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"Remind me to hurt you later," Neko said to Hiei as they took residence for the night in a cave near Genkai's temple.

"Why? Because I can't help it that the rest of the guys want us to do the hard part because we seem to be the best hard ass demons of the group as it stands?" Hiei asked sitting beside her.

"No, for not telling me what it was all about in the first place, Pyro!" she hissed fur bristling a bit.

"Had I known you'd be that much against it, Neko I would have sent you and your cubs away… Are any of them actually yours?" he asked her trying to look at her face though she was scowling away form him.

"WHAT'S IT TO YOU IF ANY WERE?" she yelled at him.

"I just wanted to know, Naruka!"

"NO! I'M LIKE AYAH! HAPPY! I'm no slut!" she said getting up as if she were going to leave.

"I never said you were and don't ever say that word in reference to yourself again, Naruka!" Hiei said grabbing her arms roughly as he was suddenly in front of her. Suddenly, she felt like she was about nine again. Hiei staring her down when she had run into the tent they shared crying her eyes out, silently. He glared and demanded till she reveled what caused her pain. It took all in her power to stop him from following what his anger told him to do.

"But… I have changed Hiei… I've changed a lot…."

"No. You are still who you were. You can never become some one entirely different unless you have total amnesia."

"Hiei. Do you still feel the need to protect me?" she asked in lightheartedness.

"In a way, yes. You are still little Neko on the inside, 'Ruka. And you will always be Neko."

"And you, my short friend, shall always be Pyro. Now, we need to get some sleep."

"Especially since we're both facing our pasts tomorrow," Hiei said as they returned deeper into the cave and found spots to sleep.

Hiei awoke the next morning to see that Naruka was gone. He felt her ki nearby and followed it the temple where she was sitting in a tree and watching Genkai bicker with someone with a smirk on her face. Hiei jumped up and sat in the branch next to hers.

"When do we leave?"

"We leave after we check in with Yusuke, Kurama, and the idiot."

"Do we have to check in with the idiot? I prefer NOT his company."

"You get used to it."

"I refuse to."

"You sound like me."

"At least one of us does anymore," she smirked. Yusuke waved to Genkai and then moved on to the two demons' tree.



"Hello Yusuke," Hiei said.

"Thanks again you guys for going in."

"I had not much choice if I remind you," Enigma smirked devilishly to him.

"And I'm sorry about that."

"Understood. I'm sorry…. You detectives do not seem to understand what I have to go through to do this…not to the same extent. Hiei understands being of a thieving ring himself. The rest of you, you do not understand what this is going to do to me…"

"I'd go in if I could, Enigma," Yusuke told her honestly. She smiled.

"I knew that already. But thank you for voicing it…"

"How are you two feeling?" Kurama asked as he came up to them with a bag of something.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Enigma answered him. He nodded and turned to Hiei.

"I want to get it over with," he answered his youko friend.

"Understandable and my apologies both of you," he said before handing a bag to each of them. "They are full of seeds ready to sprout the moment you will them too."

Enigma jumped down and placed a hand out to him. He blinked a moment before shaking her hand. "Thank you Kurama."

"You're welcome. Are you ready to go?"

"What about the ungodly idiot that you call your friend Yusuke?" she asked him.

"He said to wish you luck and he'll see you when you get back," Yusuke said.

"In short, he's afraid of Enigma," Hiei said as he leapt down.

"Yeah, that is true."

"Okay then. Hiei, snap to it," Enigma said not giving him time to say a proper goodbye to Kurama, who seemed to chuckle at the two. It was almost as if they'd worked together before….

Things were slow in their old thieving ring and it was noticeable when they started to observe it. The plan was to try and get them to rob Koenma's place, where Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama would be lying in wait for them. A cat demon sat by herself smirking at the rest of them team as if, slightly detached from them. The two friends smiled. The only one, who DIDN'T want to try to kill them or put them through the worst ordeal of their lives, she'd help them in return for an easy sentence. That was the one thing they were sure of.

Kat got up and started to walk towards her tent. Hiei and Enigma grabbed her and pulled her inside quickly, making sure no one saw them. "Who the Hell-? Holy Lord Koenma! Guys?"

"Shh! Seriously! You want us killed off before we get a chance to do what we were sent to do?" Enigma asked.

"Not at all!" Kat said in hushed tones. "What are you two doing here? I mean the last time I saw you, Enigma was when Hiei convinced them to not kill you… They didn't let me see you after that…"

"They didn't want to say that Enigma and I ran away right after that…" Hiei muttered.

"Oh… That makes sense. What are you doing then?"

"We have to help capture everyone else…" Enigma said.

"You're kidding me right?"

"You doubt us?" Hiei asked.

"No, not that but I think you are doubting them…"

"No. There are more to help, we just have to get in…"

"I can work on that… Just like do something I guess?" Kat said.

"Like what? Waltz in? You know they want both of us dead!"

"That we do…" said a voice. Hiei and Enigma had their swords out and pointed at the source.

"Well, well, well, long time no see Seth," Hiei spat. Enigma's eyes narrowed. She and Seth had never gotten along. The 'American' demon got on her bad side by looking at her.

"Hiei, and dear Enigma… It is a long time since we've all been together… How long was it Kat? You kept count…"

"Over ten years," she whispered glaring at him.

"Right, right, but why are you two here?"

"We realized we made a mistake, Seth," Enigma said putting her sword away and giving him a look. "We missed the action…"

"Really?" Seth asked. Hiei felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise up as he put his sword away watching as Seth advanced on his Neko. She was terrified, it was written on her except that she didn't let the two others see it. "What else did you miss?"

"Does it matter?" she asked as he circled her, closing in.

"A little… I don't care what the runt missed but I do care about what you missed…"

"Don't talk about Hiei like that!" Enigma spat. Seth backed up a bit.

"Still look at him like your brother?" A glare was the only reply he got.

"Seth, they want back in. Shouldn't they be given the chance?"

"Yes they should…" Seth said giving Enigma a full thrice over. When he turned around, the girl shuddered completely to the core. Hiei placed a hand on her shoulder, which helped her to steady herself. "I'll ask what should be done," he said leaving the tent. "But stay here," his head said before disappearing.

"All I have to say is that I want to KO him," Enigma said to the two. They nodded. They sat down talking about old times before Seth came back in and offered Enigma a hand up.

"They wish to speak to you," he said. "Both of you…" Enigma accepted the hand ready to block any move he would make. Hiei and Kat followed closely. Hiei and Enigma waited to face the wrath of those who sat around the fire eyeing her and glaring at Hiei…

This night would definitely haunt her…..