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"Hiei, I swear to you that if you come any closer to my cubs I'll run you through!" the cat demon hissed at him.

"And I know you would. But, my friend, what are you going to do if Koenma sends the Reikai Tantei out here to try and find Enigma?" the fire demon asked her.

"He wouldn't! I'll protect my cubs till my death!" she said tartly. Small faces peeked out of the cave at the girl holding the sword, obviously ready to attack Hiei if he made the slightest movement.

"He would, and he will. The cubs would be much safer with Ayah, at least till Koenma no longer needs the help."

"But, my cubs will need me…."

"What good would you do to them dead, Neko?" he asked as she looked towards the cave. She sighed letting the sword clatter to the ground.

"I'll take them to Ayah tomorrow. At least that will give me time to say goodbye to them…" she whispered tail twitching a bit.

"I'll come by tomorrow then… And I'll try to let you know when the Tantei will be here, so you'll be ready."

"I couldn't be more ready then having my cubs safe," she murmured picking up her sword and turning to go into the cave. "I'll see you tomorrow old friend…"

"Tomorrow." With that Hiei flitted away and the girl went to tend to her cubs.

"And this ex-thief can help us out on this mission because?" Yusuke asked looking at Koenma oddly.

"He's the only one that we know of that is still alive after dealing with this gang," he replied.

"They do have a high rate of killing traitors," Kurama said quietly.

"So where are we supposed to find this Enigma?" Yusuke asked.

"In this area," Koenma said showing it to them on the screen. Hiei rolled his eyes slightly. While they were searching that area, he'd be heading to Ayah's to bring Enigma to Koenma. But this whole 'he' business was going to set off her temper and he wouldn't make any move to stop it. It was going to be very comical. After a few more moments, they were sent on their way. Hiei disappearing to take his corner of the area on his own, not.

"Thanks for the great warning Hiei!" Enigma hissed at him while she carried three cubs that were unable to walk yet.

"I didn't know he was going to send us out today, honestly. You'd think I wasn't trying to help you out Neko," Hiei told her as he took a cub from her and picked up the small one tugging on his coat.

"Sorry. I just want to make sure they're safe."

"I know…"

"And so do we!" said one of the older demon children she cared for. Enigma smiled as they neared the place where she and Hiei had stayed for some of their childhood. An old demon woman came out of the door of the great house and looked at the party nearing her home.

"By Allah! Is that little Hiei and Little Naruka?" she asked walking to the gate and opening it while the children piled through.

"Good Day Ayah," Hiei and Naruka said as they entered the gate and bowed slightly to the old woman.

"Bring the children inside and then the three of us shall talk. Quickly now!" She ushered them through her door and into the living room. The children began to play with the others there as the 'adults' ventured into the kitchen. "What brings you to my door now, my children?" she asked pouring them tea.

"Koenma has sent me and the Reikai Tantei to find Naruka. She's needed to help us on a case," Hiei said.

"I wanted the children to be safe so I brought them here. I'm not sure when I can be back, if I will be back. But I knew that they would be in good hands here."

"Yes, they will be. But let me tell you at first I thought you were bringing your litter here to visit!" Ayah said as she stood and poured herself more tea. The other two nearly choked and looked away from each other blushing madly.

"Thank you Ayah, but Hiei and I should be leaving to see Koenma-sir now…" Naruka said standing and kicking Hiei's shin as if to say 'don't we now?' to him.

"I'll let you know when Naruka should be back as soon as I know," Hiei said standing and bowing to the old demon.

"Alright then you two. Be careful my children… Take care of each other," she said as they left and Hiei transported them to near where the Reikai Tantei was.

"I'm warning you. They maybe shocked to find out who you are," Hiei said as they approached where the others were gathered. Kurama was obviously trying to calm down a very agitated Yusuke.

"There's the shrimp!" yelled Kuwabara advancing towards the duo. "Where've you been?! We were not only looking for that Enigma guy but ended up looking for you too!" Kuwabara had yet to see Naruka obviously.

'GUY?!' she thought with a slight twitch of her eyebrow. She cleared her throat loudly drawing the tall orange-haired fighter's attention to her.

"You were picking up a girl? How'd you get a babe like this?" That did it for Naruka. Faster than one could blink, she'd knocked Kuwabara with the hilt of her sword and was walking over him towards Kurama and Yusuke.

"Serves him right," Hiei muttered following the girl.

"Um, Hiei… who is this?" Yusuke asked looking at her while slightly edging away.

"You mean to tell me that they all thought I was a GUY?!" she screeched wheeling around to face the shorter demon.

"You never asked if they thought you were male or female, Enigma." Yusuke and Kurama sweatdropped.

"That's Enigma?" they asked at the same time.

"Have you got a problem with that?" she asked harshly. They shook their heads. "Who is that idiot over there anyway?" she asked gesturing to Kuwabara who was now sitting up.

"That would be my friend Kuwabara," Yusuke said. "I'm Yusuke and this is Kurama."

"Nice to meet you. Now can we get this damned mission over with? I have a life you know!"

"Right. We'll go to Koenma now," Yusuke said as they were transported there.

"Brief quickly, work quickly, end quickly." Hiei smiled to himself. She always said that before a job. Koenma was very nervous seeing as the bitchy cat demon sat on his desk and flexed her claws, demanding an explanation.

"It's the clan of thieves you should be very well versed in," Koenma told her.

"You mean to tell me your detective can't handle them on his own with his team? C'mon! He's got two ex-thieves on his team already! Plus a complete dumb ass! He'll fit right in," she said.

"The Nishatine Clan." Enigma paled a few shades and her eyes widened.

"Can't y'all ever tackle a small job?" she asked. "You might as well let them kill themselves off!"

"We defeated the Saint Beasts thank you very much," Kuwabara said.

"Yeah, that so? GOOD FOR YOU!" she yelled at him. "They were nothing like this clan. They either kill a traitor or put them through a fate worse than death. There are only two demons to ever leave their midst without that happening."

"I thought you said there was only Enigma," Yusuke said to Koenma.

"That's the only one, whose name is known," he answered.

"What's in this for me if I help?" she asked.

"Clean slate."

"Not good enough. I want a promise that if anything goes wrong, such as some get away, I'm safe. I ain't in this to live in Hell thank you."

"Done!" Koenma said before George could say anything.

"Then what's the plan, boys?" she asked a smirk on her face.