Summary:- The story behind that iconic blue hoodie


Khione tsk'ed as she examined the grey hoodie she had pulled from the washing machine. It was thin and faded, the print on the front was peeling and broken off in places. The Shinki pursed her lips as she realised that they would have to replace it. A pity; it was Jack's favourite. She stuck her head out of the laundry room and into the passage.

"Jack!" She called and waited for a muffled reply before continuing. "Go grab your wallet! We're going to have to stop by a department store when we go out today! Go make a round and find out if there's anything else we need."

The young Seasonal whined and leaned against the sliding door. "What, why? We went shopping just the other day!" he complained from down the passage. "I really don't think we could have run out of laundry detergent in that time." He paused. "Unless we're going out for booze. We could have definitely run out of that."

Khione rolled her eyes at the muffled cheers she could hear from the other rooms and, from the way Jack grinned at the walls, he could probably hear them too. Eavesdroppers the lot of them. Either way, the spirit of the North Wind was unamused. She held the beat-up hoodie out for Jack to see.

"Your clothes are beginning to look somewhat ragged. We're going to have to replace them sooner or later and I'd prefer to do it before they come apart in the middle of a flight over the Atlantic." Red rose in her child's cheeks as he sat up straight.

"That was one time!" he said, eyes darting back into the room he was in. The North Wind could hear cackling from within. Oh well, maybe next time he'd move without complaint.

"I don't care. Go get your stuff, we're going as soon as I take the rest of this load out of the machine."


Khione hummed as she looked over the t-shirts on the table that proudly proclaimed 'Sale!'. The pastel colours really were nice but she wasn't sure if she liked the cut; it looked to be a bit low around the neck. A little indecent, if you asked her. Jack shouted at her from across the store.

"Khione!" he grinned, practically bouncing in place as he held out a bundle of blue cloth. "Look at this! Isn't it just perfect? I saw it and I was like, 'this is the one'."

The Wind smiled and looked over the item piece. It wasn't bad she supposed. She was sure it was the royal blue colour that first drew Jack's eye before he noticed the fact that it was a hoodie which seemed to be his preferred choice since his discovery of them. Her eyes dipped to the basket hanging over Jack's elbow.

"It's very nice, Jack," she conceded, "But I don't see why you felt you needed to pull all of them off the shelf. Couldn't you find the size you wanted?"

Jack scratched the back of his head. "Well," he said, "I just thought that if I got a couple then we wouldn't have to come back here every time they got damaged. I mean, we do lose a lot of hoodies flying around in the stratosphere. High speed, high pressure and water damage doing a lot to add to the deterioration, right?"

Khione was not impressed. "Oh, so we're cartoon characters now? Only getting multiples of the same outfit?" she rolled her eyes, "Go look for other shirts you like, Jack."

"But these are great!"


Her child shrunk back, conceding defeat. "I'm still keeping at least three." He muttered petulantly as he slunk off back to the men's department.

Khione watched absently as Jack dodged around the Unbelieving masses. How the mortals never noticed a random flying basket she'd never understand. Whatever magic worked around her child was truly an odd one. Her eyes drifted back to the t-shirts. Yeah, she didn't like them after all, the cut was just too much.

The wind's sentience hummed lightly to herself as she moved onto the next shelf.