"I Imagine Death as much if feels more like memory"- Hamilton the Musical I Severus Snape, Imagine death so many times. But i knew the day that Lily died... a part of me died. It feel my heart with angry and fear. I turned into a coward serving only Dumbledore and the Dark Lord. I didn't know how I was going to to die but I didn't care. I just.. I didn't know what to do.. Lily was gone my sweet Lily. She wasn't mine anymore and she was Potters. Of course I couldn't blame him so i turn to Harry. Harry at times reminded me of them both but mostly his father. Maybe thats why I... I'm sorry Lily I'm so sorry.. I should of moved on... I should of never followed the dark lord. I should of just stop holding grudges. I should of done this or that. But I can't change things.. I'm dead. I found myself at tree that me and Lily use to be. It was all white and Lily was there. She looked so mad. I wonder if she knew. "Severus. How could you, do that to Harry. He's just a child" she yelled at him while I just took it she was right. "I...i know you can't forgive me...and I was so blinded by... and i thought..' I couldn't say it.. I mean i could but the words didn't come out. All I could think of what those Marauders did to me. How they made my life hell. How I.. it was my fault... I swallowed hard and let her go on.. I listened by stay quite. They were right... I was stupid and blinded by rage. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry for calling you Mudblood I'm sorry for hurting Harry, I'm sorry for a lot of things.. " I whispered. Lily sighed and sat down next to me. 'You are better than this Sev" she said softly and looked at me. Snape looked down and nodded " I know..but kind of ruin it anyways" I mumbled and Lily pulled me into a hug. It was a short hug but I was suprised. I never really got a hug before. My father did care of course and his mother died... so having people care about me. Like Dumbledore or Lily..was weird and confusing.. I looked up to see James.. I looked the same with the messy hair and glasses. Lily looked at him and eyes narrowed as he was going to say something. James held out his hand and took my breathe. "I'm sorry for all the bullying we caused you.. nobody deserve that.. my ego was to big..thanks for helping Harry in the end" he mumbled to me. I shook his hand. "I'm sorry for hurting the both of you.. and harry wish I could tell him that" I mumbled. "Come on we have to get going... Dumbledore, Sirius, Tonks, Remus and Fred are waiting for us and new kid Fred" James said to them. They both nodded and followed James into the light.