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Chapter 1: The Sickening Silence

Ruby Rose remembers exactly three things about the accident five years ago. Firstly it was the smell. It was an ungodly mixture of burning flesh and oil. Secondly it was the sight. Five cars piled up, into the almost comedic pile often found in some of the old cartoons she used to watch. It was funny how it really wasn't amusing to her when she could see the corpses mangled sticking out and even less amusing when she was part of it.

Finally it was the sound. Or lack thereof. Seeing her entire world, being crushed. Quite literally. Her sister who had reluctantly decided to take her to the bookstore, was crushed when the car crashed into the side Yang was on.

It was something Ruby never let herself forget. It was her fault. The reason the last family she had died because she was acting like a four year old throwing a temper tantrum so she could go to the bookstore. Ruby had constantly replayed that night over and over again. What if Yang just held out for an extra two minutes. What if she caved two minutes earlier. What if Ruby had just decided to act her age.

She was the only reason Yang died. She was the one to cause herself and others such countless amounts of pain. She was what caused herself to land herself square where she was. The nightmares that plagued her very existence, every night. That one scene she was conscious for. Them dragging Yang's lifeless remains out from the bottom of the wreckage. Her once proud blonde locks stained with blood, oil and even slightly singed.

She just knew that it was her subconscious making her repent. It was forcing her to relive that moment every night, most nights it left her in a petrified state. To terrified to even shrike. The rest of the time... she would have to be sedated.

Those times she was thankful for. Those always gave her the best sleep. No dreams. When she was younger she always thought of that as an omen. But that was really what she prayed for every night now. It was one of two of the saving graces she had. The other one was the Doctor that took Ruby on as a patient.

Ruby liked everything about her. She wasn't mean like the other one she had. While they both help her, only one truly helps.

Tonight it wasn't one that she was too terrified to scream. She shot upright screaming. Her eyes held tightly shut. She knew how long it would take the orderlies to get into her. Thirty five seconds. One of the two doctors would be there within forty seconds of being called. It was almost therapeutic to her. The constants in her life. She knew they could very easily snuffed out from some selfish discussion on her part.

As if on cue her room door opened and three people came in. One quickly grabbed her arms and pulled her body down. A second held her feet securely. As the third quickly ushered in the doctor Ruby had hoped for. Doctor Blake Belladonna.

When it was her she would stay close by to make sure Ruby never woke up again, and if she did that is would be of her own accord. Not from some violent methods like a nightmare. Ruby could see Blake grab a needle filled with whatever liquid they used, and pierced her arm with it. As she felt the liquid enter her bloodstream, her world began to darken. She felt the restraints on her arms begin to slacken, and someone beginning to run their fingers through her hair, and something unintelligible. Ruby could assume it was Blake. It only happened when Blake was the doctor that came in.

As the blackness faded into her vision, she let a smile to grace her lips as the knowledge of the nightmare not returning for night brought a smile to her face. The simple fact she could get some sleep that was undisturbed. The desire for those few scant hours, to be just a black void was too great. And she was thankful for that. She was sure Blake didn't know that. Well hoped. If Blake knew she would stop the second grace so Ruby wouldn't get addicted.

"Let me guess, Ruby. Am I right?" Weiss asked as Blake walked back to the small room she had previously occupied with the white haired woman. The small room that housed spare beds for the staff that had been on call. The both of them had been on call. Blake because it was just the way her schedule worked out and Weiss was having some family dispute that Blake could only guess was her Father being mad at Weiss for some decision.

"Yeah. But it is always a foolish move to bet against the house. And we both know the hardest thing when we work at night is if she starts to scream and the occasional problem, or the even rarer emergency admittance." Blake stated yawning into her hand. It wasn't that she was tired of Ruby. More so she was tired in general. She had been up thirty hours in general. With little time to rest.

"How do you think she is going to react with her new roommate coming in, in what five hours?" Weiss asked as Blake glared at her. The type of glare that would have brought a smirk to Weiss' face, if it didn't concern her as well. "You did tell her as soon as we got word about it right? Because you remember what happened last time right?" Weiss continued taking a step towards the downed woman.

"I forgot! okay Weiss. But before the new person is scheduled to come in, I have an appointment with her and she has a visitor." Blake almost instantly blurted out. A bit to fast for her liking, but she knew Weiss would just start some lecture on how it was too important to just simply 'forget', especially when it comes to a change in living arrangements for patients. Blake glared as Weiss retreated to the other side of the room. Fearing the onyx haired woman's anger.

"Well, hopefully she will take the news better this time seeing as it is coming from you." Weiss said plopping down on one of the tattered mattresses that adorned the beds frames. Weiss was already knew her point was made, long before she actually stated it. And Blake knew she was right. She should never forget something like that. Especially when it came to how fragile Ruby was when it came to change.

"True, but I doubt that it would. Last time I gave her bad news was the day her best friend got released and she got thrown in the panic room for two days. Remember?" Blake said leaning back down to get the few scant minutes of rest she could. She was already dreading having to break the news to Ruby. She could already picture the smirk that would be on Weiss' face when the news will be broken. "Right, I'm going to try and get some rest… you know before I destroy another section of her world." Blake continued her rant. Never opening her eyes.

"Fine I'll do your rounds then. I should be getting paid extra for this." Weiss huffed as she left to give Blake some silence. So that way she could plan carefully what she was meant to say. If she worded it right nothing bad will happen except Ruby maybe needing to take a few deep breaths. But if she worded it even slightly wrong Ruby could end up anywhere from being confined to her room to being stuck in the panic room.

As Weiss strolled out of the room she quickly looked into the small glass pane situated into Ruby's door. She could see the small redhead asleep soundly. A feat, that only ever seemed to happen when she was drugged. She quickly shrugged it off and began to make her own and Blake's rounds.

Ruby felt woozy as she drifted awake. She knew that, that was the only really horrible side effect of being drugged into her thankfully dreamless sleep. She quickly moved her blanket off of her and reached above her head to stretch. She was glad it was morning.

It meant she could see the only person she ever truly befriended once she got placed inside the mental hospital. She enjoyed the conversation she had with the brown haired woman. As she stood her door opened, and Blake walked in.

"Good morning Ruby." Was all Blake said as she closed the door. She knew that Ruby wouldn't have been changed, she was just going to break the news about Ruby's new temporary roommate being added before her meeting with Velvet.

"G-g-g-go-go-go-good M-m-m-m-m-morning Doctor Blake." Ruby said smiling. She wasn't sure how but Blake always brought a smile to her face. Even when it was bad news she was delivering, the only difference is the bad news may rob her of her smile… but it would return rather quickly compared to if literally anyone else told her.

The only reason Ruby thought about that was because, Blake had a sense about her like she had some bad news. Ruby could always tell when Blake had some bad news.

Ruby began to take big, almost shaken breaths in. And a few hesitant exhales, later. Blake figured out what was happening. Ruby quickly sat down on the edge of her bed. Blake kneeled down in front of her and grabbed the side of her face. "Ruby. Look at me. Deep breaths." Blake ordered as she began to start the simple motions that Ruby quickly began to follow.

"How did you know I had bad new?" Blake asked after a few minutes of silence. Only being punctuated by the short raspy breaths that Ruby's devolved into as she began to regain control over her voice. Blake knew it wasn't life or death figuring out how she knew. It was more so out of curiosity.

"Y-y-y-y-you wore a b-b-b-bl-black b-b-bow in your hair. You only wear it when you have bad news about me or your family. Either way it is bad for me." Ruby spoke pulling her knees up to her chest as she buried her face into them. She wanted to shrink into a ball. She needed to be as small, that way she could soften the terrible news Blake had. She didn't really know what the news was. She just wanted it so that way she could just end her day even earlier.

"H-h-h-ho-how long are you g-g-g-going to begone?" Ruby muttered. Just barely audible. She wanted the answer to be something small. At most a few days. She loathed it when Blake had to leave but she understood Blake had a life outside of her. She just wished she wasn't so broken that Blake needing to take time off hurt her so much.

"Ruby. I'm not taking time off. This has to do with your room." Blake spoke seeing Ruby pull her knees closer to her chest. This was even worse somehow to the redhead. She liked her room the way it was. Where she had control. Now that control was being stripped from her. She needed the control.

"Ruby. Remember to take deep breaths, okay." Blake stated as Ruby nodded. The deep breaths Blake always reminded her to take did normally help, but only when it was something minor. Not her losing control over her sanctum sanatorium. Something that scarcely happen. Only ever when Ruby broke the rules, and endangered herself or someone else.

"You are getting a roommate. And she is only meant to be here for two days. That is it. That is the bad news." Blake spoke softly to Ruby who began to panic slightly. Her last roommate was terrible. She destroyed the small section Ruby thought she could keep control of, being her bed, and literally broke it.

"Ruby, are you okay with this? I need to know. Before I hand over your schedule for the day. Because if you have a reaction like last time, I need to get some orderlies in her." Blake asked as Ruby froze up. She still hasn't forgotten being forced into the small room. The only good thing about being forced into the room was being drugged into a stupor.

Her nightmares didn't come. But she didn't have control of her senses and she hated that. She valued her mind too much, even though it tormented her nightly. But during the day, she could actually talk to people, like Blake and even Weiss.

But the fact someone is going to violate her safe space for two days. To most that wouldn't seem like a big deal. To someone like Ruby though, forty eight hours seems like multiple life times. She wasn't even sure if she could survive two days with the new roommate without being thrown into the smaller room.

"I-I-I-I sh-sh-should be. As long as she won't violate my personal space." Ruby spoke in her almost silent whisper. She didn't want to raise her voice. Only bad things have ever happened when she raised her voice

"I promise Ruby. If I can help it, I won't let that happen." Blake spoke softly, seeing Ruby regain some semblance of a regular breathing pattern. She could still see the small red head pulling herself tighter into a primitive ball. She just knew Ruby was going to be wound up tight, for most of the day, but there wasn't anything she could do. Ruby had to have some prior knowledge about the roommate.

"Well, as you know you have Velvet visiting you, and we have our weekly appointment. After that, your day is nearly empty." Blake said placing a piece of paper on the bed next to Ruby. She looked down at it. She was already loathing the talk she was going to have with Blake. Especially with the new room mate being forced into her room.

"Well I suggest you get dressed. Velvet is meant to be here in an hour and a half. And you know despite the fact she is an ex-patient she can't come to this part." Blake said standing up, waiting for a response from Ruby. Just so Ruby won't relapse into something violent, which Blake could count the number of times Ruby had turned violent on her two hands with a few to spare.

"I can't change with you here Doctor Blake." Ruby whispered in her almost silent way. Blake nodded as she walked out closing the door tightly. She stayed with her hand tightly on the door handle. 'Ruby took that oddly well. I was expecting something closer to punching a wall or god forbid me.' Blake thought as she pulled away from the door.

As Blake turned around she nearly jumped at Weiss standing there waiting for some reaction. "So. Do we need to lock her in the Panic Room and medicate her or is she alright?" Weiss asked as Blake gestured them to walk further away from Ruby's room.

"She took it rather well actually. She started to stutter a bit, but that I imagine was from the shock. But she did what she always does for news about change." Blake began as they continued their walk.

"Sit down, pull her knees to her chest and try to become a small ball?" Weiss rhetorically asked as she placed a small clipboard down in the window, separating the dispensary from the patients. "I have no idea why you ask. Even rhetorically. It is just as obvious as people saying the sun is hot." Blake retorted as she placed her own clipboard down on top of Weiss'.

"What is your day looking like anyways Snowflake?" Blake asked trying to shift the conversations, she really didn't like talking about Ruby. Especially when it comes to people having to break news to her.

"Four hour long appointments. Then I'm on group for the rest, until lights out. You?" Weiss asked as she began to watch all the various people walking out of the room. "I have appointments all day." As Blake spoke she could see Weiss glaring at her.

"Right well, I need to get started. See you later Princess." Blake spoke, her voice filled with mirth. As she walked past Weiss she could have sworn she heard some angry mumblings from the white haired woman.

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