I used and my incantation but it was still a surprise seeing the spirit itself as it appeared to be part human.

The monkey like being had long golden hair and a face that resembled that of a human male but his hair was shaped and made to look like that of a monkeys as he had bushy eyebrows with the sides of his face and chin made to look like a monkey's own face.

The beings eyes were closed as I looked at him in a wary fashion as I noted the hint of the tail peeking out from the back of the monkey spirit that was a golden colour as well to match the long hair on his head that had a flowing loose ponytail near the back of his head which was held up by a ornament that I supposed was much like a hair clip or hair band that kept the hair in place.

I looked at the sections of leather and metal armor on his shoulders and other parts of his body as underneath the armor he wore a black robe.

I was broken from my studies of this new Celestial Spirit by the spirit itself opening its eyes and looking at me with such deep black eyes that further enhanced his simian features.

The figure then seemed to stretch himself in odd and someone strange angles as he then stopped soon after as he then looked at me as if I was some interesting item as his head turned slightly as he studies me much like I did him.

I nearly jump in the air when the till now silent figure speaks to me.

"Well, what do we have here; A wizard has actually managed to summon me and not just any wizard but a child?"

I looked nervous as I hesitantly replied to the spirit, "Yes I did summon you as I was given your key by my late father who found it and left it for me to use."

The spirit frowned as he listened to me as he then interrupted my explanation by speaking.

"So you have no experience with magic at all, bar you summoning myself here?"

I nod with a nervous expression as I await the spirit to speak more.

"This is interesting as it is normally very difficult to summon a spirit such as myself to this plane of existence even for a newfound mage who has used their magic for the first time."

Our conversation was brought short by my Godmother speaking to the being I guess is named Sun Wukong.

"What do you mean a spirit such as yourself?"

Sun looked at my Godmother for a moment as I swear his eyes flashed gold for split second but I was unsure as the monkey spirit spoke to her.

"My, my, my; a Celestial Spirit Summoner and practitioner."

"Not only are you one but a powerful one at that, I wonder why you never summoned me instead of this child?"

My godmother looked a bit annoyed as I guessed from not having her question answered but she spoke again in reply to the spirits question.

"I did in fact try but it did not work, not even when I used all of my power to do so."

Sun looked confused as he studied my Godmother again until what appeared to be a look of understanding showed on his face as he smiled with a very mischievous grin that I felt wary of for some reason.

Sun spoke again as he said to her, "I believe you could not summon me is because you are already tied to your current spirits by contract whom from what I can sense are The Crab, The Fish Woman and that Goatman."

My Godmother looked surprised as I saw her reach into her long dress and take out a small keychain that had 3 gold keys of whom I recognised from my lessons with her, together with my best friend in using Celestial Spirit Magic.

Sun nodded as he spoke again, "If you were only contracted to the Silver keys and not the Gold ones then you could have summoned me as the Gold Key Spirits become a part of your own magical being when you make a contract with them which is why they are so powerful all the time."

My Godmother then looks as Sun as she asks him in return, "Then what about you, what spirit are you then as I have never heard of a Black Key before besides the Legendary 13th Key of which I have seen pictures of and it looks nothing like what your key does and I did try to find information about them but no luck."

Sun closes his eyes as he nods for some reason to which he then speaks to himself apparently, "I see then; the knowledge of our kind of Spirits have been lost to time then."

My Godmother then quickly asks Sun to expand on his answer to which he does after a few moments.

"My kind of Spirits were once known as Ancient Celestial Spirits as we were actually one of the first Celestial Spirits to exist when our creators made us become Celestial Spirits."

We were all quite surprised and shocked, I could feel it and tell by the expressions of my mother and Godmother along with my best friend, at this news.

Sun continued to explain his story after we all calmed down, "Our Keys came in a number of 12 much like the more modern Golden Celestial Spirits of which I believe our creator based upon my kinds own structure."

"Our creator soon realised that we were too powerful to be used by most people as most of the time when were were summoned for the first time or used it nearly killed the Mage we were being used by as the amount of magic to summon us is immense and the only reason that this young boy is still standing and not in dead is because he has a large pool of magic hidden away inside him of which I am using to stay here and not return to my realm."

"Our creator made the more modern spirits less powerful than they could be when they are first summoned as they were made to grow and become stronger when the mage became more powerful in the use of Celestial Spirit Magic so it was not too much of a strain for the user to summon them.

"Our creator scattered our keys to be hidden away until someone worthy was able to summon one of us, and it seems this boy is the one who can do so."

My Godmother looked very shocked and almost fainted at some of the details; possibly the risk of death in trying to summon a spirit like Sun.

I ask the spirit in curiousity, "Who are the other Spirits besides you; are they all Monkey's like you or are they different?"

I am surprised by the guffaw and shrieking laughter from Sun as he nearly falls over from laughing so much as the spirit tries to speak through his laughter.

"You... Hee Hee Hee...Actually...Ha Ha...thought that all...Ho Ho...the spirits were monkey's like me?!"

I nod with a hesitant expression as I see my best friend look at Sun with wide eyes as she watched his way of laughter

Sun begins to calm down soon after as he speaks once he has his giggles under control.

"We are all based on animals yes but I am the only Monkey Spirit from what I know, however the other spirits are based on a Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Rooster, Dog along with a Boar or Pig (it depends on your preference of what to call it) and finally the most powerful and our leader of the 12; The Dragon."

My eyes widen as my jaw drops in amazement and shock at the last spirit as the ability to summon an actual Dragon as my Spirit summon.

I can see similar looks of amazement and wonder on the others faces as I spy Sun looking on in deep amusement as his eyes seem to sparkle with mischief.

I shake my head to clear it of distraction as I ask Sun "So how do I set the Contract for you to be available."

Sun looks back at me as he shakes his head and says back.

"It is much different from the Golden Key Spirits as to be allowed to use us as you must pass a test set down by myself or any of my other kind; if you pass you can use and summon us on any day you like, wherever or whenever you need us."

I am surprised by this but I do see the benefits on having such spirits that are not restricted by a daily contract.

I ask him, "What do I need to do to pass your test?"

Sun raises a finger as if to give a answer but stops as he instead switches his finger to be placed on his chin as he takes a thinking pose but with a difference as his tail is used to raise him in the air and hold him there as it makes me wonder how strong his tail is.

He then snaps his other finger in success as he looks like he has thought of something.

"I would normally challenge my summoner to a battle of physical combat or who can prank the best but I can see you are very inexperienced in both so it is unfair for each of us; so I instead choose this task."

He hops down from his tail raised stance as he holds out his arm as a golden glow of what I can assume is magic comes from his outstretched hand which soon morphs into a long and surprisingly detailed long golden metal pole.

He points to the pole as he says to me, "This is my Staff, it is my main weapon for combat and use of magic when I am fighting; Your task is to pick it up with both your hands."

He places his arm out forward as it holds the staff for a moment but is then dropped to the ground with such speed and force that it makes a large cracking sound as it lands which I can guess is the tiled floor breaking and chipping itself.

I look on wide eyed at this as I ask him in a hesitant manner, "How much does that thing weigh?"

He smiles with a very mischievous grin as he answers, "My Staff is about 7,960 kilograms."

I nearly faint at the weight of the as it is more than the weight of a large elephant.

I gulp as I can see the similarly shocked expressions on the faces of my small family at this knowledge as it makes me realise that if this spirit can lug such a heavy piece of metal around like its a toothpick then he must be much stronger than I guessed.

I breathe in and out to calm myself as I psyche myself up to do this task.

I slowly crouch down as I reach the staff and feel along it until I feel a good position to grab it with both my hands as I ready myself for what is to surely fail but I am safe in knowing that I tried my best.

I count down from 3 as I am about to try and lift this immensely heavy item.




I pull up with all of my might only to stumble over backwards as I fall on my back with my hands and feet in the air as I have the staff clutched in both my hands while my mind is clouded with absolute befuddlement and confusion on how I was able to lift such a heavy item yet it felt like I just lifted a small stick or rock.

I am broken from my very bewildering experience by a loud and boisterous laughing coming from in front of my as I sit up slowly to see the Monkey Spirit Sun Wukong; busting a gut.

The spirit is in tears of laughter as he is just about falling over with hilarity at my possible performance.

I blink in deep confusion as I ask with said feeling in my tone of voice, "What just happened?"

Sun begins to calm down slightly as he wipes his eyes and answers me, "I switched the weight of my staff at the last minute before you picked it up and it was so worth the look on your face when you went tumbling backwards like that."

I slowly realise I have been deeply pranked by this spirit as my expression changes to angry and very annoyed as I yell back in outrage towards the spirit.

"You mean I didn't have to lift it so hard, I could have just picked it up as easy as you can hold it?!"

Sun chuckles loudly as he answered back after another small series of laughs.

"Oh no, it still weighed a lot but I just wanted to have some fun for a change as I haven't had such a good time with anyone in an age."

I blink as my anger and annoyance fades as I can just hear the hint of sadness in the spirits voice as he finishes speaking as I begin to understand why he must sound so sad.

Having to spend so much time from what he gathered was hundreds of years without a summoner and mage has got to be extremely lonely and very saddening, I feel a ache fill me as I walk up to the now kneeling and depressed spirit.

I place my hand on his shoulder as I also feel the tough armor on his body, I speak to him in what I hope is a comforting voice.

"Well, you don't have to be alone to have fun anymore, you've got me haven't you now?"

I ask him in hope of him being my friend and spirit as I can tell now he really needs someone to help him.

I then step back as Sun begins to stand as he looks at me with red rimmed eyes and a much more subdued expression as he gives a weak chuckle and says to me aloud in a semi quiet voice.

"Heh, You are a good kid you know that?"

I smile as he takes a deep breath and speaks again with more emotion.

"I think I am going to like being your Spirit, Partner."

I smile in joy as I realise I have a new friend and have accomplished something I have always wanted, to become a mage and practice magic just like my father; Tristan Grimmond.

"YES!" I cheer in happiness at my accomplishment as does my mother, godmother, and Best Friend; Lucy Heartfilia.

Now, Hargeon Port

I smile as I think on that experience as summoning Sun was the best thing to ever happen to me, bar meeting Lucy and My late Godmother; Layla Heartfilia or Auntie Layla as I called her.

I smile sadly at the memory of her funeral and the way Lucy slowly lost her childhood and innocence as she struggled dealing with her mother's death; if it wasn't for myself, my mother and the rest of the people in her life that showed care for her then I do not know what could have befallen her.

I did not have much interactions with Lucy's father to my relief as he was a very cold and stubborn man to know even from when I was very young.

I always hated how he became such a void of emotion rather than dealing with his wife's death and actually showing care for his own daughter; his own flesh and blood.

When she had her 11th birthday and ended up coming to my mother and I's home after being yelled at and shown cruelty from her father I nearly summoned Sun to teach the old bastard a lesson for making Lucy cry.

Luckily my mother stopped me and went to speak to Jude about what he did, all the good it did as it nearly ended up with myself and my mother getting kicked off the estate and banned from seeing Lucy.

This made it clear that the scum of a human being who was sadly Lucy's father was never going to change his cruel ways and so it ended up with myself and my mother along with the Celestial Spirits that Lucy was left with from her Mother's will and my own spirit at the time to help Lucy move past her pain and become strong in the face of her father's cruelty.

I smirk slightly as I remember a prank that Sun and I did to get back at Jude though when the bastard nearly hit Lucy when we were playing together in her room.

Apparently we were too loud when playing about and it made Jude come and yell at us to keep it down as he apparently was speaking to a very important business client.

When Lucy merely replied to his yelling as she said to him, "But we were just playing daddy."

The bastard nearly took her head off as he took a swipe at her which luckily she flinched away from just in time to miss it.

The bastard had the audacity to try to physically harm his own flesh and blood and most importantly the one person I cared the most about.

It was retribution and punishment the bastard needed as when I told Sun what the asshole did I am sure that he nearly bent his staff into two pieces that he was so angry.

Sun had began to treat Lucy as if she were his own child; she spent all of her free time with us as Sun and I trained together in many things.

Combat in Martial Arts, Magic and Weapons along with Sun's personal favorite training and pastime; Pranking.

Which was what we did to Jude soon after.

It started with some innocent pranks at first as a warm up; stuff like his shoes going missing, then his fancy suits being replaced by tattered and dirty clothing that looked like they belonged to some aged drifter or hobo who used them as a bathroom as well.

It nearly made the man fire all the cleaning staff and servants as the bastard thought it was one of them until they all showed that they had not been near his room or clothing at all as all of them had been on their work break with us celebrating Lucy's 12th Birthday; of which the man seemed surprised that his own daughter even had a birthday.

This made it even more personal so we kicked it up a notch.

Myself and Sun had snuck into Jude's room at night while he slept and made sure he was staying asleep with some sleeping powder that Sun had on him.

We then carried the asshole of a man outside on a stretcher and across the estate grounds to the large lake at the side of the manor near its forest surroundings.

Then we set him down on a floating pad that was soft enough that the man never noticed he was slowly drifting away from the shore of the lake on top of a floating bed.

It was the next morning when the man awoke, Sun and I had made sure to be there when the bastard realised where he was and fell in.

It was so worth lugging the man to the lake when we saw his face when he realised that he was floating on a large lake with barely any balance to keep him steady.

I don't think I ever laughed so hard when the shitface fell in with a screaming wail.

We ran back to my house to await Jude passing by as to get to the Lake you had to pass by the front of my mother and I's house.

I was outside helping my mother in the garden when Jude came by from the Lake.

While Sun kept hidden in the bushes with his mouth covered to stifle his laughter as when we saw him I think my mother nearly broke her ribs laughing when she saw Jude pass by as he looked like a swamp creature with all the weeds, plants and muck from the Lake covering the shitheads body.

The man was clearly too shocked and in a slight daze from his recent drastic mishap to retaliate for being laughed at as he merely looked at myself and my mother, and unknowingly Sun for a moment as the muddy man continued on his way towards the manor.

The pranking stopped soon after as my mother knew I had something to do with it as she grounded me for it and kept my key on her so that I would not be able to use magic until I learned my lesson of going too far in a prank.

It was another two months before I got my key back and was able to explain to Sun why I could not summon him but he said it was fine as he knew that I would have kept myself busy with training in Kung Fu.

Sun knew plenty of styles of Kung Fu but his two favorites was drunken monkey style and stone monkey style.

Drunken Monkey Style uses a lot of throat, eye and groin strikes as well as tumbling and falling techniques. It incorporates a lot of false steps to give the appearance it is defenseless and uses a lot of off balance strikes. The practitioner waddles, takes very faltering steps and sometimes fall to the ground and lies prone while waiting for the opponent to approach at which time a devastating attack is launched at the knees or groin areas of the opponent. In drunken monkey you use more internal energy than any other. It is one of the more difficult of the monkey styles to master and also extremely effective against a standard, attack-oriented enemy. Countering this style involves shifting your body around often to ensure that the Drunken Monkey user impacts more solid, tougher areas of your body.

Stone Monkey Style is a "physical" style. The practitioner trains up his body to exchange blows with the opponent - Stone Monkey uses a kind of iron body method. It will leave an area exposed on its body for an opponent to attack, so it can attack a more vital spot on the body. It is important not to attack reflexively at open spots, and try to hammer away at their weak spots until they give in.

I can attest to the amount of bruises and injuries I had when training with the spirit as he made me learn Stone Monkey Style to help toughen me up at first then he expanded on it with other styles of kung fu.

It did come with some benefits after a few years of training as I gained some good muscle mass and it helped keep my body very fit and healthy.

Lucy seemed to appreciate it as she always was nearby with a small first aid kit to help patch me up after daily training, which I gladly accepted.

She had only just begun Puberty, thank god for my mother being the one to give her the 'talk' along with the other details about becoming a woman.

It had scared Lucy at first but she got over it as with her foray into womanhood it allowed her to appreciate the male form as she loved massaging and helping out healing my injuries with some of the pastes and creams that Sun supplied for her.

I kinda guessed that he wanted to help Lucy become closer to me of which I liked but I would rather she found love in her own way so I asked him to not be too pressuring in Lucy realising her affections for me.

It was some time after that when Lucy had enough of the treatment of her father and she left her home to pursue her own life of which I followed her example soon after as Sun felt that I was strong enough to go on my own journey to search for the other Black Keys and become a true mage.

My mother had quit her job at the Heartfilia Konzern and moved to Magnolia as she had amassed enough money to live on her own, she apparently moved into a old house that was once owned by my father when he was still a member of Fairy Tail.

I guess it was a nice way of honoring his memory and a way that she could be near him in a strange way.

I stop my reminiscing as I blink my eyes and spot a sight that is quite surprising as the boat I am traveling on has stopped at a port, one that is still standing anyway.

Most of the Port of Hargeon is destroyed and some of the houses on the beachfront are wrecked; making me hope that no one was harmed as I spot what looked like a large shipwreck on the banks of the beach.

I am snapped out of my shock by the captain of the ship I am on grabbing my attention as he says to me with smile.

"Looks like a tornado or something went through here; anyway my payment please lad."

I nod as I take my bag of jewel strapped to my waist and count up the amount I need to pay the captain for his services in transporting me to my previous destination, where I discovered the latest key to my small collection of Celestial Spirit Keys.

The most recent ones are now strapped to my belt pouch and keychain ring.

A Black Key that is the Tiger Celestial Spirit or rather Spirits as from the way that the symbol stamped on the gem at the keys handle is shown and from what Sun told me about it.

They are much like the Gold Key Spirits known as Gemini who are two spirits who work together to be usable; except that the Tiger Spirits can work separately and together to fight their opponents.

Unlike Gemini who can use Mimic and Copy Magic the Tiger Spirits use separate magics which are Light and Lightning Magic.

My other key is relating to them as he is, from what little Sun could gather from his knowledge, a Silver Spirit Key who is apparently also a Cat like being.

I had not yet summoned them as I wanted to wait until I was somewhere secluded and out of the way so that if a fight or any trouble happened it would not cause any damage or mayhem unlike what I saw of the remains of the port.

As I walk through the areas of Hargeon, after paying the captain of course, that are not damaged I hear snippets from people around me as I listen in to the gossip.

"That boy is a menace, he should not be a part of such a guild; rather he should be arrested for the trouble he caused."

"Don't forget that girl that was with them when they ran from the rune knights, she was the one that caused that tidal wave to smash that large boat into the port."

"Ah yes, and she seemed such a nice and ordinary girl; bit loud but nice."

"I think that it is still good that the phony mage was still captured anyway as from what I heard he was doing and going to do to those poor girls trapped on that boat is despicable."

"I agree, still that boy could have had a little restraint, but I guess that's impossible for a member of the Fairy Tail Guild."

"That pink haired menace nearly destroyed half the town with his antics; the boy should realise he could have killed someone with that power."

"That blond haired girl with him luckily seemed to snap him out of it before he left with that strange flying blue cat."

I blink as the information is sorted in my head as the details start to stick out and make sense to me now.

The so called pink haired menace must be the rumoured Salamander or better known as Natsu Dragneel; a fire mage and practitioner of the lost and mostly rare magic that is known as Dragon Slayer Magic who was a member of Fairy Tail.

The cat he was unsure of as it might just be a companion of the mage.

The girl though from the small details of her being blond and the cause of a tidal wave then it might be Lucy and her using her spirit Aquarius who he knew was a very temperamental and angry spirit when summoned, especially after Layla's death as losing her to be made Lucy's own spirit to be summoned must have been hard for her.

Aquarius must have caused the large tidal wave with her magical powers in controlling water; I can guess it was not Lucy's fault more like it was her spirits own fault for causing such damage.

I give a small shake of my head at the memoires of my encounters with that particular spirit and her reaction to meeting Sun and seeing him as my Spirit as the first time that Aquarius was summoned after Layla's death she nearly drowned Lucy in anger until Sun saved her and had a 'talk' with her about her temper and misuse of her powers.

It was after that 'talk' that the mermaid spirit began to be not so harsh with Lucy but she still slipped up occasionally if Sun was not nearby to 'chat' with her.

I can guess that without Sun around for a while that Aquarius went back to her old bad habits of nearly drowning the poor girl.

Thinking of Lucy makes me realise if she is with Natsu Dragneel then she must be on her way to join Fairy Tail as it was a sort of dream of hers from the times we played as kids as we both acted as if were mages in Fairy Tail with Sun acting as the Guildmaster who sent us on 'missions' to find something or do a task of some sort which was really just a scavenger hunt or some other childish game of fun.

I smile as I realise that I have walked straight through Hargeon and I am just heading towards the forest route that leads to Magnolia from the sign I have just passed.

I guess that I was thinking so much that I did not realise where my feet where taking me until now.

I shrug as I walk along the forest path, giving myself a reminder to summon and work out the task I need to do to gain loyalty from the Black Key Spirit.

I feel excitement fill me at the chance of meeting Lucy after quite some time since I last saw her, I think on with a happy feeling as I walk along heading to Magnolia and finally Fairy Tail.

"Look out Lucy, cause here I come."

And that is it for this chapter and introduction to my OC, Tidus Grimmond.

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So I thought that with all my other ideas and quite a few people asking me to make this fic happen I decided to do so, I may focus on this one for a while as I want to get them written down and out there so I can clear my head enough to come up with inspiration for my other fanfictions.

It's hard writing up some chapters when you have so many different ideas and story plots I want to make happen clouding your head that you not able to think straight.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this and I will also be having a new Poll out for one of my upcoming fics that has been put on the backburner for a while which if you can guess from my Author Picture it is gonna be a good one that many have been wanting to see made.

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