Fairy Tail: New Guild Member, A New Story

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Fiore in Magnolia, July 10th X784 - Tidus' POV

"It's been an interesting time these past few days," I think to myself as I mentally go over what has happened with Lucy and me since joining The Guild of Fairy Tail.

Lucy had been staying at my Mum's house, with her permission of course; to which she was happy to house her while Lucy tried to find a place of her own to stay,

It was after a quick argument and round of RPS with Lucy over who got the guest room and who got the couch; no brainer on who got to sleep where since I ended up on the couch, which folded out into a bed actually, while Lucy 'graciously' accepted the Guest Room.

I was fine with the arrangement though, it certainly beats camping out in a tent or sleeping bag in some forest or other outdoor place which I'd done many times over the years while on my journey to find all the Ancient Celestial Spirit Key's.

I still felt like laughing though at the memory of his Sifu, Sun, panic over Lucy's over-enthusiastic greeting of one of the beings who helped raise her alongside my own Mother and the Blonde's own mother; however short that it was while Layla Heartfilia lived.

Anyway, after my Mother helped pry Lucy off of Sun we just spend the time together in a peaceful evening swapping stories and catching up with each other.

Lucy was surprised at how many ACS Key's I'd already acquired but was happy at my progress as I was close to getting nearly half of them.

She also liked it when I told her of the smaller silver Key's that I also got, a few of them being related to my own special keys in a unique way.

According to Sun, Basically, they were more combat orientated Silver Key's that ended up having a member of the Ancient Celestial Spirits as their superior, mentor and/or teacher.

Take Sun, for example, he used to have a Silver Key Spirit related to him as a friend/pupil/student but unfortunately that Key was destroyed centuries ago by some despicable Dark Wizard and there was currently no Silver Key to that particular Spirit to his, Sun's, knowledge.

That was saddening to hear but I made a silent vow to find a way for that spirit's key to be brought back or remade no matter what; even if I had to search all over Earthland for it.

But it was fun and interesting to use the downtime between days to finally get a contract with one of the Spirits that was related to the Tiger Key Spirits.

Flashback, 2 Days ago, Alanna Grimmond's House in Magnolia - Tidus's POV

I stood in the Living Room of my Mother's house as Lucy watched from the sidelines by the sofas and couches, my Mother was out shopping and getting groceries for tonight's dinner.

I kept the new Key I acquired the other day in my hand as I ready myself for the chant to summon him, knowing he was male from Sun's earlier comments and info about this new spirit I had yet to summon and make a contract with.

Lucy asks me, "You ready?"

I nod and say back after a deep breath, "Ready."

I take my stance and begin to chant as I move with the key and make the now-familiar gestures of summoning a new Celestial Spirit.

"I am the one who shall create a path to the Celestial Spirit World; Hear my call and pass through the Gate!"

"Open, Gate of the Noble Cat! Baron!"

The sound of a bell goes off and soon after golden light begins to fire out of the Key which soon creates the near solid silhouette of an upright body of bright light in front of me.

The energy soon starts to solidify and change into what looks like flesh, clothing and what looks like a Human at first before the energy soon stops and the Spirit is now fully formed and completely visible.

The first thing I notice as I look at this new Spirit is the fact that he has the face and head of what looks like a Ginger Cat, followed by the rather fine tailored clothing he wore.

I could see the dark wooden cane he held in his left gloved hand while the other held what looked like a small black top hat that matched the colour of his suit, except for his dark grey suit trousers, which was mostly black with his suit jacket and well-polished shoes being the same black colour while he wore a cream vest and white shirt underneath the vest; all of which was mostly covered by his jacket except the visible red bowtie around his neck and shirt collar.

The Spirit's eyes were closed for a moment but soon snapped open showing large green cat-like eyes that shone like emeralds in the night, they both also showed the Cat Spirit's intelligence as I could tell from first seeing his eyes that this Spirit was and is extremely smart.

The Spirit spoke to me, his voice was a bit deep but still had a gentle polite tone to it with a hint of the aristocracy.

"Good Evening, I am The Celestial Spirit know as Baron; My full title and name is Baron Humbert von Gikkingen and judging by the key you hold and your current stance you must be my Summoner."

I snap to attention as I respond with a welcoming and respectful tone as I introduce myself in turn with a polite manner, it's only fair I do so after being greeted like that by this spirit.

"That is true, Tidus Grimmond and it is pleasure to meet you."

I outstretch my hand as I gesture for a handshake which is soon returned after the Spirit seems to magic away his top hat and cane with a flick of his hands and wrists.

We shake hands and separate as I ask Baron, "So shall we commence with the details of our contract?"

Baron nods and says back, "If you please?"

I gesture us both to take a seat on one of the Chairs, Couches and Sofa's while Lucy, who has been watching the interactions with the new Spirit, merely makes room for me to sit down on the two-person couch as Baron takes the single upholstered Chair which my mother usually sits on.

We face each other, The Baron and I, and begin to iron out the details of our Contract.

I first ask him, "So what days are you willing to be summoned on?"

He answered back saying, "I only request that I be summoned in the evenings if that is satisfactory to you as I don't mind what day I am summoned as long as it is at or near Nightfall."

Lucy and I both Blink in surprise at this, glancing at each other quickly as we show our befuddled expressions to each other before I say to Baron.

"That is a rather unusual request for a Silver Key Spirit, normally they can only work or be summoned on an agreed-upon day like on a Tuesday but not a Sunday and so forth."

Baron replied in a frank but still polite manner, "What I find unusual is that you have yet to introduce this lovely young Lady beside you or tell me her name?"

I blink again in surprise at my minor faux pas, I say back with an apologetic tone to Baron.

"My apologies, This is my childhood friend Lucy Heartfilia."

I notice Lucy stiffen her body a bit at her last name being used and said aloud but soon relaxes a second or two later for some reason that is currently unclear to me but I hope she can share with me later when she is ready to talk.

Baron nods his head slowly in a polite manner while sitting as he says to Lucy, "It is nice to meet you Miss Heartfilia."

Lucy smiles and says back in return, "The same goes to you as well."

Now that the pleasantries have been dealt with I ask Baron a question, "So what are your capabilities as a Spirit, also can I summon you in an emergency if I really need your assistance in the morning or afternoon and not in the evening?"

Baron seems contemplative at my questions before he soon answers with what seems to be a mental decision showing in his movements even as he was sitting.

"If the situation is dire or you are unable to summon any other spirit's for whatever reason then I may allow you to summon me any other time but only once a week and no more; you can of course summon me if you wish for me to meet or be introduced to someone you feel would enjoy meeting one such as I."

"As for my abilities they are varied, for example, I can summon a special brew of tea from the Celestial Spirit World that can help replenish most of your body's magical energy with a single cup; I can also create a full tea set for a small party to enjoy and help recover their lost energy too."

"I sometimes use it myself as it does not use up a lot of energy for myself to summon said Tea or the Tea Set."

I raise my eyebrows in surprise at such a useful talent this Spirit has as I listen more to what Baron has to say.

"I of course am capable of combat through my efficiency in Bartitsu of which involves the different styles of Boxing, Jujitsu, Cane Fighting and of course Savate; a type of Kickboxing if you don't know about that last one."

"The Cane Fighting leads to my other admirable skill in fencing and swordplay which I use in combination with my own small set of Cane's I can call to my side quickly; one of the canes is a Cane Sword which is simply a Cane with a sword hidden inside it much like a Shikomizue."

"I also have admirable detective skills if you need someone to help you solve a crime or mystery."

I am feeling ecstatic at such a versatile Spirit that is now in my possession and service, Lucy appears the same as I see her sparkly-eyed and wonder-filled expression on her face.

I take a moment to calm down and speak to the Spirit, "I would very much be glad to have you work with me in the future; shall we call this meeting to an end and our contract complete."

Baron stands up and places his top hat back on as he grasps his cane and speaks aloud to us both but mainly to me.

"We shall as I bid you a fond farewell to the both of you Master Grimmond, Madam Heartfilia; Good Day."

He gives one last gentlemanly bow and soon disappears in a flash of Light and sparkle of Magic.

Lucy and I sit in silence as watch the spot where The Baron stood not a moment ago as I comment aloud.

"Well, that was interesting."

Fiore in Magnolia, July 11th X784 - Tidus' POV

I yawn aloud as I walk to the Fairy Tail Guild, I had the idea of taking a request or mission from the Board in the Guild Hall in hopes of stumbling on a way to get another ACS Key to add to my small collection.

As I am distracted by my pondering and the image in my mind of myself discovering/finding a new Key I am too late to notice something coming towards me at considerable speed as I am then blindsided by said something which I could only see for a moment being a Pink and Black blur.

"Woah, Oomph," I exclaimed aloud as I am knocked back a bit and sent rolling and tumbling backwards before I centre myself and recover from my rolling about with a grip of my feet as I slow down.

I take a moment to shake my head to clear the fuzziness and cobwebs clouding my mind and soon stand up with a slight stumble before I correct myself and am now standing upright, I give myself a quick pat-down, shaking off dust and traces of dirt from my clothing before I look at what I appeared to have crashed into.

I blink in befuddlement at the sight of Natsu Dragneel with his head stuck in a tree and a laughing winged blue cat busting a gut on the floor nearby, possibly at the humorous sight of Natsu's head stuck in a tree; or more correctly a tree hollow of the large plant covered with bark and leaves.

I myself snicker a bit at the site as well before I walk over and call out to Natsu in a friendly manner.

"Hey man, do you need some help getting your head out of there."

I am answered back by the slightly muffled but echoing voice of Natsu, probably because of the size of the inner tree of the tree hollow being bigger inside than the hole outside of it which Natsu is struggling to pull his head out of, who calls back in question.

"Hello, who's there?"

I answer back saying, "The guy you crashed into a moment ago."

Natsu stills for a moment, possibly in surprise at speaking to the person he unintentionally crashed into, then resumes movement but only slower now.

He speaks, with the laughter of the winged blue cat having stopped a short second or two ago, "Oh; sorry for crashing into you."

I say back with assurance, "It's alright no harm done but do you need a hand getting out of that hole?"

Natsu answers back, "I wouldn't mind a little help as Gramps hates it when I use my fire on the trees in town since he makes me pay for the damages with my own money I get from jobs rather than the guilds which sucks so bad."

I can understand that since Fairy Tail at least wants to have a somewhat peaceful coexistence with the town of Magnolia and its residents without the fear or threat of their own homes, parks and livelihoods being destroyed by the guild members while they are doing small missions, jobs or requests that are within the town and not in other cities or places.

"Sure, just keep still and do what I say when I say so."

Natsu moves a hand away, from where his palm is resting against the tree, for a moment to shoot a thumbs-up gesture to show me he understands.

I walk closer towards him but make a gesture with my open hand to the Blue Cat, Happy, to move out of the way to which he responds in a loud exclamation towards me.


I blink a bit at the talking cat but I mentally shrug it off with how many weird things I've seen over the years travelling and summoning my Spirits along with their own unique features, besides them being part animal.

I go behind Natsu and make sure to give a good grip around his waist as I encircle my arms on the circumference of it.

I quickly speak out before I start to help him as I say to Natsu, "Now on the count of three I pull you back and you use your hands and arms to push your head out; are we clear?"

Natsu's muffled voice rings out as he says back, "Yeah!"

"Alright then; 1, 2, 3!" I yell out and begin pulling.

After a few minutes of grunts and strained yells, Natsu's head pops out of the Tree Hollow.

I let go as soon as his head is free as I stumble back a bit before steadying my balance and give a sigh of relief of that small ordeal being over with which Natsu seems to agree with enthusiastically as he says loudly with a cheer, "I'M FREE!"

I chuckle at the exuberant attitude of Natsu before commenting aloud to him, "I've heard you can be excitable and energetic but seeing it is different than hearing about it."

The Cat comments aloud; who I now know is definitely the one always seen with Natsu, Happy, from the tales and stories about these two I heard about in articles and things mentioned in some of the Bar's I've been to in different City's.

"That's Natsu for ya."

I chuckle a bit at this before I ask Natsu, who is patting himself down and shaking his head to rid himself of any pieces of bark or small bugs that he may have acquired while his head was stuck in that tree; I can only speculate this from what I can see.

"You're Natsu Dragneel right!"

Natsu looks at me as he has a curious look in his eye while he answers me, "Yeah and who are you cause you look kinda familiar."

I introduce myself as put out my hand in a gesture of a handshake as I say to him, "I'm Tidus Grimmond; One of the newest Guild Members of Fairy Tail."

Natsu's curious look is replaced with a grin and jovial expression as he says to me as he returns the gesture and completes the handshake, "Nice to meet you."

I let go of his hand as I look down at Happy as I say, "You're Happy right?"

Happy nods as he says the same exclamation from earlier but with less exuberance and volume, "Aye sir."

I smile at him as I watch Happy float up to rest on Natsu's shoulder, with the blue-furred cat losing the wings in a sparkle of magic and poof of air.

I say to them both but mainly Natsu as I ask, "So what was with you rushing about in such a hurry for?"

Natsu blinks yet again as he appears to realise what he was doing previously before our collision with each other.

"That's right, Mira said Lucy would be living round here and we've got the perfect mission request for her."

Happy reaches into his green backpack and pulls out a folded piece of parchment paper and gestures to it as he says, "This one."

I have a curious expression on my face as I comment aloud, "Well if you're both looking for Lucy then I can take you both to her since she's living in the same house as I am."

Natsu looks surprised at the offer of help while Happy has a more mischievous and leering expression on his face at my words of which I catch and quickly explain before the Cat gets any more ideas or impish thoughts towards Lucy and I, no matter how much I secretly wish they were true.

"Before you two get any ideas about Lucy and I, just know that we are both Childhood friends and have known each other for years."

Natsu seems to accept this information but I am unsure about Happy as while the rest of his face is clear of any thoughts of teasing or mischief it is his eyes that tell me he is not finished his plans to tease the heck out of Lucy and I.

"I'll have to warn Lucy about that Cat and make sure he doesn't catch myself or Lucy in any compromising position or action in the future." I think to myself.

I then ask Happy if I can see the request form but the blue cat shakes his head and says back in reply, "Not until Lucy has seen it."

I shrug this off and then make an about-face turn as I gesture to Natsu and Happy for them to follow me.

They soon begin to do so as I hear their hurried movements from behind me, with the three of us making our way to see Lucy about what could be her first major mission if Natsu is involved.

Fiore in Magnolia, July 11th X784 - Tidus' POV; A short trip later

I'm lucky to have come along and stalled Natsu with our impromptu meeting and myself helping him with his minor predicament in lieu of our meeting.

After letting Natsu into my mother's house, but not before warning him of not breaking or destroying anything along with Happy getting the same warning as I did not want to have my mother come back from her shopping trip for groceries to find her home in shambles because of Natsu and Happy causing a ruckus, I asked for them both to wait in the living room while I retrieved Lucy.

This may seem rude or callous to others especially Guild Members but my Mother can be a scary woman when mad, of which I explained a bit to Natsu and Happy of some of the things I saw or heard about my Mother do to people who made her mad, and this was a woman who could not perform nearly any Magic so it spoke volumes of how scary she could be.

Natsu seemed to be having nightmarish flashbacks of some kind when I detailed some of those scary acts, he kept muttering as he repeated the words and the name of someone I recognized.

"Scary Erza, Scary Erza..."

Obviously, he meant Erza Scarlet, S-Class Member of Fairy Tail, of whom I knew could be intimidating and downright frightening to her enemies.

But I ignored this as Happy appeared to be trying the same but was failing as he was shivering in fear with wide eyes.

Anyway, I got Lucy's attention and focus on myself, once she finished changing and drying her hair; from what I could guess was her trip to the bathroom for a late morning shower.

This was why I was lucky as I doubt Lucy would want to be seen in front of another man in nothing but a towel and soaking wet that wasn't someone who she could trust to be around in a not so decent state.

A week of seeing each other in towels or accidental encounters to and from the bathroom had helped stem the embarrassment of seeing each other in a nearly naked appearance and Lucy knew I would never act so uncouth in front of her or wish to cause her further humiliation by breaking that trust.

I doubted Lucy would be so lucky in the future with how Natsu's idea of seeing her was to jump through the window and greet her like it was no big deal, having asked the fire mage what his plan was when he found where Lucy was staying.

This would have been bad if Lucy was still in the shower or had just come out of it and wore nothing but a towel.

Once I explained to Lucy about Natsu and Happy being here, and about a mission request they had for her, she was excited to see what it was about and how much it paid.

We both then went back downstairs to talk with the duo about this special mission of theirs.

Natsu was of course glad to see her as was Happy the Cat, at least I think he was?

Once Lucy was given the request and she perused it her reaction was of shock but then anger towards Natsu, for she seemed to have seen one detail that ticked her off.

"Uh Oh!" I thought as I looked at the expression on Lucy's face as while it wasn't as bad as that time when my failed prank was accidentally set on her as a little kid; it could reach that if she got any more news that made her angrier.

Lucy stiffly thrust her arm and hand out, which was holding the mission form in a near death-grip, towards me as she uttered only one word in a stiff tone that just had a trembling of the anger she possibly felt.


I cautiously took the form out of her grip, once she let it go of course, and gave it a read.

While the reward was not a bad amount, since it was only 200,000 Jewel, the details made much more sense as to why Lucy was mad at Natsu for thinking this was the perfect mission for her.

Basically, the mission was to retrieve a certain book from the mansion of a man known as Duke Everlue whose home was located in Shirotsume Town; a place I'd heard of but have never been to.

The one detail, that must have made Lucy mad and is making me close to erupting in anger against Natsu as well for even suggesting Lucy do this mission, that was key in all of this was written at the bottom of the form about this supposed Duke Everlue.

'*Warning: Duke is a famous Womanizer, Lecher and Pervert.

He is presently searching for a new Blonde Maid.

Lucy appears to have reached her boiling point as she yells out in anger at the idiotic and suicidal duo for even planning such a thing as using Lucy as a bargaining chip of some kind to get that book and fulfil the request.


Lucy appears to have it in hand as I slowly lower my hand that held the mission request and watch sternly Lucy brown beating the two with her loud and furious words about their idea of involving Lucy being in the presence of this despicable man; if the image of him on the form is any indication of how bad Lucy could end up with the picture pretty much broadcasting how wrong he looked and of how terrified Lucy may possibly be if she was put in the clutches of such a horrible reprobate.

I watch as Natsu nearly has his head caved in by the furious Lucy, whose temper appears to have reached a new high if she is resorting to physical violence now; while Happy appears to have swiftly made a wise choice in flying out of the range of the Blonde young woman.

I watch in a bit of satisfaction at the sight of Natsu just missing being brained in the head by Lucy as she wields a nearby metal tray she picked up from somewhere like a hammer to be used against the idiotic Fire Mage.

I think on what may come of this mission if Natsu somehow gets Lucy to accept going forward with it after he recovers from the expert beating Lucy is giving him

"No way am I letting Lucy get molested or touched by that arsehole Everlue, I'd beat that man to a pulp if he so much as puts a hand on her."

Finally finished, I know this is a short chapter but I wanted to lead up to the Everlue episode/chapters and I wanted to introduce a CS I've been wanting to put in here since I started this fic.

Hope you all enjoyed what I have so far, but now I need to focus on a fic of mine that I've been putting off for a while; and no sadly its one not one this site but one I started some time ago that some of you may know and others may be surprised that I am a fan of a certain group of colourful quadrupedal individual's where Friendship is Magic.

It's a react fic and one I am quite proud of so please don't demonise me for being a part of THAT fandom.

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